March 23, 2019

Flow Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
Flow Alternative For Task Management

The process of planning and managing the structure of workflow doesn’t have to be complicated and demanding. Effective task management requires powerful, yet simple and flexible tools. The most important thing is that you choose one that is particularly suitable for the needs of your team and you’ll see that it can work wonders. Having all the important information in one place can greatly boost your productivity – and that’s what HeySpace allows for. It’s an all-in-one app that will let you stay on top of your work and forget about missed deadlines once and for all.

HeySpace is a Flow alternative that will not only let you manage your tasks efficiently, but also give you the possibility to communicate with your team in real time.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Flow to HeySpace?

Both apps allow to manage your projects and keep control over your tasks. The Kanban-based boards available in both tools provide a clear and transparent overview of the workflow. But HeySpace is not only task management software – it also offers a communication feature that will significantly improve the collaboration among and within teams. And we all know that managing projects can never work well without good communication, so choose the best tools to facilitate the collaboration.

HeySpace is also extremely user-friendly, so you can be sure that all your collaborators will quickly get used to its intuitive interface. Instead of trying to figure out complex tools, they will be able to stay focused on their work – and that’s the most important.

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What makes HeySpace a great Flow alternative?

The communication feature

On top of the task management function, HeySpace also allows you to benefit from a communication feature. Each workspace has its own chat where all members can contribute, and apart from that, team members can also exchange ideas in group or one-to-one conversations. Additionally, each task card has its own, dedicated chat, where assignees can discuss related matters, brainstorm and share updates. Thanks to that, you can always be sure nothing gets overlooked!

The price

A great advantage of HeySpace is the free basic plan that can easily meet the requirements of teams that work on small projects. The free plan is available for teams of up to 5 members and allows to benefit from unlimited spaces and chats. The premium plan, on the other hand, is better suited to the needs of bigger businesses, with additional features, such as additional upload capacity, Google Drive synchronization, tags and estimates that can be added to tasks, and many more. All that for only $5 user / month. Flow doesn’t offer a free plan at all, so you can choose between two plans which come to $4.79 and $7.99 respectively.

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