July 27, 2022

10 the best project management software for nonprofits

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10 the best project management software for nonprofits

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1. Why project management for nonprofits is so important?

2. What are the pros of project management software for nonprofits?

3. How to find the right project management tool?

4. What are the best project management tools?

  1. HeySpace
  2. Trello
  3. Asana
  4. Monday.com
  5. Wrike
  6. Zoho Projects
  7. GoodDay
  8. ClickUp
  9. Bitrix24
  10. Basecamp

5. Conslusion

Non-profit organizations are unique units where project management differs from typical companies. They are guided by a mission, the implementation of which has a positive impact on the lives of many people, which is why it is so important that such organizations can count on reliable tools to achieve their goals.

The success of more than one nonprofit organization depends on a well-conducted event, initiative, or fundraising campaigns, but in order to have everything under control and no detail escapes the team members, it is worth investing resources in project management tools.

Why project management for nonprofits is so important?

The multitude of tasks and challenges faced by non-profit organizations can terrify many people. Often, there are many projects, that are carried out at the same time, without the possibility of taking a breath from one task to the next. Due to the sheer volume of work, there is no time for meticulous planning and rebuilding strategies, which can ultimately end in the chaos that is impossible to comprehend.

project management

To prevent such a situation, it is worth using work organization and project management tools. They will help not only to organize the workflow, and plan specific activities, but thanks to the constant preview of current activities and monitoring of progress, it will be much easier to deliver the project and move on to the next tasks. You can use such a tool while working on individual stages or complex projects, manage tasks, and project budgets, generate project reports, and use the built-in communicator to contact the team and discuss progress.

What are the pros of project management software for nonprofits?

You no longer have to wonder how to reconcile several projects at once, because you are overwhelmed by logistics and information overload. Organize your work with ease with the project management tool.

Thanks to budget management and careful planning, you do not have to worry about accounting for projects.

Working in a non-profit organization is dynamic, the situation can change rapidly and I never know how it will develop, but with the right tools, you can quickly and effortlessly adapt your workflow to the new situation.

Insight into the entire project, constant assessment of progress, and being up-to-date allow you to make better and more prudent decisions.

team collaboration

Constant contact of the team thanks to the built-in communication module allows for a regular flow of information and harmonious cooperation.

Chaos, misinformation, bad communication, an illogical delegation of tasks, or work overload are something that can be avoided with the help of a project management application. You only need to implement it in the company's life.

Satisfied employees are effective employees, and as you know, every organization is based on people. Therefore, a new management method with the help of a good tool can have a huge impact on the final results.

Good management is combined with broad access to information and transparency of decisions. If you also treat the project management tool as a corporate wiki, no employee will be left out.

How to find the right project management tool?

There is no perfect tool to facilitate project management, but that does not mean that there are no nearly perfect tools that facilitate teamwork and manage all projects.

the best tool

Here are some features of a tool dedicated to non-profit organizations:

What are the best project management tools?


Project management and communication in one tool



HeySpace is a user-friendly and intuitive project management tool perfect for a nonprofit organization, because of its simplicity and pricing. It offers basic and more advanced features like:

free vs premium



A platform for project management and task management



Trello is one of the best project management software designed for different projects and teams. It is mainly based on Kanban boards and helps with managing nonprofit projects and automating workflows. Trello key features:


Check comparison HeySpace vs Trello and pick better for you!


Indispensable help in project management



Asana is next one of the most interesting project management tools, that can also be used in the nonprofit sector. You can safely use it as both a team member and project manager. Asana offer features like:


Check comparison HeySpace vs Asana and pick better for you!


Project management software for every team



Monday.com is the next tool for effective project management, it helps organize projects and manage deadlines, ensures fluid collaboration, and is suitable for small and big enterprises. Monday.com key features:


Check comparison HeySpace vs Monday.com and pick better for you!


Comprehensive project management software



Wrike is a project management software that can be proud of its versatility and reliability. This software focuses on asset management, so it's perfect for nonprofit organizations that dispose of goods. It's hard to write all the features, but these are the most useful:


Zoho Projects

Cloud-based project management software

zoho projects


Zoho Projects is one of the best project management solutions for project managers. It helps plan and execute projects, organize resources, and offers advanced features like:



A platform for managing projects and the work of the entire team

good day


GoodDay is a project management software for nonprofits, that helps manage projects and is like a right hand for project manager. The tool offers:



One app for project management and communication



ClickUp is a nonprofit project management tool for advanced and important projects, because of its wide range of functions and many integrations. ClickUp offers:



Comprehensive platform for project and team management



Bitrix24 is a project management software for nonprofits, offering a wide range of functions. It is perfect for companies and small businesses. It also suits remote nonprofit organization that wants to keep in touch and collaborate efficiently. Bitrix24 interesting features:



Project management and team communication in one application



Basecamp is a project management tool that combines everything that is needed in past and ongoing projects in the nonprofit sector. It offers:


Check comparison HeySpace vs Basecamp and pick better for you!


It is very hard to find the right project management software, especially when the choice is wide and we are limited by time and costs. Managing nonprofit projects require lots of abilities and involvement to be completed successfully, but we hope that our tips and list of the best project management tools will make your choice easier and faster. Good luck!


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