January 22, 2019

Looking for a Slack Alternative? - Check These Team Communication Apps

Looking for a Slack Alternative? - Check These Team Communication Apps

Last updated: October 2020

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1. What are alternatives to Slack?

2. HeySpace - enhanced teamwork

   2.1. What makes HeySpace a great Slack alternative?

      2.1.1. Channels vs. workspaces

      2.1.2. The task management feature

      2.1.3. File storage

      2.1.4. The price

3. Bitrix24

4. Microsoft Teams

5. Rocket.Chat

6. Hibox

7. Troop Messenger


9. Asana

10. Chanty

11. Flock

12. Mattermost

13. Keybase

14. Teamwork Chat

15. Fleep

16. Ryver

17. Discord

18. Zoho Cliq

19. Does Google have a Slack equivalent?

20. To sum up

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What are alternatives to Slack?

While Slack still becomes one of the most popular software for communication, more and more teams opt for other team communication app to replace Slack with. People are looking for more convenient team chat apps. Many organizations need a strongly unified system for collaboration and communication and sometimes Slack is not enough.

Team chat apps are perfect for small businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs working with several clients or teams. Even though they may not be the full-featured versions of the tool, they still have a lot to offer. There are many companies that use apps like Slack for free and are perfectly happy with them. They don't consider paid plans.

Using free chat apps is a good solution if you want to try out the available tools and find out whether they meet your expectations. Or you might simply not need the full versions of the software.

If you're looking for the best free team communication app to replace Slack, we've got you covered. Here are 13 best Slack alternatives that can help your team be more productive and communicate better, faster, and easier. In this article, you can find tools like Slack - team chat apps focused on communication, and tools better than Slack - project management apps that combine instant messaging and team collaboration features.

Every Slack alternative has its advantages and has the ambition to be a perfect team chat app. So let's dig in!

#1 HeySpace - enhanced teamwork

HeySpace, one of the best team communication apps, is a combination of Slack and Trello but with more advanced features. Not only does it helps in managing projects and team but also improves communication and processes taking place in an organization. HeySpace features make it a great alternative to Slack.

Slack alternative

What makes HeySpace a great Slack alternative?

Channels vs. workspaces

Teamwork in Slack happens in channels – that’s where team members contribute to conversations or upload files. In HeySpace, you create workspaces that offer more functions than Slack’s channels. Apart from a place for communication, workspaces are also platforms for task management, where tasks are organized on boards. With a user-friendly interface you can manage your work with pleasure. :)

The task management feature

HeySpace allows you to organize tasks in a Kanban board, which gives you a clear overview of your team’s work. You can assign tasks to particular members of your workspace, set due dates, monitor progress, add checklists, tags and estimates, as well as attachments – either from your computer or from Google Drive. Simply drag and drop your files to cards. Each task card has its own chat, where you can discuss related matters, ask questions or inform of any important updates. Additionally useful might be the function of creating tasks from messages in private or group chats with just one click. Task management has never been easier! And you can access your tasks everywhere thanks to our mobile apps. On top of that HeySpace is easy to use and doesn't require long training.

File storage

Slack’s free plan offers 5 GB of file storage in total, while the premium plan – 10 GB per member. It seems a lot, but what if we told you that you can get unlimited storage? Because you actually do! HeySpace offers unlimited file storage in both plans, so you no longer need to worry about losing important data.

The price

Last but not least – the price. Slack offers a free basic plan which can meet the requirements of a small team, and so does HeySpace. Free version is limited to up to 10 team members and includes only basic features like chat and  board for task management. The difference is in the price of the premium plans, as you can benefit from HeySpace premium features for just $5 per user / month, while Slack comes to $8 per user / month if billed monthly. To put it simply, you get more for less! Yoy can test our Premium Plan in 14-day free trial. No credit card required!

Free and premium plan

Bitrix24 is a good free team messaging app to replace Slack because it is an extensive tool with a broad list of features:

B‍itrix24 is not only a messaging platform but first of all, a project management app that boosts team productivity and collaboration.



Another Slack alternative is Microsoft Teams. With this one of the best team communication apps, you can communicate with people in various ways. Additionally, Microsoft Teams offers more extensive features than Slack. Not only can you communicate but also collaborate on multiple levels. Main features of Microsoft Teams include:

And the Office 365 tools allow you to make teamwork easier, more efficient not only by their full use but also because it’s easily accessible. You can safely connect across devices. Microsoft Team is now one of the most popular team communication and collaboration tool. It's a little bit more advanced than Slack and it's worth to take a look at.


Microsoft Team is a part of Office 365 package, but it can be also used separately for free.

MS Teams

Rocket Chat allows your team to eliminate email conversations with long back-and-forth threads. With the tool, you can create a space for your team where they can discuss, exchange ideas, store files to avoid chaos, and improve team communication. Rocket Chat is an open-source chat with many useful features:

Rocket Chat is one of the best Slack alternatives for small teams. If you don't need much more than a team chat app with unlimited message history and file sharing - it may be your tool. And if you need more - you can benefit from an open-source formula. It is also a good Microsoft Teams alternative for companies that search for a secure and flexible solution.


Rocket Chat

#5 Hibox

This one of the best team communication apps is great for people who work remotely or travel on a regular basis. But not only. It can be used in any office by any type of employee. Hibox is a combination several tools so it's a good alternative of a communication app to replace Slack with:



Troop Messenger makes it possible to collaborate better within organization. You can use it to streamline work as it gives you the possibility to supervise your team's collaboration. It has all the necessary feature for a team communication tool to replace Slack:

Troop Messenger is a chat tool with audio and video calls and one of the best free plans on the market. It is a great free Slack alternative. However, if you need more advanced features than just messages, you can go for their paid plans.



JANDI is one of the best team communication apps and Slack alternatives for any industry. You can keep your team on track with the tasks within the app and manage inside communication from one level:



#8 Asana

Asana is more than just one of the team chat apps. It's software that you can use as a project management tool. And thanks to its functionality, you also can use it as a team communication app to replace Slack with:

Asana offers less advanced chat features than Slack, but it's better in case of collaboration in one place.  You can chat, share files, and use the task manager in one app. It is easy to use an all-in-one tool for team communication and collaboration. It also has a user-friendly interface (with flying unicorns for completed projects). All these arguments prooves that Asana is one of the best Slack alternatives.



#9 Chanty

Chanty - team chat app similar to Slack. It's one of the best free Slack alternatives for small businesses with a sleek interface and low entry threshold. It offers team chat features, voice and video calls, and some basic collaboration features.  Chanty is easy to use and available on mobile apps. It uses channels for organizing communication, just like Slack. Chanty has a very clear interface with dark mode available. The main features of this chat tool include:

The creators of Chanty claim, that their chat tool is faster than Slack, AI powered, and more affordable (with unlimited message history). So if you are looking for real time chat tool, make sure you'll check their solution. If you choose Chanty as your messaging app to replace Slack, you can easily transfer your message history and other team data from a third-party messenger like Slack directly to Chanty. And you can get it for free for a small team.



#10 Flock

Flock is one of the team communication apps with basic collaboration features. In Flock you can communicate on multiple private and public channels or use video chat. It's one of the most popular Slack alternatives that you can test on a 30-day free trial.  If you don't like limited message history in Slack, you'll like Flock's search feature with the ability to search everything from documents, images, links, notes, specific messages, and more. However, you need to remember, that unlimited search is available only in paid plans. Flock offers also convenient file sharing features. You can easily upload files from your computer or Google Drive and other cloud-based storage. Flock can be also your task manager with simple to-do lists.


Mattermost is an open-source, self-hosted online team chat app with file sharing, search, and integrations. It allows you to chat, collaborate, and receive notifications from other apps to make sure the team won't miss anything important. You can use voice and video calls with screen sharing option or simply chat to save time and work smarter.

Let's take a look at the most important features of Mattermost:

Mattermost is similar to Slack but offers features attractive for big, privacy-conscious orgs like white-labeling, unlimited customization, advanced access controls and private cloud deployment. Open-source formula enables secure team collaboration for enterprise customers.


#12 Keybase

Keybase is a simple team collaboration tool with end-to-end encryption for secure team chat and file sharing. You can use it for work or private messaging. It's one of the best Slack alternatives in case of security. You can even set a timer for your most sensitive messages to make sure they will be deleted.

Keybase is open source, so you can adjust it to your team's needs. It offers a funny and well-designed interface, so you'll like it for the first day.

#13 Teamwork Chat

Teamwork Chat, a team communication tool, is a part of Teamwork software group, where you can also find a project management app, CRM and customer support tool. Of course, it's cheaper to buy a bundle than just one app, but let's focus on the team chat app. This tool might be a good Slack alternative for teams that already use other apps from their portfolio.

Teamwork Chat offers features like:


Teamwork Chat doesn't offer a free version. The paid plan starts from $4 per user per month.

#14 Fleep

Fleep chat desktop

Fleep is a team communication software with file sharing and task management features. The users can use pinboards for the most important messages and simple task lists to get organized in one place. The tool also offers audio/video calling and screen sharing for more efficient work, just like at the office. With Fleep integrations and API you can create automated flows and save time on switching between different apps. Fleep offers a full message history even in a free plan, so it's good to consider it as a Slack alternative. If you need more advanced features like teams, users' accounts management, or customization, you can check their paid plan. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available for now.


#15 Ryver

Ryver group chat

Ryver is a team communication app that combines team chat, video conferencing, and task management. One of its advantages is a simple and clean interface. In Ryver you can communicate on forums, in teams, and in one-on-one conversations. It has also a simple task management feature for users who don't want to switch between different apps or use buggy integrations. Ryver is also more affordable than Slack, even for bigger teams.


#16 Discord

Discord messaging tool

Discord is a real-time team communication app originally designed for gamers. Now it is used by different teams, even in big companies. It is a great tool for voice communication with a very simple interface. Most of the integrations are third party bots, so if you need something for project management, you will have to get another app. It will be the best app for teams that need to stay in touch on different channels but don't need to collaborate on tasks a lot. Discord is free, so you can use it as an addition to your current toolset.

#17 Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq chat app

Zoho Cliq is a team chat app with a contemporary interface. With the tool, you can simplify collaboration thanks to features like message search, voice and video calls, reminders, custom build bots, and many more. It is also very convenient and time-saving that you can view multiple conversations at once. Users can also collaborate on whiteboards, which is very useful for working on layouts, graphics, websites, etc.. In Cliq, you can also quickly check who from your team is at work and who is away. This chat tool easily integrates with other Zoho apps and also very popular third-party software like Trello, Mailchimp or Dropbox. It's one of the best Slack alternatives for teams and you can get it for a very low price.


Does Google have a Slack equivalent?

Many of you may wonder if there is any good Slack alternative made by Google. If you use G Suite (now Google Workspace) you get access to Google Meet for video conferencing and Google Hangouts for direct messages.  These tools allow you to work smarter and collaborate on files in real-time. They are not very advanced Slack alternatives, so you might need a better chat tool to organize communication and collaboration in your company. If you are already using Slack you will miss many communication features in G suite tools. But if you are used to the G Suite interface, you can easily adapt these tools in your day to day work. Google Workspace plans start from as low as $6 per user per month.

To sum up

You are reading this article probably because you are looking for Slack alternatives. Luckily there are many similar apps on the market and you can choose the best free group communication apps for your team. We've described some options to save you time and effort, but the decision is yours :) Think about what you need besides sending messages. You may search for features like video calls, file sharing, task management, or end-to-end encryption. For many companies, Slack is just the beginning of work facilitation and they end up with advanced collaboration tool as their Slack alternative. Fo other, team chat is enough, but they look for free Slack alternative with unlimited history and a nice interface.  Which one will you get?

Do you know any other good Slack alternatives?


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