December 8, 2021

Top 76 Best Work Organization Tools for 2022

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Top 76 Best Work Organization Tools for 2022

Organizing work is a seemingly easy thing that seems to be done in a few moments and without much thought. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. In the multitude of duties, we often forget that the right organization shortens the working time and increases its effectiveness.

Project management, task management, team management, assigning tasks, and controlling the effects are tasks that are mainly associated with the position of a manager, but in fact, each of us is a manager for ourselves. We create to-do lists, plan our work for the next few hours, and account for it ourselves. How, then, to facilitate this process?

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  1. What is a work organization?
  2. How to choose the best organizational tool?
  3. List of the best organizational tools:

1. Airtable

2. Alan Mind

3. Asana


5. Backlog

6. Basecamp

7. Bitrix24


9. Box

10. Brosix


12. Buffer

13. Calendly

14. Canva

15. Celoxis

16. ClickUp

17. Confluence

18. ConnectWise Control


20. Diigo

21. Dropbox

22. Elephant

23. EssentialPIM

24. Evernote

25. flair

26. GoodDay

27. Google Workspace (earlier G Suite)

28. Habitty

29. HeySpace

30. Hootsuite

31. VMware Horizon

32. HubSpot CRM

33. Infinity

34. Integromat

35. Jira

36. KanbanTool

37. Kissflow Workflow

38. Logaster Profit Margin Calculator

39. LogicGate

40. Lucidchart

41. Microsoft 365

42. MindMeister

43. Momentum

44. Nimble


46. nTask

47. PandaDoc

48. Penzu

49. Pinterest

50. Pocket

51. Process Street

52. Productive


54. ProofHub

55. ProProfs Project

56. Quire

57. SalesCRM

58. Scoro

59. Simplenote

60. Slack

61. Slite

62. SpiraPlan

63. TeamPassword

64. TeamViewer

65. Teamwork

66. TimeCamp

67. Time Doctor

68. Trello

69. Troop Messenger

70. Wrike

71. Wunderlist →  To do

72. XMind

73. YouTrack

74. Zapier

75. Zoho Projects

76. Placeit

What is a work organization?

Organization of work is nothing more than planning, enforcement and finally accounting for work. It requires organizational skills, such as task management, time management, resistance to stress, timeliness, and order, but also curiosity and the willingness to constantly expand knowledge.

Why is work organization so important? Because it gives a lot of benefits that directly translate into the result. If you are organized, you make better decisions, you see needs and are able to respond to them, you solve problems efficiently, you do not waste time, you avoid mistakes caused by rush, you are more productive and efficient, and you achieve planned goals more easily.

How to choose the best organizational tool?

Choosing a good work organization tool is not easy, but by paying attention to specific features, you will quickly decide what is most appropriate for you and meets your needs. Note if it allows you to:

List of the best organizational tools

We've compiled a list of the best work organization tools just for you. While there are analog and digital tools, we've only focused on the latter. All these amazing tools are described in terms of key features, purpose, and price. If you're running an agency, it's important that you choose the right work organization tools. On top of that, you should also consider opting for high-quality web hosting for agencies to scale quickly.

Choose a few of them and test on the job together with your team.


Airtable is an organizational tool that combines two features. The database and spreadsheet. It is user-friendly because of its convenient interface and has many additional features like attachments, kanban card stacks, calendars, and reporting.

Pricing (billed annually):

alan mind

Alan Mind is one of the specific organizational tools. Why? Because it takes care of our mental health. It provides daily stress tips or one-on-one support. What's best, Alan Mind is anonymous for team members.


not provided


Asana is a platform that enables an easy and intuitive project management process. Its key features like kanban boards, timeline, Gantt charts or reporting capabilities help make your work in various areas - from marketing to sales and production.

Pricing: is an organizational tool, which connects all your cloud applications. A platform is simple, doesn't demand coding, and has a drag&drop interface. integrates with popular apps for Email, CRM, Marketing, Invoicing, Billing, Helpdesk, and more.




Backlog is a tool for managing projects designed for teams. Its key features like task management, version control, and bug tracking are perfectly matched with code management and tracking progress. Backlog is exactly what you need no matter if you are working in a large or small team.



Basecamp is a great organizational tool because puts everything that you need in one place. It improves team collaboration by features like message board, to-do list, schedule, or docs & files, helps with work-life balance, and doesn't require any other app to manage work.



Bitrix24 is the leading free online organizational tool for companies and small businesses, no matter if they work remotely or not. It enables comfortable communication and effective collaboration. This CRM tool is available in 18 different languages.


Bit. ai is an amazing online organizational tool because combines a document collaboration platform for teams to create robust internal & client-facing documents with built-in tracking. It helps with organizing work, collaborating in real-time, and managing by more than 50 integrations.




Box is a specific organizational tool for every industry and business size, from SMBs to global enterprises. It offers secure cloud storage services, thanks to that confidential business information is always safe. Box is multifunctional so you won't need any other app.




Brosix is a communication app, which provides employees with all of the features they need to stay in touch and efficiently collaborate. Key features of Brosix like text chat, audio, and video calls, chat rooms, and file transfer are encrypted by P2P to protect your business from intruders.

Pricing: is a mind mapping app that helps businesses with collaboration, presentation, brainstorming, and visualization. With this online tool, you can organize your ideas, take notes, stay on task and focus on your to-do list.




Are you running a few profiles on social media and sometimes feel: too much? Buffer is a perfect social media management software to drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. It helps to plan a schedule of content, analyze results, and engage the audience. With this organizational tool, your efficiency will boost.




Calendly is a tool with outstanding features. Maybe this is the reason, why it is so popular. This almost free online appointment scheduling software is user-friendly and very easy to use. It takes care of every step of the meeting, from signing up to the start.




Canva is a platform for everybody, who wants to be a designer. Easily access, lots of templates, within you can create everything you imagine. Canva is used by professionals and basic designers, who start their adventure by posting or making stories because it helps to public and organize your work.




Celoxis is spectacular project management software dedicated to organizations looking for a robust project organizing solution. This all-in-one platform combines project portfolio and works management, helps to build real-world plans with Gant charts, and makes team collaboration easier.



ClickUp is one of the best organizational tools, that helps to build organizational strategies and management, both - projects and tasks. ClickUp offers docs, reminders, goals, calendars, scheduling, and even an inbox. It is a multifunctional tool, which enables you to make menial tasks manually, plan, organize, and collaborate.




Confluence is an amazing organizational tool for sharing files, information, and projects among organizations. This is a corporate wiki used to capture, preserve, and organize the most valuable assets without concern for intruders. With Confluence team members have access to anything they want, which is very important in transparent companies.



ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise is an organizational tool that helps you to solve problems remotely. This is the remote support software that gives you the ability to remotely view and control devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Thanks to ConnectWise you will be in touch with your team members constantly.

Pricing: is a platform for remotely-working teams, which want to manage and collaborate all in one place. This intelligent and easy in use tool enables password encryption, SSO, MFA, chat, and HD quality video conferencing.




Organizational tool Diigo is a web-based information management system. Its key features like bookmarks, tags, personal library, highlights, outliner, and archived web pages are best for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to cloud-based solutions you have access to Diigo everywhere you are.




Dropbox is a great file storage service, where you can share personal and work files. Offline file accessibility, integration with Google Docs and Microsoft Office files make file managing easy. You don't need to worry about privacy and safety because of extensive administration and security features that scale as teams grow.


Elephant App

Elephant App is a habit tracker, that reminds users about things to do. It helps to make or break any habit in a simple and powerful way. Elephant works on the rule "The 3Rs":  remind, repeat and reward to make positive and productive things even better.




EssentialPIM is one of the best organizational tools, the award-winning personal information manager. Intuitive tools handle all your appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, password entries, and email messages. It's fast, easy to use, and synchronized with EPIM Cloud, Android, and iOS devices.




Evernote is a tool with offline access which brings your teams to work together. By Evernote, you can create documents, collaborate on projects and share files with your team members. They can easily edit, upload, and share notes and files from any device - even if they're offline.



flair is an HR platform built on Salesforce that provides its users with an array of helpful HR features that help to make workplace tasks run smoothly. Some of its most popular and key features include time tracking, payroll management, recruiting, and talent management. 




GoodDay is an organizational tool that combines lots of different features. This platform helps with work, project, product, task, time, and team management on a high level. It works based on transparency, accountability, agility, and recognition, so you will be sure that your work is always right.



google workspace

Google Workspace (earlier G Suite) is one of the top organizational tools. Key features like creating custom business emails, recording meetings, and reserving conference rooms are designed to help businesses of all sizes.

What needs to be said, that Google has many other tools like its own cloud storage service - Google Drive, own documents maker - Google Docs, calendar, and many more. You can also sync all your Google apps with CRM software and use it as a G suite CRM.



Habitty helps its users to create and maintain good habits, at work, but in private life too. An app shows you detailed graphs and statistics to make your critical task even better. It's your coach, designed within a simple and clear interface.


currently free

29. HeySpace

HeySpace is an app combining chat feature with task and team management. An intuitive interface and user-friendly functions allow users to manage fast and comfortably. HeySpace is integrated with GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive, Gmail, Google Calendar, or Trello. To see more benefits read our article.


heyspace register



Hootsuite is an incredible visual workspace equipped with features to power the social media of small and big businesses all around the world. By Hootsuite, you will build your brand, strengthen connections with customers, and drive results business leaders care about by integrating social across your whole organization.




VMware Horizon is an organizational tool that provides the infrastructure to deliver virtual desktops and applications. It is very flexible to configure in any kind of environment. It enables remote work, manages from the Cloud, and modernizes operations.


not provided


HubSpot CRM is dedicated to small and developed sales teams, which want to spend less time logging data. You've got every in one place, centralized, customizable database  - there's no need to dig in your inbox to find any information.



Infinity is an effective project management software that makes your work easier. It increases your productivity by offering a toolset for any type of project. Your workspace will be always clean and organized thanks to the customizable structure and powerful overview features. Best for small, mid-sized, and enterprise companies.



Integromat is a tool, that key feature is connecting apps and automating the workflow. It uses a nice, no-code visual builder that enables one to connect to any API and create complex integrations using built-in apps and tools.




Jira is a work organizational tool to manage by Agile methodology. Thanks to the ability to work on every step of the project it optimizes efficiency. Jira embraces a few products dedicated to IT, finances, operational, and other teams. It is the right tool for demanding companies.


Kanban Tool

KanbanTool is a tool based on kanban methodology, which visualizes workflow and enables real-time collaboration. By creating many boards you can work on concurrent projects simultaneously, then analyze processes and improve to boost business efficiency. Kanban Tool is available in the cloud or on-premise.




Kissflow Workflow is a workflow software to manage structured and unstructured workflows. A no-code platform is a place where you can create your processes, build a board with all those menial tasks, handle a case flow and collaborate with your team members. All in one easy and intuitive designed app.



logaster calculator

Logaster Profit Margin Calculator is a smart tool that calculates three important business indicators: margin and markup, margin and price, markup and cost. This online platform is very easy to use, you just need to enter the values and click.



logic gate

The Logic Gate Risk Cloud is a cloud solution that combines powerful functionality with intuitive design to enhance enterprise GRC programs. As a user, you can pre-built templates and efficiently operationalize your GRC activities without the support of IT consultants.


not provided



Lucidchart is an incredible visual workspace for building your own business process modeling notation (BPMN) diagrams, including tasks, transactions, conversions, call activities, data storage, and more. All the tools are designed in an intuitive interface with a drag & drop feature, so process management won't be problematic. 



Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 is definitely a tool that can be named in two categories: top organizational tools and best organizational tools. Why? Because this organization software has many features provided by one of the most developed companies. It offers powerful services with worldwide access, for everybody.




MindMeister is an organizational software based on mind mapping. It provides an infinite canvas for collaboration and project planning. MindMeister is an easy-to-use, beautifully-designed platform that boosts creativity and productivity. Best for businesses, academic institutions, and creative consumers.




Momentum is a Google Chrome extension, created to boost your productivity and make work more enjoyable. With Momentum, you can choose a beautiful image or inspiring quotations, that will motivate you. Momentum is free, but not available on Safari. 


for free


Nimble is a simple, smart CRM for Office 365 & Google Workspace. It works automatically so with Nimble's browser extension you can easily access your CRM while inside your inbox. Other features like combining your contacts, communication histories, email inboxes, and calendar appointments also enable information flow.



Notion is one of the best organizational tools. This knowledge management software offers functions for managing projects and tasks too. But the key feature is notetaking using databases and Markdown pages for personal and collaboration work.




nTask is an amazing organizational procedure for projects and tasks management. It helps you in managing everything, from creating to-do lists, making checklists, collaborating to scheduling meetings, and sharing files. nTask is a multifunctional tool, with everything inside.




PandaDoc is an important organizational tool for everyone who deals with making create high-quality, professional proposals right inside a CRM. PandaDoc offers templates and tokens to automatically creations. This platform helps with the analysis of proposals and signatures.




Penzu is an organizational software, which is actually an online diary or personal journal. It could be used at work, but in personal life too, because of taking care of privacy. Thanks to Penzu you won't forget any idea or concept.



You would probably think that Pinterest is not one of the organizational tools, because it's a social content creator. But Pinterest helps with lead generation, achieving higher traffic results, ads, and more. Explore the Pinterest advertising guide and learn more about advertising tools and techniques of Pinterest which you can integrate to your marketing strategy and get a lot of benefits. It's also the perfect inspiration for creative work.


for free


Pocket is a great organization software for gathering ideas, creative things, and inspirations. It allows saving articles, films, publications, pages, and blog posts. You can easily manage your space and get inspiration.


Process Street

Process Street is a business process management software, which streamlines recurring workflows. It allows creating checklists, using conditional logic. This amazing organizing app can track progress, assign tasks and approvals, and integrate the tools your team already uses.




Productive is next one of the best organizational tools, which destination is associated with finances. By Productive you can create deal flow, get sales organized with an overview of Sales Pipeline, collaborate on different tasks, and track time. This app relieves you of invoicing, billings, and tracking profitability.

Pricing: is an organizational software to project management and time tracking. No matter where you or your team members are, will help you with tracking time and automatically populate weekly timesheets. As a team leader, you can track the progress and status of key projects, manage resource costs, and generate valuable reports.




ProofHub is one of the best work organization tools, enabling teams to organize their work in one central location. ProofHub not only provides everything users need on a silver platter, but also keeps track of time spent on each task, who is working on what, and the overall progress of a project. Through ProofHub's shared workspace, teams can collaborate effectively and achieve great results by focusing on the same goal. Moreover, it eliminates the need of using several apps to share updates, collaborate, communicate, or manage tasks.



ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is the next tool for managing projects, which works online. It allows to organize projects, assign tasks, track progress, collaborate, create reports, and much more. ProProfs Project has a project calendar, Gantt charts, time tracking, and invoicing too. With this app, managing projects can't be easier.




Quire is project management tool with a light interface every team member will love. The tool has many smallish functionalities that allow you to personalize the product. The tool is based on a simple tasks-subtasks structure, so you can clearly see even the smallest components of ongoing projects. Just one glance at the board and you'll see if you should prepare for the meetings or you can focus on other tasks.


sales crm

SalesCRM is a simple CRM tool for service businesses.  With its help, you can manage customers and projects in one place to streamline your work. SalesCRM allows manage multiple initiatives, add all stakeholders and work on projects professionally.




Scoro is a multifunctional solution for automation. It allows controlling the entire workflow in one place by tools like work scheduling & tracking, taskboards & lists, contact database & CRM, quoting and billing, advanced reporting, and real-time dashboards. Forget about shuffling between other tools.



Simplenote is an organizational software whose main idea is to take notes and synchronize them through different devices. By adding tags you stay organized, and by sharing to-do lists take care of teamwork.




Slack is one of the best organizational tools and most popular. Many features, easy to use and user-friendly interfaces are perfect for management, no matter if we are talking about tasks or team. Slack will drive your company communication on a higher level, without concerns about flow.




Slite is a platform for sharing ideas, collecting knowledge, and staying in tune across time and space. This tool is best for small and medium businesses, flexible and remote teams, that need easily spreading and fast feedback from other team members. 




SpiraPlan is an enterprise program management system dedicated to program and portfolio managers and IT professionals. It helps companies manage and mitigate risk, identify, analyze, treat, and monitor risks with support. SpiraPlan integrates with requirements and project management features.




TeamPassword is a password manager explicitly designed with collaboration in mind. Users can safely store their personal logins and share logins with their team securely within the platform. Administrative settings allow admins to control which team members can access which logins so that employees only have access to the logins they need. While TeamPassword’s web browser extensions and mobile apps ensure employees can access the logins they need when they need them.



TeamViewer is an app for remote support and access. It allows controlling computers and servers from any place in the world if you have internet access. TeamViewer takes care of security seriously and processes customers with the latest technology solutions.




Teamwork is an organization software for project management, that helps with collaboration and improves visibility, accountability, and ultimately results. Teamwork has many features that help from delivering client projects, executing marketing campaigns, sprint planning, and product launches.




TimeCamp is an incredible organizational tool for time tracking. It allows you to improve your projects' profitability, track your employees' performance, and collaborate in your team and with your clients thanks to accurate timesheets and detailed reports. TimeCamp can be integrated with your favourite apps and used by teams and freelancers.




TimeDoctor is a time tracker and organization software that helps with tracking company time and delivering analytics to improve work. Time Doctor makes decisions easier by using data and metrics for all workday activities. Best for small and medium companies.




Trello is one of the must-have organizational tools which brings teams to a higher level of task management. An app is transparent and allows to easily sharing across boards and teams. Trello is used from sales and marketing to HR and operations because it is possible to design and customize Trello to fit unique needs and work styles.



Troop Messenger is the preeminent team collaboration tool, built on thorough research and the principle of empowering its users. As part of the policy, this team chat app was updated with new features such as Remote Access & Screen Share, Cattle Call (for video conferences and webinars), Live Location Tracking, and so on with each random release, making it a one-stop solution for all office requirements.




Wrike is an OKR management software using Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, custom request forms with auto-assignment, performance reports, resource management, and allocation, automated reporting, and shared workflows all in one place. Wrike integrates with more than 400 solutions.



to do

Wunderlist was an app for task management online but ended its activity in May 2020. Microsoft has made a new organization software. To do, based on Wunderlist. It allows users to share to-do lists among themselves, set reminders, and add notes. It's a daily planner and your own manager.





XMind is an idea management and mind mapping solution. While you might be content with the previous mindmapping tool but if you want a more advanced experience, then you should shift over to XMind, which is multifunctional and can be used by businesses of all sizes, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.




YouTrack is an organizational software to manage your projects, configure agile boards, use reports and Gantt charts, dashboards, and time tracking. The app speaks many languages, supports markdown and emoji reactions. YouTrack is flexible enough to follow the exact process.

Pricing - iCloud version:



Zapier is an amazing organizational tool used by SMBs. Zapier offers collaboration and security features that let you save time, reduce tedious tasks, and focus on what matters most.



zoho projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management software. It helps teams to plan, track, collaborate and achieve project goals. What is more, everything you share can be seen by only the related people to the project, so you don't need to worry about privacy.



If you're looking for a platform where you can create all your branding designs, Placeit is a great organization software! With more than 50K templates and a growing library of designs made by professionals each day, you can create eye-catching images. Make everything from logos and videos to your social campaign with branded images in minutes.

Just select your favorite video template, customize your text, change the color of backgrounds and shapes, and add your images or video clips. Customize your text, change the color of backgrounds and shapes, and add your images or video clips .

All their videos are made by a professional team, so you can rely on them being eye-catching templates for your campaigns. Once you have customized your template, simply click the download button. 

Key features:

Pros of Placeit:


77. FlippingBook

FlippingBook offers an online tool and desktop software for creating digital flipbooks. The tool converts PDFs to interactive professional documents that can be shared as links. FlippingBook makes it easier for teams to collaborate: create flipbooks in a private workspace, use private or shared folders, and integrate other tools for smoother workflows. The tool offers multiple features already built-in for your convenience: from a lead capture form to design options to thorough stats native to the product. Also, you can integrate it with any other tool using Zapier.



You got to know the best work organizing tools that could be used in various business processes. Find the most appropriate for you and increase your productivity and effectiveness at work.


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