15 Trello Like Apps to Consider in 2020

Trello like apps to boost productivity


Trello is undoubtedly one of the most popular productivity apps, used by companies and individuals from different industries. But the truth is that the most popular doesn’t necessarily mean the best. If you’ve been a Trello user for a long time, it might be worth taking a look at other solutions that have grown in popularity in recent years. Or maybe you have already started considering switching from Trello to another kanban-based software and are looking for a good source of information on Trello-like apps that are worth your attention? Take a look at our article and choose the best one for yourself!


Why look for Trello alternatives?


Think about your expectations towards a good productivity app. It should definitely be flexible so that you are able to customise it and adapt to your needs. In Trello, you can use only one power-up per board, so you need to choose between a calendar, integration with Google Drive, Slack, Whereby or any other tool. In most project you need more than just this, so why not look for a tool that will give you more options?

Apart from that, you most probably want to use your productivity tool to manage multiple projects, which is essential not only for big companies, but just as well for smaller businesses. Trello allows you to add only 10 boards per team. In dynamic business environments there’s certainly more projects going on at a time and you want all of them to run smoothly. That’s exactly why you need the help of a task management tool, isn’t it?

And one more thing – you should be able to use the app for more than just task management. It should help you facilitate collaboration as a whole and that’s not only about efficient task management. Trello is great for task management, but it’s not ideal when it comes to communication. And without effective communication, our team won’t be able to reach its full potential even with the best task management tool.


Trello like apps


1. HeySpace


HeySpace kanban board


HeySpace is a two-in-one tool for task management and communication, which gives you everything you need to collaborate on projects, regardless of the size of your team. Within each workspace, you can create an unlimited number of spaces, so you don’t have to put any limits on the way you want to manage your projects. Each space has its own board to plan the team’s workflow, set due dates and monitor the progress in real time. But that’s not all HeySpace offers. Apart from the task management feature, it also gives you an integrated chat platform. Thanks to that, you can easily communicate with all space members or talk to your colleagues in a private or group conversation. On top of that, HeySpace also facilitates communication with clients or external contributors, allowing you to easily send a chat link and quickly connect to have a conversation.

Additionally, you can benefit from several integrations, all at once if you wish. You can integrate HeySpace with Gmail and start converting emails into task cards in a few simple steps. If you want to have more communication options, integrate HeySpace with Hangouts. For greater convenience, synchronise it with your favourite calendar and have access to your projects from wherever you are with a handy mobile app.


2. ProofHub




Proofhub is a Trello-like app that helps manage your workflow and deliver projects on time, meeting the highest quality standards. You can customise the workflow and visualise it on kanban boards, helping everyone in the team stay on top of their work and have an overview of the project status. It also lets you plan and visualise pieces of your project on a timeline view using Gantt charts. Plans can be adjusted to any shift of deadlines with task dependencies. With custom roles and access restrictions the whole process becomes a piece of cake.

Apart from the task management component, with Proofhub, you can also communicate with your team, sending direct messages in one-on-one and group chats. That’s often a much more efficient solution than email communication that might slow down the progress rather than facilitate it.

Last but not least, you get a time-tracking component which will help you make sure that everyone is focused on what they should be doing. You can also monitor the team’s productivity, helping them manage their tasks and assign them to someone else if they don’t have enough time to be fully devoted to all their duties.

3. MeisterTask



MeisterTask is an online management tool for teams, which helps manage projects in a customisable environment. Kanban-style boards allow you to manage tasks while having an eye on the big picture and being able to adapt it to the changing circumstances. Some actions can be automated to make the workflow more efficient. Once configured, the automation will be applied to the actions you’ve selected and you will be able to save time on things that are repeatable.

You can integrate the tool with many other apps such as Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox and many more, to get even more out of it. On top of that, you can also track the time you and your team spend on your tasks. The statistics and reports will give you greater control over the workflow and ensure timely project delivery.


4. Kanbanize




Kanbanize is a flexible kanban software, perfect for both small and large teams than need to keep track of the progress of projects and optimise their workflow. With kanban boards in Kanbanize, you can automate many processes, having the project status in check at all times. It will let you get rid of your major time-eater, namely managing dependencies. How exactly? By providing a clear and accurate visualisation of card dependencies, called Business Rules. It allows you to create hooks that will trigger actions when particular events occur.

Kanbanize also offers an advances analytics module to analyse team performance, make data-based predictions and look for opportunities for improvement. Using them in an efficient way will help you make informed decisions about your strategy and workflow management techniques. The tool also comes with a variety of integrations, including Google Drive, Dropbox and GitHub.


5. Flow-e



Flow-e is a Trello-like app that provides a visualisation layer over your inbox to help you manage it and keep your workflow in line with the Inbox Zero and Getting Things Done techniques. It transforms your Outlook inbox into a central to-do app and makes it into a visual task board. You can customise it to make it suit your process and you will never forget an important email again.

Flow-e is very easy to use. Your daily schedule is visualised in a Trello-like board. What you need to do to get organised is simply drag an email from your inbox into the timeline to make it into a task card. You can also delegate tasks to your team, also without leaving your inbox, and then track the progress throughout the process. On top of that, Flow-e gives the possibility to add notes and to-dos to calendar events to further increase your productivity.


6. Toggl Plan

toggl plan


Toggl Plan is a management tool which provides you with drag and drop interface that is at the same time easy to use and efficient. It lets you organise your work and make sure nothing gets overlooked when you juggle all your projects. Each task can have a status assigned and a deadline set to appear on a visual timeline and let you have an overview of the workflow. You can easily switch between weekly, monthly or annual views, depending on what you need at a given moment.

All your project boards can easily be shared with your team mates or customers. What you need to do is simply copy a share link and make it available to others. You can also customise what they should be able to see and generate a new sharing link whenever you want the old one to get deactivated.


7. Taiga



Taiga is a Trello-like management app which organises the workflow according to the scrum methodology and then uses kanban to manage tasks. First, a product backlog is created and ordered into the sequence based on what should be delivered, then it’s broken into manageable parts -sprints. That’s what Taiga helps manage. Within sprints, it provides you with kanban boards to divide the stages of product development. Each kanban task card features the details necessary to complete it and so helps track progress along the way.

Taiga also enables you to collaborate with other team members and create and modify documentation for your projects. Taiga is an open source solution so everyone can contribute to its development.


8. GoodDay



GoodDay will help you put together your goals and strategic planning while managing your projects and organising the workflow. Apart from tracking who the work is assigned to, GoodDay takes into account the person who is required to take the next step in the process, to enable smooth collaboration and continuous progress. Thanks to that, any potential miscommunication is removed.

Tasks in GoodDay are split into subtasks and can be customised according to your needs. You can add attachments, checklists, make a task recurring as well as add your own custom fields. GoodDay also offers time tracking options to keep track of the time team members actually spend doing their tasks.

GoodDay can be integrated with many different apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar and so on.


9. Samepage

samepage app


Samepage is a collaboration tool that makes task management and communication much easier and more productive. It enables collaboration on projects using task boards, sheets, pages, a mind map and a chat. Large projects can be split into smaller parts and organised on kanban boards, with due dates, assignees, subtasks and appropriate priority levels, so that important problems are always given priority over the ones that can wait a bit longer.

However, task management is not all that Samepage can offer. You can also benefit from built-in communication tools – a chat, direct messaging ana a free video calling feature, which will let you communicate with your team members seamlessly from any place and at any time. The feature makes Samepage a great tool for dispersed teams. Thanks to the different access level options, you also have the possibility to invite guests, for instance your customers.


10. Kanbanchi



Kanbanchi is an online collaboration software for G-Suite. The basic features it offers are a kanban board, Gantt chart and a time tracker. It has an intuitive interface, familiar to Google users, which makes it easy to use and follow.

You can manage your tasks on a kanban board and collaborate with your team in real time, tracking progress and keeping everything in check. Taking a bit more perspective, you can benefit from the Gantt chart option and see the relations of tasks in time. This will help you manage projects more effectively and adjust the schedules whenever necessary, to make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Your team productivity is also under control with Kanbanchi’s time tracking feature. It lets you see how much time your team members spend on particular tasks, making it easier to adapt the workflow to their capabilities and help them increase their productivity. Your team performance can be tracked thanks to the reporting options.


11. Kaiten



Kaiten is a Kanban-based online management software, which provides you with a visualisation of your workflow and lets you handle even complex processes. It makes the task management process transparent and enables the whole team to follow the progress and stay on the same page. With Keiten, you can use a collaborative workspace which provides everyone with an up-to-date information on the status of tasks. Each user can gather boards from other spaces in one view to have an overview of the most important processes. It makes the app suit the needs of every team member, helping them focus on their own tasks, at the same time being up to date with any important updates.


12. Kantask



Kantask is a visual collaboration tool for teams, which can be useful if you are involved in multiple projects and need a helping hand to be able to manage them efficiently. Its goal is to gather multidisciplinary teams around visual workspaces and streamline the workflow. With Kantask, you can manage tasks on a kanban board, set individual and collective goals and therefore share them with everyone in the team. Projects can be private or public and you can also assign roles and permissions for greater convenience.

Kantask also offers a useful analytics module, which will let you gather data on your organisation’s workflow, the duration of tasks and assignments per team member and your team’s progress. You can also link processes or teams to create a network of dependencies and coordinate the work even better.


13. Kanban tool

kanban tool


Kanban Tool provides you with Trello-like task management feature, which enables real-time collaboration on a Kanban board. You can collaborate not only with your team but also with clients, sharing tasks, information and comments. Kanban tool helps you visualise the workflow on kanban boards and track multiple projects at the same time with the use of swimlanes. You also have a big choice of power-ups, such as interactive checklists, recurring tasks and team activity widget or various integrations, for instance with Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Apart from kanban boards, you get access to time tracking and insightful analytics, which will help you increase your team’s productivity and predict when particular tasks will be done. Analysing the workflow will help you make informed business decisions and continuously improve your management style.


14. Zoho Projects



Zoho Projects is a project management tool which is at the same time intuitive and full of useful features. Project planning will help you break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks and complete them in time. You get access to all your projects and see the assignees, deadlines and dependencies between tasks. Thanks to that you can be sure you will never miss a deadline again. You can also communicate with team members in real time using the project chat.

You can see all your tasks on a kanban board, but that’s not all. Zoho Projects also gives you access to Gantt Charts, which provide you with yet another way of visualising your projects and follow milestones, progress and dependencies. With Gantt Charts, it’s easier to reorganise your tasks and edit milestones as needed. If you need different information, just switch the chart view and choose the one that will be useful at a given moment.


15. Taskworld



Taskworld is a Trello-like app to manage your tasks and communicate with your team. The workflow is organised in workspaces where all members can access their tasks with due dates and checklists. Apart from assignees, you can add followers, so that they get notified of any updates, even if they are not responsible for a given task. Tasks can be updated simultaneously in multiple projects.

Taskworld also offers a communication feature, in the form of task comments as well as a chat, where users can message each other directly or reach out to a group of people at the same time. A separate chat is also created for every project, to make any updates or discussions easier and quicker. Taskworld can be integrated with your email, enabling you to send and receive messages directly from your inbox.

Rich analytics options will make it possible to plan your future activities and make informed business decisions. You can use burndown and burnup charts, interactive dashboards and performance reviews, among others.

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