May 24, 2019

New in HeySpace: Gmail Integration

New in HeySpace: Gmail Integration

Have you ever struggled with the amount of emails in your inbox? Do you want to structure and prioritise the tasks you get via email messages? If so, HeySpace has got you covered. Now you can create tasks in HeySpace from any message in your mailbox with just a few clicks. It will help you better organize your workflow and make sure everything is under control.

HeySpace Gmail integration

Why Integrate HeySpace With Gmail?

Integrating HeySpace with your Gmail mailbox will let you save time and make sure all important messages are taken care of. All it takes to create a new task is just a few clicks. No need to copy the content – HeySpace will do it for you. The subject line of your email will be transferred to the task title and the message to the task content. Then, you can manage the task on an intuitive Kanban board or brainstorm on in with your colleagues in a dedicated chat window.

Gmail integration is a premium feature, take a look what other features we offer in the premium plan and don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!

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