July 27, 2021

Best Business Communication Tools to help your team stay on the same page!

Best Business Communication Tools to help your team stay on the same page!

Managing a distributed team requires a slightly different approach to team communication tools. Teams use such apps as support for on-site activities in the office, while for remote ones, they're most often the main communication channels.

Thanks to the fast-growing technology, business communication is no longer strictly connected with a place. The marketplace is full of tools that offer various collaboration features that streamline everyday communication and project management processes. Not only do team members benefit from using it, but it also streamlines the contact between a company and its customers.

No matter if a startup or a large enterprise, team communication tools are a must-have in the modern business world.

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1. What are the features the perfect business communication tools should offer?

   1.1. What features and assets to look for to streamline team communication and collaboration?

2. Best team communication tools to connect your business!

   2.1. HeySpace

   2.2. Zoom

   2.3. Microsoft Teams

   2.4. Chanty

   2.5. Google Workspace

   2.6. Asana

   2.7. Trello

   2.8. Slack

   2.9. Twist

   2.10. Clubhouse

   2.11. Troop Messenger

What are the features the perfect business communication tools should offer?

No matter what it is, it's better to give a few options a try before choosing the ultimate one. No other is with team communication tools - different teams have different expectations to be met. Usually, it's hard to find one that offers all the features the team requires. Luckily, thanks to the wide range of integrations the communication tools offer, we can combine their assets together and create one, comprehensive suite. Using a proper tool will definitely improve employee engagement and performance.

What features and assets to look for to streamline team communication and collaboration?

Best team communication tools to connect your business!


A communication tool that turns messages into tasks to streamline the collaboration process

If you're looking for collaboration software that combines Kanban-based task management and instant messaging, the chances are high you've just found it! Once described as "If Slack and Trello had a baby...", it's a team communication app that allows you to turn every message into a separate, manageable task.

The tool gives you a bigger picture of your daily workflow. You don't have to switch between two different apps to efficiently communicate with your team and collaborate on tasks. What's more, a time tracking integration with TimeCamp is available, so you'll get to know how much time your team usually spends collaborating.

HeySpace, as a perfect team communication tool, offers multiple workflow views:

Pricing: A free HeySpace plan is for up to 5 members and includes 10GB file storage, unlimited chats, and history as well as projects and tasks, 5 guests, TimeCamp integration, and more. In a paid plan ($ 5 per user in workspace/month) you'll get extra workflow views, unlimited storage, more guest seats, video calling, more integrations (e.g. with file-sharing tools such as  Google Drive), tags, votes, and other assets.

HeySpace communication tool

Video conferencing app that connects teams all over the world


Data shows that pandemics moved the communication online. In the new reality, the usage of internal communication tools increased significantly - in Zoom's case,  it was 6 times more per month (from 45 to 270 min).

And it's nothing strange because Zoom is definitely the king when it comes to online video conferencing tools. It keeps teams connected wherever they are and provides them with the highest privacy and security levels.

This communication tool allows you to record every meeting. It's extremely convenient for these employees who can't attend the meeting, no matter the reason. You can also use the recording for further performance analysis. With a screen sharing feature, you can go as visual as you want.

What's more, Zoom is available for all popular platforms and devices. With this communication tool,  you can host a meeting no matter where you are.

Pricing: With a free Zoom plan, you can host a 100-participants meeting that takes 40 minutes. Paid plans ensure the users with features like co- and alternative hosts, recording and live transcripts, polling, and many more.

A collaboration platform that has been recently recognized as a virtual classroom

ms teams

The pandemic world welcomed MS Teams as a support for online education. Schools and universities from all over the world chose it as the main homeschooling platform. But the business world recognizes it as a comprehensive collaboration tool, a part of Microsoft Office 365.

It's a videoconferencing and group chat tool appreciated by teams no matter of size. This set of collaboration tools allows managing projects and the workflow itself inside and outside the company. Do your customers need to join the meeting? Just send them a link and let them participate, even if they're not members of your company.

No matter how many members are working on each project, Teams allows them to discuss all the important details using:

Pricing: Microsoft Teams is available as a separate app (which is free) or a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite in two pricing plans that vary on the apps included:

Team chat app with voice messages


Chanty is another collaboration platform that brings entire teams together. As a communication tool, it provides users with group chat and one on one conversations, but not only - audio messages and audio calls are also available.

All the projects, tasks, and messages are organized in Chanty as Teambook. It's a smart hub that gives you a wider view of the current workflow. Such a centralized approach makes project-related issues more accessible for employees.

Pricing: Chanty has a pretty straightforward pricing offer. A free plan includes up to 10 members and has unlimited public and private conversations, 1:1 voice calls, audio messages, and searchable history. If you pay an extra $3 per user/month, you'll get group calls, voice and video calls, and screen sharing. What's nice, you can compare the pricing with many other tools and find out how much you can save choosing Chanty.

Chanty is, of course, available as a mobile app for iOS and Android as well.

A collaboration tool likely everyone uses


Google Workspace, formerly GSuite, is a comprehensive collaboration app suite highly recognizable in the business world. However, it's widely utilized also by individuals - I'm sure most of us use at least one part of it, e.g. Gmail, their email service.

But Google Workspace offers a lot more to streamline team communication. Teams appreciate the following parts of the suite the most:

Google Workspace ensures teams with the highest level of security. It also provides an Admin console that streamlines and automates Administrator processes.

Pricing: Purchasing Workspace, you can choose from affordable pricing plans that start at 6$ per user/month.

Workflow management platform that clears the mind


Project management software is a must-have these days if a team wants to collaborate effectively. It's especially important when it comes to companies hiring remote workers because it makes the workflow accessible and transparent. And that's how Asana works, it keeps all the projects in one place and brings a project manager and their team together.

As one of the best communication software, Asana provides its users with a bigger perspective on everyday collaboration. You can choose from many options how you'd like to view your projects and task - as a list, timeline, or boards with cards - whatever suits your workflow.  

Users with bigger expectations won't be disappointed with Asana's integration marketplace. They can find there lots of business tools to streamline the team communication even more, like Google Workspace apps (e.g. Google Drive or Calendar), sales, HR, marketing, time tracking tools, and more.

Pricing: Asana offers a free plan for up to 15 members with basic features like unlimited projects, tasks, and multiple views. Paid plans start at €10,99 per user per month and include e.g. unlimited guests and dashboards, reporting, and milestones.

For teams with bigger needs, Asana offers a custom Enterprise plan with special data privacy and security settings.

Kanban boards king


Trello is a task management software that also streamlines communication issues. Based on Kanban methodology, it allows the project manager to keep an eye on how team members are distributed over the tasks in a project.

While each board can be a separate project, cards on them represent the tasks. This view gives maximum transparency and allows multiple team members to collaborate on them effectively and simultaneously. Columns they belong to indicate the stage on the project they're on, so it's easy to find out what's finished or still needs to be done.

Trello is a highly collaborative communication tool; once each team member grants access, they can create new tasks, become assigned to the tasks, discuss in the comments, etc. What's more, Trello has a file-sharing feature, so there's no need to send attachments via emails. To make it even more accessible, you can also integrate it with Google Drive.

Pricing: Trello offers a free plan with basic features, paid plans start at $10 per user/month.

Communication software for getting things done faster


Slack has somewhat become a synonym of a team communication tool. It is a team collaboration app that provides businesses with both 1-1 messages and group conversations. Slack consists of channels, each one can be a separate project or you can make it related to a particular subject. It's a place that brings the entire team together. Once they access it, they can discuss important matters, share files, etc.

This communication tool now offers video calls and screen sharing, features that are essential for effective remote meetings and presentations. However, these assets are available in paid plans, such as custom permissions and organization structure.

Free Slack plan includes e.g. 10k messages (searchable), 10 apps and integrations, 1-to-1 video conversations, and two-factor authentication.

Slack is available to download for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).

Team communication tool from Todoist makers


As you can see on their website, Twist makers aimed to create it as a Slack alternative. While the most popular team communication tool is a mess of content, Twist organizes the workflow in threads and lets the users stay in the context. No one can fear they lose something important, the tool allows staying entirely focused on your work while still being up to date with what really matters.

Twist places great emphasis on making daily workflow more organized. It's one of these transparency-oriented chat tools. Each thread is a separate topic, they're organized into channels for each project or department. You can also contact teammates via 1:1 conversations or message a group of team members if the subject doesn't fit any other thread.

If Twist misses any feature, there's still a wide range of integrations it offers, such as Google Calendar, Zapier, or their sister project, Todoist.

The free Twist version allows accessing one month of messages and comments. After this period, the history is still available to view, but you have to upgrade your plan to see it.

As with other apps included here, Twist is available as desktop and mobile apps (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) or you can use it simply in your browser.

Team communication app for developers


Dev teams have special needs and often use different task management methods. Clubhouse is considered one of the best communication tools for software developers to effectively collaborate and ship their work faster. It's a place designed to plan and manage the workflow, as well as to execute the results.

In Clubhouse, each project starts with a Story. You can use a pre-formatted template or write your own in Markdown. Assign people to them, set the priority, and leave the details for assignees.  Then track the progress and performance step by step with Epics and Milestones. Kanban boards with task filters keep the entire team on the same page. Different data views, like Burndown charts or Cumulative Flow Diagrams, make the workflow more visualized and transparent.

Pricing: The Free Clubhouse plan includes Stories, Iterations, Kanban boards with filters, and integrations with VCS and Figma. Purchasing a first paid plan for $8.50 per user/month, you'll get features like Roadmaps, multiple Workflows, reports, and more.

Troop Messenger

troop messenger

Troop Messenger is known as the best team chat app, for the features, and services it delivers to a wide range of enterprises. Troop Messenger differs from other team chat apps, because it includes several critical features in addition to the essentials, ensuring that no member is left out of important messages.

This team collaboration tool works well for office teams, remote teams, hybrid teams, and other teams. Do you know that Troop Messenger's security protocols led certain major nations' defense agencies to employ it for defense collaboration services? As a result, you can estimate the tool's security.

It's one of the few tools that can be supplied in a variety of ways, including on-premise, SaaS, chat APIs and SDKs, and other models.

Many people switched to Troop Messenger during the pandemic because of its features and functionalities, in other words, it facilitates the users with all the required features like chat, audio/ video call, secure file exchange, audio/ video conference, remote access, screen sharing, live location tracking, and so on.

Since most of them are aware of the use of essential features, let us look into key features

Pricing: Troop Messenger's Premium Plan costs $2.5 and the Enterprise Plan costs $5, with the Superior Plan needing sales contact.

To sum up

Modern management requires a smart and collaborative approach to team communication. No matter businesses hire remote or on-site workers, they should use such great support like collaboration tools are. Luckily, most of the communication tools offer a free trial, so you can give them a try before choosing the perfect one.


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