April 14, 2019

ClickUp Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
ClickUp Alternative For Task Management

This article was updated on February 2021

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1. ClickUp - the project management software for teams

2. Why switch to the alternative?

   2.1. Too many features

   2.2. Too many different layouts

   2.3. Time management is not so good

   2.4. Too many notifications

3. The best ClickUp Alternative? We choose HeySpace

4. What’s the same

5. What’s different

6. Why switch from ClickUp to HeySpace?

7. What makes HeySpace a great ClickUp alternative?

   7.1. A communication feature

8. Other Alternatives to ClickUp

   8.1. Jira - IT project management software

   8.2. Trello - kanban based project management

   8.3. Wrike - a good ClickUp alternative

   8.4. Asana - a popular task management solution

Figuring out how to improve team productivity is most probably one of the main concerns of every project manager. One of the first and most basics steps you should do to get the results you are looking for is implementing an efficient task management tool. It will help you and your team avoid many frustrations related to unclear workflow structure and missed deadlines. But if you want to provide the most convenient solution for your team, you should make sure the tool also facilitates communication of team members.

ClickUp - the project management software for teams

clickup panel

ClickUp is a project management tool that can replace most of the popular business software and helps with collaboration and project planning. With this tool, you can boost your team's productivity, get more control over projects and tasks, prioritize work, and manage the team easier without too many meetings and emails.

ClickUp offers many nifty features like Kanban board and list view, Gantt charts, forms, docs, and chat. You can also easily import your data from other similar tools if you want to switch to ClickUp. This software allows you to manage different projects from simple to-do lists to more advanced workflows with many stages. Many users say that it's the best project management platform on the market.

Why switch to the alternative?

ClickUp is for sure a great project management software, but it has its downsides and is not suitable for every team. If you're reading this article you probably have your reasons to look for ClickUp alternatives, but you may also be interested in what other users say about ClickUp's flaws.

Too many features

ClickUp is a very comprehensive collaboration tool, but the long list of features has its downsides. All in all, less is more, and some not very tech-savvy people may feel overwhelmed by all these features. It's harder to get started when you need to figure out too many views and settings. ClickUp requires some work to onboard the whole team and set up the workflow. Users also say that creating a task is ClickUp is too complicated because of too many features that a task may include. In the end, project management tools should make managing tasks easier, right?

Too many different layouts

ClickUp offers many different dashboard layouts to choose from and customize your own project management experience. But sometimes you can get confused with different layouts, especially when you want to collaborate in a bigger team and have an overview of your and the whole team's tasks.

Time management is not so good

ClickUp is not a time tracking software, but it provides some basic time management features. It's a simple manual time tracker, so you need to remember about it every time you switch a task. You can assign notes, labels, and mark tasks as billable and non-billable, but users often need more than that. Fortunately, there are some great integrations that you can use to improve time tracking for your projects, including TimeCamp.

Too many notifications

Every project management solution should offer useful notifications, to make sure you won't miss any important task or update. In ClickUp you can get notifications about changes in a task, creation of a card, upcoming and past due dates, comments made, etc. In addition, you can have separate notification settings for different devices. When you switch them all on, you can be overwhelmed by the number of notifications you get every day, especially if you work on big projects with many tasks. It might take some time to set them up properly and receive the most important notifications without the overabundance of information, that you don't need and that are sabotaging your productivity.

The best ClickUp Alternative? We choose HeySpace

HeySpace is a ClickUp alternative that gives you two very useful features, namely task management and a communication platform, in one, extremely intuitive tool!

What’s the same:

✓ A task management function

✓ Agile board view

✓ Calendar and timeline view

✓ Integration with time tracking software

✓ Google Drive integration

✓ iCal synchronization

✓ Task checklist

What’s different

ClickUp has more features than HeySpace, which can be an upside or a downside, depending on what you need. Think about what features do you need and decide wisely because you need to pay more for ClickUp top plan, than for HeySpace.

Features that are missing in HeySpace:



Free - 0$ | Premium - 5$ per user per month


Free - 0$ | Unlimited - 9$ per user per month | Business - 19$ pe user per month

Why switch from ClickUp to HeySpace?

Effective collaboration doesn’t only require efficient task management, but also good flow of information. With HeySpace, you can be sure that both are top-level. Also, even though you get features usually provided by two tools in one app, it’s still very intuitive and user-friendly. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about extra time your team members have to devote to learning how to use it. Equally important, HeySpace team is open to any suggestions from the users and will do their best to provide the features you need!

What makes HeySpace a great ClickUp alternative?

A communication feature

With HeySpace, you no longer have to use multiple tools to manage tasks and communicate with other team members, as it provides both functions. The communication platform is very efficient and easy to use. Every space has a chat, which is available to all members of the space. Apart from that, users can engage in group and one-on-one conversations, too. An extremely useful feature is the possibility to convert messages to task cards. Thanks to that, you don’t have to worry that something important comes up during a conversation and you forget about it. With HeySpace, you can immediately create a task card, without even leaving the chat. You can also discuss task-related issues and post updates in a separate chat included in each task card.

HeySpace offers an attractive free basic plan available for teams of up to 5 members, and a more flexible premium plan for only $5 user / month!

Sign up to HeySpace to enhance the collaboration on projects!

Other Alternatives to ClickUp

Of course, there are many other great work management tools that you can use as ClickUp alternatives. There are many solutions at the market and you can choose from more complicated and advanced like Jira or simpler, based on one view like Trello. So remember to define your preferences and need before you start testing different alternatives.

Jira - IT project management software

Jira project management

Jira is one of the most popular project management tools for software development. It is also one of the best alternatives to ClickUp. In Jira you can manage tasks on scrum or kanban boards, create a backlog of tasks and roadmap for your product and analyze standard and custom-built reports. The tool offers advanced project planning features and workflow management features that improve productivity.

To alleviate the work you can integrate Jira with your developer tools and connect bugs with the code easily. Jira offers also enterprise solutions and a high level of security. This is a powerful tool, but it can be complicated. So if you don't like ClickUp because of too many functions, you'll have the same problem with Jira.


Free Plan for up to 10 users with limited features.

Standard Plan: 7$ per user per month with project roles, advanced permissions, audit logs, and anonymous access

Premium Plan: 14$ per user per month with advanced roadmaps and dependencies management, capacity planning, IP allowlisting, and other advanced features.

Trello - kanban based project management

Trello task board

Trello is a very simple and easy-to-use project management tool for teams. It can be a good ClickUp alternative if you look for something less complicated and you don't have time for a long onboarding. In Trello, you can organize tasks on the Kanban board. If you have many tasks and want to divide them into categories, use Workspaces and manage projects on different boards.

Trello helps you to keep track of different tasks with a very convenient card preview, which can even include images. If you miss some features, try integrations, because there are many add-ons on the Trello marketplace, that are really useful.


Free Plan: unlimited users and cards with up to 10 boards and 1 integration.

Business Class Plan: $10 per user per month with new views: timeline, calendar, dashboard, and team.

Wrike - a good ClickUp alternative

Wrike calendar
source: wrike.com

Wrike is a project collaboration tool that is very similar to ClickUp. With Wrike you can manage projects with Gantt charts, synchronize calendars for many users, personalize kanban boards, make advanced reports and track time for tasks. It is definitely a more advanced tool than Trello, but it still looks very clear and doesn't require too long onboarding. You can also create your own custom workflows to adjust the tool to your team's needs.

Wrike is a very intuitive app, so you can use it to increase productivity and project management in your company. To make it even simpler, Wrike offers many integrations with CRM, Sales, IT and Marketing applications.


Free Plan for up to 5 users with a simple shared task list.

Professional Plan for $9.8 per user per month with full project planning and collaboration features.

Business Plan for $24.8 per user per month with robust work management options and customization.

Asana - a popular task management solution

Asana dashboard

Asana is a very popular project management software that will help you keep an eye on different projects and tasks. With this tool, you can manage tasks in the way you want. It can be a simple to-do list, board, or timeline. Asana offers also many useful features like subtasks, forms, custom fields, dependencies, or rules.

Asana can be a good project management tool to replace ClickUp, because it has similar features and is considered as intuitive.


Free Plan for up to 15 team members with limited features.

Premium Plan: $10.99 per user per month with timeline, dashboards, custom fields, unlimited free guests etc.

Business Plan: $24.99 per user per month with portfolios, goals, workload, approvals etc.

So, which one is your favorite ClickUp alternative?


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