Application Overview

HeySpace is free task and simple project management software with
communication and collaboration features.
Get things done with HeySpace!

Go to: https:/
State your name, email address and password and we can get started!

First set up your new Workspace.

Main view

This is what the application looks like. Let’s walk through its elements.
On the left side we have a Workspaces panel. You can quickly move between your Workspaces or create a new one.

(You can already see a few helpful messages from our HeyBot)
Message symbol on the bottom right is for HeySpace Support!

Settings → Your profile

Here you will find all the basic information regarding your Profile such as Name, e-mail, password, photo, language.

Workspace settings

Here you manage your Workspace:

  • Change logo
  • Invite Guests
  • Send invitations
  • Change Roles
  • Disable members
    (more about it in „Roles” section)

Additional settings (3 dots)

Active users

Notifications settings

You can validate if and how you are notified about the activities in your Workspace.


HeySpace is a free software.
To enjoy our Premium features, upgrade now!

Tags menu

In Tags settings, you can add a new one, change name, color or just delete unwanted Tag.
Tags can also be created directly in a card.


Here you can activate our add-ons.
More coming soon! :)

New space

Spaces can be created by clicking on „plus” sign in the left menu.
Depending on your intent, spaces can be public or private.

Space - Chat view
  1. view/manage Space members
  2. Space settings
  3. message options (i.e. convert to task)
  4. typing menu with attachments, mentions, GIF and emojis

Communication between the whole team happens here.
On the right side, you can see cards assigned to the Space.
When you switch to a chat with yourself, you will have an overview of all the cards you are assigned to divided into Spaces. (hover on the planet symbol to see Space name)

Space - Board view

You can divide your Board into lists and then cards.
To create those just click on shown fields.
Here we have similar options as in Chat view (settings, members) plus, we can filter our cards (by an assignee, date, tag and status).

List and card - properties

We have some additional options in each list and card.
Here is another way to add a new card, the list can be moved either in order or to another Space.
Archived list/card will disappear but can be viewed/reactivated by filtering archived cards.

  1. assignees
  2. follow card
  3. set due date
  4. mark progress
  5. move the card
  6. add a tag
  7. description, checklist, attachments
  8. chat area
  9. additional options - Copy and Archive Card

To create a new line in description, please use double space sign at the end of a previous sentence!


Every time something happens in a Workspace (you are mentioned, your card is updated) you will get immediate information about it.
You can turn notifications on/off in Your account settings.


There is a mobile app available for Android: HeySpace.
Desktop application and iOS in Beta available on:

For small teams getting started
  • What's included
  • Up to 10 members
  • Unlimited spaces and chats
  • Basic task management
  • Upload up to 5 MB
  • 10 GB file storage
  • Standard support
Sign up now
For midsize teams and companies
  • What's included
  • Unlimited spaces and chats
  • Enhanced task management
  • Upload up to 100 MB
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Dedicated support
Sign up now

We will soon introduce discounts for larger (>50) volume of seats.

Private chats

You can communicate with your Workspace members in one-on-one chats. On the right side you can see cards assign to them.
You can also create a group conversation.


Roles can be set in a Workspace settings view.
They determine what rights someone has within a Workspace.

Every Role can use Chat/Board view in a Space they belong to in order to talk and manage a project.
They can communicate with other members and have access to Profile and Notifications settings.
They can invite other members, except for Guest.

Workspace Owner
  • access to every settings
  • give/take away an Admin role to/from others
  • change Guest into User and the other way around
  • disable/reactivate a member
  • cannot give/take away an Admin role
  • same as Workspace Owner
Space Admin (creator of a Space)
  • manage their Space’s settings
  • remove members from their Space
  • archive/reactivate their Spaces
  • limited Workspace settings
  • limited Space settings
  • is invited to a specific Space
  • cannot see other Spaces
  • can see all team members
  • cannot manage any settings

This is a Premium feature.
The number of Guest seats is equal to the number of paid seats plus 5 (i.e. you have 5 paid seats, you can add up to 10 Guests.

Each Space to which you will invite a Guest is considered 1 Guest seat.

Help center

Check out our public Roadmap here: here

Link to our survey: here

For any questions, please contact us on Intercom or reach out via e-mail: [email protected]

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