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Let's you send messages to your co-workers and spaces. You get notified when somebody messages you and shows a badge for unread messages. You can upload pictures and other files too. Like in Slack.

Easy to use. Slick user interface. The board makes the team interaction really smooth

Kamil Rudnicki
CEO Time Solutions

Sticky Notes Board Space

Where work happens. Helps your team to reduce meetings to minimum and keeps everybody up-to-date. Works like cards in Trello.

HeySpace helped us keep track of our projects and improved overall team communication. Highly recommended for a small/medium size business

Adam Jankowski
CEO Remotecamp

Features list



Message someone

Cornerstone of HeySpace and the most frequent thing you do - communicate with people. Send a message and see if they read it. Like in Facebook Messenger.

Taskify their message

If somebody says something important, make a card out of it and it will move to the cards list. It's just one click. Suprisingly useful. Slack and Trello combined but you don't have to swtich between them.

Move work forward

This is the place you move the work forward. You can do everything in the card. Chat with co-workers, write rich text documents, tag, mark progress, set due dates and other useful things.

Notify the board

Once somebody finished you can see the card name crossed out. You also get notified about it. Cool, isn't it?

Know what gets done

Notifications, badges, emails, filters. We keep you updated with what's going on in your spaces.

We import your data

to HeySpace, instantly.

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  • 1-1 and group chat
  • notifications
  • public and private spaces
  • cards (tasks)
  • sticky board notes
  • 100MB storage limit


  • 1-1 and group chat
  • notifications
  • public and private spaces
  • cards (tasks)
  • sticky board notes
  • 10GB storage limit
  • 24h premium support