January 25, 2019

New in HeySpace: Calendar Synchronization

New in HeySpace: Calendar Synchronization

We’re constantly improving our software to suit your needs better, and so we thought you might like the option of Calendar Synchronization. We are sure it will help you plan and manage your tasks even more effectively. Thanks to a clear task view with marked due dates, you will now see your task queue at a glance!

New add-on in HeySpace

Synchronize cards with your calendar using an iCal link

HeySpace gives you the option to import your cards as events to your Calendar by generating an iCal link. What’s an iCal link? It’s a format supported by most calendar applications, which gives you a way to allow one application to view and display calendar data from another application. The new HeySpace add-on generates such a link, which allows to import your cards to various other calendars with such an option (such as Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.). To be able to do it, make sure you are assigned to the cards you want to export and all cards include “due dates”. Once you import the cards, you will see them as all-day tasks in your calendar.

How to integrate?

Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar and find the “Add Calendar” option in the left column. Choose “from URL” and simply paste this URL: https://hey.space/-
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How to integrate your tasks?[

Outlook, iCal and others

Copy the provided URL and paste it as a new Calendar to Outlook, iCal or any other default app that you use to track your schedule.

As simple as that! Now enjoy your calendar with tasks from HeySpace and see more new features that we’ve recently introduced.

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