August 18, 2021

Best Online Collaboration Tools for 2021

Best Online Collaboration Tools for 2021
Online collaboration tools are web-based platforms used by teams to better communicate and work together. According to a McKinsey survey , up to 80 percent of businesses use social collaboration tools for internal purposes to digitize and improve processes.

Using team collaboration tools is beneficial and makes work more efficient. If you're looking for the right software for your team or to use solo, here's your short guide!

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1. Why Use Online Collaboration Tools?

2. What Are The Best Online Collaboration Tools?

   2.1. HeySpace

   2.2. TimeCamp

   2.3. Mockplus

   2.4. Google Drive

   2.5. Filestage

   2.6. Fyle

   2.7. Nozbe

   2.8. Mind Meister

   2.9. Asana

   2.10. Evernote

   2.11. Google Meet

   2.12. Teamup

   2.13. Notion

   2.14. Freshbooks


   2.16. Pandadoc

   2.17. Samepage

Why Use Online Collaboration Tools?

There are many benefits accruing from using tools dedicated to collaborative work. Apart from better communication and collaboration between team members and clients, there are other important reasons to use such software:

If you use the right tools, your business will be well-organized and you'll work more effectively.

What Are The Best Online Collaboration Tools?

There are many different collaboration tools available online. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of categories—beginning from simple to-do lists to messaging, task management, and advanced software with many functionalities.

There are, however, certain aspects that can help you find a tool tailored to your business needs. Here are a few features that are worth looking for in collaboration tools:

To help you choose the perfect tool, we've gathered a list of the best online collaboration software. Let's get right to it!

1. HeySpace

Keeping work and communication channel within one platform

HeySpace is a free work management software for everyone. It’s a feature-rich combination of Slack and Trello that lets your team flexibly communicate and collaborate.

Here are the main features:

Free version of HeySpace is available for up to 5 users.

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2. TimeCamp

Project management and time tracking

time camp

TimeCamp is a time tracking and project tracking app that can help you automate and optimize processes. You can use it to record billable time, administer tasks, projects, team attendance, and work on productivity.

TimeCamp is available in the free plan with one integration with your favorite app and offers rich productivity features. With TimeCamp, you can monitor and analyze time spent on work, and spot inefficiencies. Data-rich reports give you in-depth insight into your business health.

You can also flexibly adjust the hierarchical structure of work with projects, tasks, subtasks, and tags to support online collaboration with more transparency.

Other features include timesheets with approvals, attendance tracking, invoicing, idle time detection, sharing your data with guests, integrations with the most popular SaaS tools, computer activities tracking, mobile apps, and many more.

3. Mockplus

Prototype, design and collaborate, all-in-one web-based platform


Mockplus is a web-based platform for design teams to prototype, design, collaborate and hand off in one place. It is a simple-to-use design tool that connects every member of your whole team. It transforms the way design teams collaborate on design projects and also streamlines the handoff from designers to developers. It has everything your design team needs from ideation to execution. 2M+ users and 200K+ teams around the world use Mockplus to create products you know and love.

File sharing and storing

google drive

Google Drive is a space for storing and sharing all kinds of files—docs, spreadsheets, photos, images, audio and video files, and more. People can easily view the content, edit, leave comments, and download the files they need for their work.

Google Drive is integrated with other Google apps and works well with Google Workspace. That gives your team seamless integration with the whole platform and. Google Drive synchronizes across devices and different tools.

Review and approval platform


Filestage is proofing software that helps teams get their work reviewed and approved faster. The tool enables colleagues and clients to view, comment, and annotate files in real-time to collect and discuss feedback.

What's more, Filestage streamlines collaborative work with customizable workflows, automation, and in-built versioning of files. The tool also reduces stress for your colleagues or clients by providing them with a simple way to communicate and give feedback. They don’t even need to sign up.

With Filestage, you can manage all your review processes in one place, speed up approvals, and complete work faster by eliminating back-and-forth email chains.

6. Fyle


Fyle is an AI-powered expense management software for businesses. It helps businesses streamline and automate the entire pre-accounting process with easy-to-use tools, eliminating the frustration of manual work and errors from a traditionally time-consuming process. 

With Fyle, employees track receipts from everyday work apps like Slack, G-Suite, and Outlook 365 and with just one click. The software runs on a robust business rules engine so rest assured, your business is in a state of constant compliance. Further, Fyle facilitates direct feeds from your existing/preferred corporate card provider and integrates seamlessly with any accounting software. This helps Finance teams spend little to no time processing reports and close books on time, every time!

7. Nozbe

To-do list app with simple task management


Nozbe is a project management software available for free for up to 5 users. It’s aimed at small teams who need to improve communication and organize task lists.

Every item from the list can be adjusted—you can set reminders, add assignee, tags, mentions, comments, set the due date, invite people to a project, and see all changes in a change log.

The projects lists let you see all work in one view in a single list. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to move the items to a different project easily.

Nozbe is a straightforward app for online team collaboration. The free version is best for small teams who need to simply and quickly arrange all assignments, or for individuals who want to share work with other people.

Organizing and sharing ideas


MindMeister is a mind mapper that enables real-time collaboration between an unlimited number of users. Together, they can structure their thoughts, brainstorm, share ideas, plan projects, and create engaging presentations for both business and education purposes.

You can customize MindMeister however you want, and work solo, with your team or even an entire company. Some of the important features include mind map templates, different alignments and themes, adding notes, links, comments and votes on map topics, or attach images. You can also share your maps, publish and embed them on websites, or blogs.

9. Asana

Project management and task organization tool

Asana is one of the most popular project management and online collaboration tools. The software helps to orchestrate work by bringing your team together into one shared space. It’s an advanced work management system and online collaboration tool that helps teams stay on top of work.

Asana lets you set company goals so all team members know where you’re heading as an organization and easily view the team's workload.

Here are the main features of Asana:

Note-taking app


Evernote is a great fit for users who need a note-taking app with many features to improve collaboration. This collaboration tool allows you to capture meeting notes, to-dos, projects, professional goals, school assignments, writing ideas, vacation plans, and anything you need.

The tool works as online sticky notes. You can organize different tasks with notes in notebooks and add tags to easily find what you need with a quick search and keywords. Additionally, this collaboration platform lets you capture photos, create checklists, and record audio.

All your notes are available online and sync across devices so you can access all resources in an easy way.

Online meetings

google hangouts

Google Hangouts offers a space for online meetings. With this online collaboration tool you can make video calls with colleagues as well as clients, and people from outside of your organization.

It's synchronized with Google Calendar, so you can quickly access all your events, also on your phone. Google Meet is part of Google's suite services.

The features of Google Meet include screen sharing, setting a background, sharing ideas with a whiteboard, messaging to members of the meeting.

12. Teamup

Shared online calendar for groups


Teamup is an online calendar that helps to support planning and work scheduling in a company. It's a platform that you can use to automate the flow of work and optimize processes.

Teamup lets you organize your team, quickly schedule work, manage availability, share events, delegate work, and keep all additional resources in one place (images, notes, links, etc.). You can also publish and share events and schedules to avoid scheduling conflicts.

The tool is suitable for agencies and firms that offer professional services as well as office workers.

13. Notion

Organizing the team’s resources for internal collaboration


Notion is a web platform that can help your team organize and share all types of contenttasks, files, ideas, lists, announcements. You can use it to create wikis about your business, store different type of information, or simply make it a task management app.

But it’s also a great collaboration and organization tool as it lets you freely cooperate and access all data about the company. People can share files, collaborate in a group, and work on the same project simultaneously.

Notion can help your team get more done by visually navigating you through the content and letting you quickly find what you’re looking for, in one place.

Integrated accounting and invoicing solution

fresh books

FreshBooks is invoice and accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. It has a time tracking module that helps to monitor time and money spent on work, clients, which makes it a great addition to the rich accounting functionalities.

FreshBooks offers simple reports with a breakdown for particular activities or clients. Other than that, you get detailed financial reports on the state of your business. You can track billable hours, view timesheets and analysis of your time and budget, and integrate the tool with hundreds of the most popular tools and apps.

Visualizing workflow to track due dates

monday is a simple to use management tool. It allows teams to create and shape workflow in minutes to plan, run, and follow their processes operations.

The tool has 4 main functionalities that are nicely integrated with each other to give you a unified platform:

  1. Workload with all projects and tasks
  2. Timeline to see all planned activities
  3. Dashboard with a main overview of work
  4. Charts to visualize data in form of graphs

You can quickly and easily arrange items with the drag-and-drop-feature, and integrate with other apps.

Quick online documents management in real-time

panda doc

PandaDoc is a tool for creating, approving, tracking, and esigning docs in real-time for free. It’s a great productivity tool that helps to keep everyone on the same page and streamline the processes for important docs, either for your team or clients.

You can quickly create a new doc from available templates and see what’s happening with it. The tool also allows you to engage all users in the creation and approval process. Create proposals, quotes, contracts, and any other kind of document. Integrations with other apps are available for faster data collection.

Single cloud-based collaborative workspace


Samepage is a team collaboration platform with features that support communication. The tool comes with functionalities that let you collaborate in many ways for free—with individual and group chat, video calling, and instant messaging.

Samepage is like a virtual office where multiple people can work on one project at the same time and each user sees the changes simultaneously. You can also share work with unlimited users, share files, and always get notifications about important changes.

To Wrap It Up

Online collaboration tools improve the flow of work and enhance information exchange. When employees know what's happening in the company, they're motivated to work.

Using the best tools will support business growth and enable smooth and efficient work for all your team and clients.

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