May 23, 2019

New in HeySpace: Dropbox Integration

New in HeySpace: Dropbox Integration

In your day-to-day work, you probably cooperate with many people and get lots of messages and files, which are to facilitate the workflow. But once you want to assign tasks to members of your team using the files, you don’t want to waste time copy-pasting them into the tasks cards or other documents that you can then upload to the task management software you use. With HeySpace, you don’t have to!

With the premium plan offered by HeySpace you can now upload files to your tasks or chat conversations from your Dropbox account. Integrate HeySpace with Dropbox and make the task management process as easy as possible to benefit from maximum productivity of your team! Upload files from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox and keep everything in one place.

Why integrate HeySpace with Dropbox?

Integrating HeySpace with Dropbox will let you upload files not only from your computer and Google Drive, but also from your Dropbox account. Thanks to that you can save time and collaborate on projects and tasks easier and more efficiently. Your comfort is of great value – sign up and make the most of the experience with HeySpace!

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