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Chat everywhere

Talk with the right people, at the right time, about things that matter.

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mention team members to drag their attention

Quick Reply

reply to a specific message


attach files from a computer, Google Drive or Dropbox

Video Calls

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Get bigger picture

Board view helps you with tracking of all of your projects, and improve overall team collaboration.


organize your tasks in one transparent place


add assignees, tags, due dates and attach files


create cards for your tasks and set checklists


customize your workflow with a set of lists

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Schedule it

Use our Timeline to schedule meetings and tasks. Schedule your work and synchronize with your team!


Bird’s eye view of tasks in a month, week or day.


Filter tasks by assignees, completion status, tags.

Due dates

Check your deadlines and workload,

Make magic

and carry on ;)

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Let's hear what our heavy users have to say

The "I forgot!" problem is practically gone. Even the most trivial matters are on the board, when you leave work, you can check the list of tasks and make sure that everything has been done. HeySpace saved our lives on quarantine. For two months we’ve been only working remotely. Thanks to the tool we can also visualize the amount of work, assess the occupancy level, and redirect tasks to someone else.
Paulina Skipirzepa-Kamińska, Head of the Communication and Marketing Dep., Culture Workshops  in Lublin
We have been searching for something like HeySpace for a long time. We have tried Slack and Trello and other like that but they were all missing something. We absolutely love HeySpace! Give it a try and you wont use anything els!
Micah Luan Jenkins, Founder and Creative Director, Align.vn
Perfect tool for communication and task management at last! Great alternative for Slack. We love the quick support service.
Krystian Kozerawski, MyApple (Tech Blogger)
HeySpace saves the day when you need to organize your departmental work and want transparent control over a project. It is known for its simplicity (just a few hours for implementation), modern design (easy to navigate) and project clarity (everything has its own place).
Franciszek Szulc, Asaj (E-commerce Director)
PanPablo has been using HeySpace for about a year. During this time, many updates have been introduced and with each new one the app becomes even more functional and at the same time easier to use and organize tasks.Thanks to HeySpace, we are in touch with each other all the time and each of us knows at what stage the work is. Boards and channels make it easier to work in a team - each space is about something different, thanks to which it is easy to stay on top of the work.

Paweł Przybylski, Owner, PanPablo

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per month forever

Up to 5 users
10GB file storage (5MB per file)
Unlimited chats and history
Unlimited tasks
Unlimited projects
Up to 5 guests free
Time tracking (TimeCamp integration)
Board view
Due dates
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per User in Workspace

All the benefits of Free, and:
Unlimited file storage (100MB per file)
Calendar view
Timeline view
Overwatch view
My tasks view
List view
Recurring tasks
Additional guest seats
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