March 29, 2019

Evernote Alternative For Task Management

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Evernote Alternative For Task Management

Efficient task management software is a must for everyone who wants to stay on top of their work and never let anything slip their mind. It helps organize the workflow and significantly increases productivity, which is one of the elements that really count in the 21st century workplace. What are the others? Certainly good communication skills, which are extremely important and equally challenging, especially in big teams. With HeySpace, it’s now possible to bring together both, efficient task management and smooth communication among team members!

HeySpace is an Evernote alternative that gives you more flexibility and provides a new perspective on collaboration for you and your team.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Evernote to HeySpace?

HeySpace gives you two very useful functions in one, flexible tool, so you no longer need to depend on multiple apps in your daily work. You can easily manage the workflow and communicate with your colleagues in real time. With its free basic plan, HeySpace will satisfy the needs of small teams, while bigger businesses can benefit from a reasonably priced premium plan.

HeySpace board view

What makes HeySpace a great Evernote alternative?

A communication feature

HeySpace offers an intuitive communication platform, which greatly facilitates the flow of information within a team. Each space has its own chat, available to all members. Apart from that, members can engage in private and group conversations. For even bigger convenience, each task card has a dedicated chat where assignees can discuss related matters and share task updates. Another useful feature is the possibility to convert each message to a task with just one click, thanks to the perfect combination of a task management function with a communication platform.

Task view (Kanban vs. a list-view)

Kanban has proven highly effective in optimizing the flow of work. It provides a visual representation of the process and gives all team members a clear overview of the actual status of tasks. Thanks to that, everyone is aware of their roles as well as the contribution of other team members. All information is easily accessible and so the team members know straight away who to address in case of any questions or doubts. A task list, on the other hand, does not ensure the same level of workflow transparency, neither does it work well in the case of teams. With HeySpace, you can organize the tasks in your projects on Kanban boards and then easily drag and drop the cards to change their place. The task card themselves are also highly flexible, with the possibility to assign team members, set due dates, add tags and estimates, as well as attach files and create checklists.

Unlimited number of spaces in the free plan

With HeySpace, you can create an unlimited number of spaces also in the free plan. Thanks to that, you can organize the projects and teams in a way that is suitable for your business and never worry about the limitations. In Evernote, you get the possibility to create spaces only in the business plan and the price of the plan comes to $19.49 user / month.

The price

HeySpace offers a very efficient free basic plan, which can satisfy the needs of small teams and projects. With the free plan, up to ten members you can benefit from unlimited spaces and chats, and all the basic task management features. The premium plan,on the other hand, is available for only $5 user / month and allows to benefit from all the functions offered by HeySpace, thereby increasing the flexibility of the software. Evernote offers three plans – a basic one for free, a premium one for $9.99 user / month and a business plan for as much as $19.49 user / month.

HeySpace plans

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