June 30, 2019

Collaborate On Projects With Your Clients

Collaborate On Projects With Your Clients

What do you consider the most important when collaborating on projects with your clients? What do you care about the most when trying to deliver a successful project? There are certainly many things that come to your mind now - your clients' satisfaction and peace of mind as well as your own comfort of work, to mention just a few. These are all very important. But when you really think it over, you probably come to realise that they are all based on one, crucial element of collaboration, namely trust.

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1. Earn your clients' trust

2. A smart solution

3. Increase your clients' satisfaction

4. Increase project productivity

Earn your clients' trust

So how to earn your clients' trust? Through open, regular communication and a professional approach. What can definitely help you achieve it is an efficient tool that will perform the function of a collaboration platform for your team and clients. Such a tool can improve the flow of information and help you get feedback from your clients, giving you the possibility to quickly respond to any possible questions. Additionally, you should also be able to manage the workflow of your team for greater productivity.

HeySpace is an easy and intuitive tool that combines the features of many other software solutions. It's a task management tool with a chat and an internal calendar - all that in one efficient, yet intuitive tool available for free!


A smart solution

HeySpace is an efficient tool that gives you everything you need to collaborate with your team and clients. You can easily assign and manage tasks with the use of Kanban boards and then discuss the progress or brainstorm on them using dedicated chat windows. You also get the possibility to communicate with all members of your space, as HeySpace also provides a chat that allows you to have public, group or one-on-one conversations. On top of that, HeySpace has a built-in internal calendar which greatly facilitates tracking task progress and managing the workflow. All the functions make HeySpace the perfect tool to collaborate on projects with your clients.

What can be especially helpful is the possibility to assign user roles and add guests. This feature is available in the premium plan, which is offered at an attractive price. A guest is a user who can be invited to a particular space and can see all team members, but can’t see other spaces. Guests also don’t have the possibility to manage settings. The number of guest places you can add to your workspace is equal to the number of your paid users plus 5.


Increase your clients' satisfaction

According to HeySpace users' feedback, the tool has been extremely helpful in increasing clients' satisfaction. Implementing HeySpace as a central place for communication showed 40% increase in customer engagement and satisfaction!

"HeySpace is an essential place where we talk and manage tasks with our clients. We see an increase in customer engagement, less frustration and increased transparency! We are also able to respond quicker to clients' needs and request ensuring a better quality. It's a more human and natural way to work together. We would never go back to e-mails." - Kamil Rudnicki, CEO

Increase project productivity

Using HeySpace as a platform for collaboration with your clients can also help you save time and increase the productivity of your team! If you collaborate on projects with your clients in HeySpace you save on average 30% billable time - on communication issues, missed tasks and other related problems. You can use the time in a more productive way to deliver successful projects and increase your profits.

Try it out yourself and see the benefits both for you and your clients. Save time, give your clients the satisfaction they need and your team, the comfort of work they deserve.

Try HeySpace out for free and share your impressions!


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