November 25, 2019

8 Best Kanban Tools to Increase Productivity

Project Management
8 Best Kanban Tools to Increase Productivity

Successful project delivery depends on many different factors, such as the assigned budget, deadline and skills of the team members, to mention just a few. However, there is one element that seems essential for all the others to work well, and this element is efficient management. To make sure your project is managed well, you need an efficient framework, like Kanban. Having originated in 1940s, Kanban still remains one of the most popular project management frameworks, particularly often implemented by software companies. But what is it about, actually?

What is Kanban?

Kanban emphasises the importance of real time communication and transparency of work, which help match the amount of work in progress to the capacity of the team. The advantages of working with Kanban are abound, but what’s especially valuable are the planning options you get and, thanks to the possibility of solving problems along the way without interrupting the progress, also faster delivery.

How to choose the best Kanban software?

To facilitate work, Kanban organises the flow on Kanban boards and, obviously, no one wants to use sticky notes and a whiteboard to track progress anymore. Hence the variety of Kanban tools that project managers can choose from. How to decide which one’s the best? Take a look below to see what they offer!

Best Kanban Apps

1. HeySpace – great Kanban software with chat

HeySpace is a two-in-one tool, which helps you manage tasks and communicate with your team at the same time. You no longer need several different apps to help you organise the workflow of your team as HeySpace gives you all you need. In each workspace you use, you can switch between three different views – a board, a chat and a calendar. Thanks to that, you can have a clear overview of the tasks within a given project on a Kanban board, keep the deadlines in check and communicate with your team easily. While chatting, you can convert a message into a task card with just one click and make sure no important task ever slips your memory. The tool is extremely intuitive and user-friendly, so you don’t have to worry that the onboarding will take a lot of time, which is an additional asset. HeySpace comes with many useful features and add-ons, such as recurring tasks, calendar synchronisation, integrations with Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, TimeCamp and many, many more. Depending on the size of your company or team, you can choose the free or the premium plan to suit your needs.

heyspace task management tool

Try HeySpace out and see the benefits!

2. Asana – a task management tool to see the big picture

Asana is probably one of the most popular Kanban tools. Apart from the possibility to visualise the workload on a Kanban board, Asana also offers a Gantt chart view, which helps you see the big picture of every project. You can use a range of templates for popular projects or create your own custom templates, which are reusable. Thanks to that, you can save time and make sure that the processes in your company or team are uniform. Asana is integrated with a variety of tools to increase productivity or track the time you spend on different tasks. It doesn’t offer a communication platform, however, team members can add comments to tasks, for example to update others on the progress or discuss possible issues.


3. Trello – an intuitive Kanban tool

If you’ve ever used Trello, you probably associate it with its ease of use and simplicity. Trello helps you organize the work on Kanban boards as well as lists, so that it’s easy to prioritize and stay in control of your duties. The interface is user-friendly but don’t get a wrong impression – Trello offers advanced features, which will help you stay productive, without the unnecessary clutter that could get you confused.A useful feature of Trello is that every board has its own email address that you can use to create cards and send attachments to upload to the task cards. Trello also makes it very easy to search through the app, with the filtering options and labels that you can customize according to the needs of your team.


4. – a Kanban app to increase productivity is another Kanban app that offers a range of templates that you can customize to fit your workflow and needs. Once you create a task, you can easily track the progress and time on a Kanban board, but not only. For yet more efficient management, you also get a chance to view the tasks on a Gantt chart, which gives you greater control over the projects and the stages to come. To let you stay on top of your team’s work, keeps you in the loop with a weekly overview of all assignments set for the coming week. This feature makes it easy for you to come back on tracks after the weekend and not waste your precious time.

5. Kanban Tool – a visual project management tool

Kanban Tool offers a clear, user-friendly interface and a range of features to facilitate your work. You can visualise the workload on a Kanban board and track multiple projects, using horizontal swimlanes. Apart from that, you get the possibility to collaborate with your team members in real time. You can do it from any place you want, as Kanban Tool also offer a mobile app that you can use on Android and iOS. If you need some extra functionalities, you can get one of the available Power-Ups and there are plenty available. Another useful feature that Kanban Tool provides is the possibility to use automated graphs to learn about your team performance. Thanks to them, you can plan improvements for the future and further improve your task management process.

kanban tool

6. LeanKit – a platform to increase productivity

LeanKit supports the Lean principles and practices and therefore offers features that will help you visualize the work as if flows through the process and see the big picture. Vertical lanes and horizontal swimlanes are used to represent parallel processes on the same board and are easy to modify as the process changes. With its advanced reporting options, LeanKit also helps you analyse and report on your data. Thanks to that, you can drive conclusions from the reports LeanKit provides and therefore make more informed decisions in the future.


7. Kanbanize – a task management tool to track progress in real time

Kanbanize is a task management tool that will help you organize your work and keep track of projects in real time, eliminating the need to report on the progress. One of the app’s most interesting features is visualising card dependencies, which makes the Kanban boards even more efficient and well-organized. You can automate the existing processes, dependencies and interactions and always see the accurate status. Clear visual representation makes it even easier to stay in control of the workflow. Kanbanize also offers a rich analytics module, which will help you track the most important Lean metrics and achieve continuous improvement based on the results. The tool comes with a variety of apps, including Google Drive, Dropbox and GitHub.


8. ProofHub - a Kanban board app to increase your productivity

Proofhub is a Kanban tool which allows you to customize the workflow with any number of stages, according to your needs. With an efficient system of notifications, all those involved are always aware of the status of a given task. You also get to visualize your projects on a Gantt chart, which allows you to adjust task dependencies and plan ahead in an effective way.Proofhub gives you the possibility to assign a manager to each project, so that they receive all important notifications and can keep track of the progress along the way. You can also assign different roles to define who gets access to what and make sure everyone is up to date with the information they need.



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