Advantages of Collaboration Tools

Advantages of collaboration tools

Do you work in a team? Does collaboration with clients play a big role in your daily work? If so, you certainly know how important it is to use efficient collaboration tools. Not only do they facilitate and improve team collaboration but also help keep everyone on the same page and up-to-date with the progress of work. You can store all information in one place with easy access for anyone who works on a given project, so as to streamline collaboration and save everyone’s time. You and your team will no longer need to browse through lengthy email messages or interrupt someone else’s work in order to find out something you need to go on with our work. Such a collaboration hub will boost everyone’s productivity and reduce unnecessary stress or frustration. In consequence, your team will be engaged and satisfied – isn’t this exactly what you wish for? 😊


When should I use collaboration tools?

Collaboration tools are useful for teams of all sizes, so even if your team consists of a few members only, a good app can be just as helpful as in the case of the team of a few dozen people, or more. It allows team members to work on tasks simultaneously and be aware of what others are on at a given moment to keep the workflow in check. You can easily manage tasks and monitor the progress as well as share important documents and communicate with everyone in real-time, without the need to send dozens of emails. It’s particularly useful if your deadlines are tight and you need to get regular updates on task progress, in order to deliver projects on time – in such a case, real-time communication is an absolute must. You need to keep everyone in the loop and give them access to all the information they need. And let’s be honest – no other solution will be as useful as a collaboration tool that gives you the means to do so.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of online collaboration?

Online collaboration is extremely convenient and facilitates work in many ways. It’s particularly helpful for dispersed teams, giving them a chance to make their workflow efficient and smooth, no matter the distance. And since remote work is getting more and more popular, it’s very important to find the right tools and adapt the resources. Many of the most popular collaboration tools help their clients switch to remote work.

However, it’s not only remote teams that will benefit from online collaboration tools. Even if all team members work in one office, advantages are abound. The number of meetings you need to organize reduces considerably, giving you the means to keep everyone in the loop and clear up any doubts on an ongoing basis. Lengthy email communication is another thing you can leave aside. You don’t want to resign from emails altogether, but they do decrease your and your team members’ productivity if overused.

Online collaboration gives you the possibility to make all relevant data available for the team at any time and from virtually any place in the world. Easy access to information and important files streamlines the flow of information and helps you avoid information silos which might be harmful in the long run.

Are there any disadvantages? Well, not many, to be honest. You might have doubts as to the security of your data, but as long as you use reliable online collaboration tools, you can be sure it’s not compromised. Also, some of the online tools might get pricey and take time to implement in your team. That’s why it’s important that you make an informed decision and choose a collaboration tool that is at the same time efficient, reasonably priced and intuitive. If you’ve decided to look for good software, let’s take a look at some.


Best online collaboration tools






HeySpace is one of the best collaboration tools that is at the same time intuitive and efficient, combining task management features and a chat platform. It’s perfect for teams of all sizes and allows you to create an unlimited number of project spaces so that you can have everything you need in one place. You can manage your tasks on a kanban board, which gives you a clear overview of the progress and helps keep a careful eye on the workflow. You have your schedule in check thanks to an internal calendar where all your tasks are displayed for you to have easy access at any time.

HeySpace greatly facilitates communication within your team or organization and more than that. You can also communicate with your clients or other collaborators from outside your company. And it offers integrations with numerous other apps, such as Gmail, Google Drive, external calendars, and many more. And what’s very important – the onboarding takes virtually no time!






Asana is a productivity platform that will help you manage your projects and monitor the workflow of your team. You can select a task view that is the most convenient for you and either display them as a list, board, timeline, or in a calendar. You can also create project templates to streamline task management and make processes uniform within the whole company. And, of course, to save your precious time! Set priorities and share task details to make everyone aware of what they need to do, in what order, and why. Then, let them just focus on their work and keep a careful eye on the progress so that you meet deadlines and deliver your projects on time. Asana is one of the best tools for big, distributed teams.





Wimi is a collaboration platform, which facilitates task management and streamlines communication. You will be able to cut down your meeting times from the beginning. It offers unified workspaces for all your projects, where you can invite participants to collaborate on tasks. Your tasks can be organized into categories, you can add comments and receive regular updates to stay in the loop all the time. And you have access to all of them at once in project calendars, which help you visualize key milestones and have an overview of the upcoming deadlines. Discussion channels will let you and your team members stay in touch via direct messages or group conversations. On top of that, you are able to organize audio and video calls with screen sharing options, so you can just as well use Wimi if your team works remotely.






Quip is a collaboration tool where you can create living documents. You will see the benefits of this tool from the beginning. It enables team communication via chat, task management as well as collaboration on documents and spreadsheets, all in one app. With Quip, you’ll be able to get rid of unnecessary emails, reduce the number of meetings, and always have access to up to date document versions. Simply put, your work will be simpler and faster. These are for sure the most desirable benefits of collaboration tools. Quip is easy to implement, as it has a number of templates that you can start with and then, step by step, customize them to adapt to the needs of your team or organization. It’s perfect for the distributed teams.

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