June 29, 2021

Basecamp alternatives for task management

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Basecamp alternatives for task management

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1. What is Basecamp?

2. Why do people want to find another project management tool?

3. What are the best Basecamp alternatives?

   3.1. HeySpace

   3.2. Asana

   3.3. ClickUp

   3.4. Trello

   3.5. Samepage

   3.6. Workzone

   3.7. Proofhub

   3.8. MangoApps

   3.9. Freedcamp

   3.10. Podio

What is Basecamp?

basecamp project management

Looking for a Basecamp alternative? Is it because you’ve already tried this solution, and you aren’t satisfied, or you’re simply doing a task for your supervisor? If it’s the second case, let’s start from the beginning. If you’re already familiar with the tool, you can jump right into our Basecamp alternatives list.

Basecamp is one of the most popular collaboration tools these days. For many organizations it was, in fact, the first solution like this. When you check Basecamp’s website, you will still see their copy which compares the software to the e-mails.

Nothing weird about that, when you realize that Basecamp is on the market since 1999.

The software was created to make people’s life easier. The idea was to divide all your tasks into projects. Each project in Basecamp contains some handy key features. For example, the possibility to attach documents, running discussions, separated tasks’ cards, and information about people involved in the project.

Everything is organized and easy-to-access.

The tools you can find in the Basecamp are:

However, as it’s one of the oldest solutions like this, it’s definitely not one of the most modern and fresh. I need to admit that its creators have changed the way of seeing collaboration for a plus. But they haven’t been changing their tool a lot. Where other team collaboration tools adjusted to the new reality, Basecamp is still relying on many old ideas.

Including the pricing: there is no possibility for any free plan suitable for the business when it comes to Basecamp. In theory, you can try a Personal Plan, but limitations make it pretty useless for any company.

That is why so many people, especially those from smaller organizations, search for free Basecamp alternatives.

Why do people want to find another project management tool?

Pricing is not the only thing that drives people to Basecamp alternatives. Let’s face it: the way of working has drastically changed. Companies now are multilingual, more flexible, and they hire people not just from other states but also from all over the world.

Let’s add to this our new reality caused by Covid-19, and we have a world where remote work is not a silly benefit anymore. Project management software can’t be just an additional tool. It needs to be enough to replace face-to-face communication.

task management software

But that’s not enough. Because of globalization, many companies have grown to enormous corporations. At the same time, we have more successful startups than ever before. And let’s not forget about the freelancers, who are also actively participating in our business world (btw, if you don’t know how to manage them, you can check out our tips on how to do this effortlessly).

We need a collaboration tool that will suit this new reality. And as some users of the Basecamp claim, that’s not the one. They mention poorly designed UI, lack of personalization options, problems with using Basecamp with huge projects, and difficulty with tracking projects.

As for everything, everybody has their own opinion, and you may fall in love with Basecamp as soon as you start using it.

However, if you’ve already tried it, and you’re not satisfied with it, or you just have a request from the manager to find something different… I’m gonna give you some great Basecamp alternatives.

What are the best Basecamp alternatives?

When you look for a project management tool on the internet, you will find dozens of websites. Same about Basecamp alternatives. It is not easy to decide which one is actually worth your money and time.

As you’re looking for an alternative to Basecamp, you know at least this solution, and you also know that’s not what you want to live with.

Here’s a list of some task management tools that you can use instead of it. I dived into the reviews and put attention to what other users said about them. That's why it’s not just my opinions or simple lists of the key features.

I hope it will help you.


First Basecamp alternative I’m gonna show you if of course HeySpace (it wasn’t hard to guess ;)). This is a task management tool but with chat, and that changes a lot. You can do much more than setting up your tasks, write text documents, tag, mark progress, set start and due dates while enjoying Kanban board (or list if you prefer).

A great chat, similar to Slack which you know for sure, is extremely handy in everyday work. Just imagine: you’re checking out your tasks for each day, and you can ask about them right away. You can send a chat directly to the person who is collaborating with you, to the room you’ve created, or start the discussion on this exact task’s card to make it visible to everyone interested. It couldn’t be more simple, right?

HeySpace chat

But that’s not everything yet. Besides talking to your team, you can invite guests to cooperate with you. It could be a customer, developer from the company you make the project, or SEO expert who helps your content team from time to time.

You can also choose the integrations to make your work even better. Calendar, Gmail, or maybe time tracking to get better control on your team and budget? Just pick what you want!

Communication is the key to great results, and this Basecamp alternative gives you a remarkable way to keep in touch with everyone important for the project.

We offer you a freemium version, and if you like, you can also choose a premium plan that starts at only $5 per user, paid monthly.

HeySpace project management

HeySpace is a fresh and modern tool, and that means that not everything you wanted is already in it. However, we are constantly working on it, and I can prove it to you. Just check our reviews on Capterra. You can find information about the lack of a mobile app there. But guess what… we’ve made it! It’s ready, and it works nicely.

This shows that we aren’t done yet, and our developers are really working for you. And they will keep doing it, so try HeySpace out and let us know what you think!

Asana task management

Whoever worked in an IT environment knows that name. Asana is one of the most popular tools used in Software Houses, and not just there. Over 7000 users can’t be wrong, right? This is one of the best Basecamp alternatives that offers many features like action item tracking, a news feed, notifications, brainstorming, budget management, bug tracking, backlog management, board meetings, calendar management, internal meetings, and more.

It also offers a free trial and a free version. The Premium version costs $10.99 per user, paid monthly. If you need more, there is also Asana Business for $24.99 per user. If you feel like that’s still not enough, you can contact them for the Enterprise version.

People like it but as with most of the project management tools, it’s not perfect. Asana can be pretty confusing, especially when you run many projects. Dashboard becomes not clear and attaching files may seem complicated. Also, as integrations are more and more popular, some people feel like Asana doesn’t offer enough of them. They miss Zoho projects as well.

ClickUp application

ClickUp is a pretty modern and user-friendly Basecamp alternative. As they like to say, this is more than just task management. It offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox.

Automations are pretty easy to set up, the free plan is decent for small organizations, and people really like customization of the workflow. In the upper version, the individual team members get access to the personal view, which is also very helpful.

However, UX is not so nice, especially when it comes to using colors. Some users complain also because of too many micro-features. That can cause problems with focus.

Pricing is pretty friendly, tho. You can try the trial, but you can also use the free plan up to 100 MB storage and unlimited users. If you need more storage, you can try the upper plan for $5 per month for each user.

Trello board

One of the best Basecamp alternatives for small teams is Trello. It is straightforward to manage, but still pretty functional. It’s also modern, fresh, and proposes many integrations that help you in everyday work. One of my favorites is TimeCamp Integration that allows you to track time in your team. Thanks to this, you have better control over your projects, team members’ progress, and budget.

Thanks to this project management tool, Internet has learned more about the Kanban board. This is the software that helped to popularize the idea.

However, as Trello is fun, it locks you to a certain view, and it is not much you can change. At least in the freemium version because the paid plan allows you to implement many more integrations that combined can be perfectly working in your case. The paid plans start at $12.50/user per month.

Samepage app

Samepage is one of the most interesting Basecamp alternatives. Besides being fresh and modern, it offers really nice features. This project management software lets you chat with your teammates directly in the application (same as HeySpace ;)) This is the software that gives you a possibility to collaborate smoothly, share files and manage projects. Kanban boards are also really cool.

But as with everything, the grass is not just green when it comes to Samepage. Some users complain about massaging (e.g. you can’t make a paragraph). People also found it difficult searching for some things and coming back to the topics they’ve been engaged in. What’s also interesting is that actually, Samepage has become less popular than it used to be. Just check out the reviews. I’m just guessing, but is it because of the lack of updates? People used to point it out.

The great news is that this is the alternative to Basecamp that does offer a freemium plan. You can also enjoy their trial or choose some plan starting from $7.50 per user monthly.

Workzone Basecamp alternativ

This is one of the oldest Basecamp alternatives. Created nearly 20 years ago, especially liked by agencies. You can see where everything stands, who is available, and you can personalize your to-do lists. This tool offers campaign management, budget management, file sharing, and more.

Users like it because, despite many complex features, this collaboration tool isn’t too hard to use. The interesting feature that people like is task dependencies that let you link two tasks together. It allows starting the next task just when the first one is finished.

What is pretty painful, is the price. There is no freemium, and the pricing is about $24-43 per user. Also, even the tool is not so hard, it requires some time for learning if you want to make the most from it.

Proofhub Basecamp alternatives

This project management software comes with integrated Group chat, project reports, great collaboration tools, content management, and more. ProofHub is pretty easy to use, fast, and relatively cheap. People claim that the management part was created really well.

Unfortunately, users mention that not all the things in this Basecamp alternative work. Also, the contact support couldn’t handle the problems properly, sometimes. There could be also more customization options.

The essential plan will cost you $50.00 per month billed monthly or $45.00 billed annually. It also has a free trial and the freemium version.

MangoApps panel

One of the best Basecamp alternatives in my opinion (if you’re not going for our solution, of course :)). MangoApps is really user-friendly, modern, and pretty customizable. Some of the key features are brainstorming, calendar management, blended learning, audit trial, and Kanban board.

As MangoApps is a pretty nice solution, it’s not for every organization. Especially if it’s big. Some people have issues with the tasking app, and many of them don’t get the idea of separating interactions into primary and secondary.

Pricing starts from $2.00 per month, and MangoApps offers also a free trial and a freemium version. It's one of the most affordable Basecamp alternatives for small teams.

Freedcamp project management

If you’re looking for the Basecamp alternative that is similar to it, that’s your pick! Freedcamp is really almost the same software, but its pricing is much better than Basecamp’s. And by better, I mean cheaper.

It’s a project management tool that offers you built-in task lists, Kanban boards, an invoicing feature, great user interfaces, and pretty nice support via chat or e-mail. You can get it on Mac, Windows, and as a mobile app.

It will work pretty great for small to medium-sized businesses, and many freelancers also find it useful. You can try it for free, and the pricing starts at $1.49 per user, a month billed annually. I told you it was cheap, right?

You need to pay attention, tho because it’s not the easiest project management tool to use. You will need some time to learn how to optimize and customize it. What also annoys people, is that getting some project to archive is too easy, and finding it back again later is tough. One missclick can cost you a lot of time because of that.

Podio Basecamp alternative

Another free Basecamp alternative that is very similar to it, according to many users’ opinions. In my opinion, it’s more complex tho, maybe even too much for many organizations. Over 500,000 companies use it already, and it was designed to serve well to everyone, from small to big companies.

People value it because of project sharing abilities, simplicity in keeping track of all e-mails, tasks, and projects, and many integrations. The important thing to say here is that it actually has CRM functions as well. This is great, as long as you’re not looking for something more simple, an addition that everyone can use, not just the sales team.

It has a freemium version, and the paid plans start at $9.00 per month for each user.

Which Basecamp alternative is the one?

I’ve shown you a few Basecamp alternatives. It’s much less than exists, but enough many to make you confused. Which key features are the best? Which software is the easiest to use? Which one will really help you to achieve your goals easier?

I don’t know.

But I know that you can trust HeySpace’s team. We’re here for you, we listen to your ideas, and we implement them. And we’ve created our tool because we haven’t found a better one. Check it out by yourself.


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