February 16, 2019

Google Drive & TimeCamp Integrations

Google Drive & TimeCamp Integrations

At HeySpace, we're working hard to keep up with your needs and expectations towards our product. And so we would like to share the most recent updates that we've introduced to HeySpace!

Google Drive integration

We are aware how practical Google Drive is in your day-to-day work. The simple, yet highly efficient tool can greatly facilitate your tasks and so many of you find it difficult to imagine work without the tool. It's highly flexible, prevents the loss of important data and makes it easy to share your work with other members of your team.

That's why we thought you may find it useful to be able to attach files from Google Drive to your task cards in HeySpace. We are sure it will make collaboration on projects even easier and more effective!

google docs

TimeCamp integration

Do you use time-tracking in your company? Now it's even easier to track the time of your tasks with TimeCamp integration to HeySpace! TimeCamp is a perfect tool to help you make your work more productive by measuring time you or your team spend on particular activities. Time management has never been easier. The desktop app automatically tracks the time you spend on work as well as what activities you engage with. Then it displays all the data in the form of accurate and understandable reports. The feature of assigning the level of importance to tasks allows you to assess the level of productivity related to particular tasks. Integrating the two tools can greatly improve the quality of your work!


The features are available to our premium users - find out about the differences between our free and premium plans.Let us know what you think about the improvements and stay tuned for future updates!

Find out more about HeySpace and do not hesitate to try out all the features it offers!


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