February 1, 2019

New in HeySpace: Desktop Application

New in HeySpace: Desktop Application

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  1. Why is HeySpace desktop app such a great solution?
  2. Where to download the HeySpace desktop app?

Up till now, HeySpace users have had access to a web app and a mobile app. But since we’re constantly working on improving your experience with our product, we’re now delighted to share our brand new desktop application!

desktop app
We’ve done our best to address your requests and so the app is suitable for Windows, Linux as well as macOS systems. You can now download the app.

Why is HeySpace desktop app such a great solution?

Many users claim that they much prefer using a desktop app, instead of a web one. Why is that? From your feedback, we’ve found out that you consider such a solution more user-friendly and customizable. You like desktop apps for the comfort of use and easy access to all functions, without unnecessary browser tab clutter. In desktop apps, you can also access some information offline, unlike in the case of a web app.

heyspace screenshot
If you haven’t used HeySpace yet, find out more about our software and do not hesitate to try out all the features it offers.

Where to download the HeySpace desktop app?

  1. For Windows - https://github.com/timecamp/heyspace-desktop-app-releases/releases/latest/download/HeySpace.exe
  2. For macOS - https://github.com/timecamp/heyspace-desktop-app-releases/releases/latest/download/HeySpace.dmg
  3. For Ubuntu - https://github.com/timecamp/heyspace-desktop-app-releases/releases/latest/download/HeySpace.AppImage
  4. For Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heyspacemobile
  5. For iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heyspace/id1449828077

We do hope that your experience with HeySpace desktop app will only be positive. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. To share more of your suggestions, write to us on chat.

And if you have already decided to sign up to HeySpace, let us help you decide which plan you should choose!

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