March 19, 2019

Asana Alternative For Task Management

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Asana Alternative For Task Management

HeySpace is an Asana alternative that will make the task management process easier and more efficient, offering a wide array of useful functions and a premium plan at considerable expense.


Both HeySpace and Asana are efficient task management tools. They can help you structure the workflow in your company and make your team more productive. Create a task, assign to a team member and set due date to make sure nothing important gets overlooked. Both apps offer free basic plans that work well for small teams, as well as paid premium plans, which allow bigger businesses to benefit from more advanced functions. At an additional cost, Asana offers two more plans for even larger organizations.

What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Asana to HeySpace?

HeySpace provides equally efficient task management solution and, on top of that, allows you to benefit from a chat feature. If you are interested in the functions available to premium users, the option offered by HeySpace is additionally much cheaper than in the case of Asana. Get equally good or even better experience for just half the price!

What makes HeySpace a great Asana alternative?

Task management and communication – a two-in-one solution

If you need one solution to help your team prioritize tasks and enhance communication, HeySpace is the perfect tool. It combines the features of task management software with a chat. You can have everything you need in one place, without the need to switch between different tools to manage tasks and discuss related matters. This feature also facilitates creating new task cards – in HeySpace, you get the possibility to turn any message from your private or group chats into a new tasks with just a few clicks. Task management has never been easier!

The price

The premium plan offered by Asana is more expensive – it comes to $11.99 user / month, while you can benefit from the HeySpace premium plan for only $5 user / month. Included in both premium plans are some extremely useful features, such as the possibility to integrate with your preferred calendar or attach files from Google Drive, to mention just a few.


The choice of apps

With HeySpace, you get the freedom to choose between a web, desktop and mobile apps – whatever works best for you. Asana also offers a web and a mobile app, but we are aware of the fact that users often prefer the desktop solution for even greater comfort.

desktop app
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