March 31, 2019

Fleep Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
Fleep Alternative For Task Management

Efficient task management and smooth communication are essential for proper business and team development. If your team falls short of any of them, carrying out any project can be extremely challenging and will simply take forever. To make sure it’s not the case, you should choose technology that will facilitate the process and spare any frustrations related to its complexity. Hence, the tools you choose should at the same time have all the functions that your team needs and be intuitive enough not to confuse them. And that’s exactly what HeySpace is like!

HeySpace is a Fleep alternative that will help you stay in control of your team’s workflow and facilitate communication, therefore making project management in your company far more efficient.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

task view

Why switch from Fleep to HeySpace?

Fleep is primarily communication software with a minor task management feature. HeySpace, on the other hand, is a task management tool with a user-friendly communication platform, so it gives you more advanced task features, at the same time being perfectly fit to facilitate communication.

Apart from that, HeySpace offers an attractive free plan, which can turn out sufficient for small teams or projects. It is available for teams of up to 5 members and allow to create an unlimited number of spaces and chats. It’s also very intuitive, so you can be sure all team members will be able to use it without any difficulty.\n\nAlso the premium plan offers a lot of features which will make the task management process easier than it has ever been!

What makes HeySpace a great Fleep alternative?

Task view & options

In HeySpace, the task management function is based on Kanban, while in Fleep tasks are displayed in a list view. Kanban allows to manage more complex projects than a simple task list, as it provides a visual representation of the workflow and therefore helps keep everyone up to date with the progress. At the same time, it makes it easier for team members to see the bigger picture of every project.

In HeySpace, each space has a separate Kanban board where all tasks are displayed together with their assignees and due dates. For every task card, you can upload files, create checklists, add tags, estimates and votes. Once done, you simply drag and drop them to an appropriate column on your board, which makes the workflow clear and transparent.

card heyspace

The number of conversations

While Fleep limits the number of group conversations to only three, with HeySpace you can create as many one-to-one and group conversation as you want. Apart from that, there is a public chat available to all members of a space where everyone can contribute, and a dedicated chat for every task card.

File storage

Both apps offer 10GB of file storage in their free plans. However, when it comes to the premium plans, Fleep’s one allows for 100 GB file storage, while HeySpace doesn’t set any limits. This feature is certainly very useful for bigger businesses, where it’s important that everyone has access to uploaded files, and so unlimited upload is essential.

HeySpace offers an attractive, free basic plan as well as a more flexible premium plan for more complex projects and bigger teams.

free vs premium
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