February 5, 2020

HeySpace API Use Case – Chrome Extension

HeySpace API Use Case – Chrome Extension

As you know we’re constantly working on new solutions to improve your experience with HeySpace. Recently, we’ve published our API. Thanks to that, everyone who wants to create their own applications and integrations with HeySpace will now be able to do it more efficiently!

But why exactly is API so important?

APIs (application programming interfaces) have been transforming business models for companies and facilitating the way developers work. Thanks to the technology, their work is more flexible and takes new perspectives. First of all, APIs allow for more automation and therefore help developers work more productively, especially when there is an API dev portal at their disposal for smooth development. Another advantage is the possibility of greater customisation of user experiences, which makes the delivery of services and information much more flexible. Using APIs increases efficiency, as the generated content can be published automatically and easily shared. It can also be embedded from any site or application, which allows for more fluid delivery of information and integrated user experience. Thanks to APIs the content or services most frequently used by a company can be customised.

HeySpace API use case – Chrome extension

Let’s now take a look at one use case for HeySpace’s API – Chrome extension. Installing it will make it much easier to use your HeySpace kanban boards. You’ll be able to create a task card very quickly from the browser tab you’re currently in, which is useful especially if you have a lot of tabs and windows open at once. When you create the task card, you can open the selected board and complete the details if you wish, without the need to wait until boards load or browse through your spaces, looking for the one that you need. It is an unofficial extension from our user and we are happy, that our community contributes to making HeySpace even more efficient!

How does it work?

It’s very easy and you just need a few seconds to configure the extension once. Then you can start using it to facilitate your everyday work! You can download the extension here. Now watch our video and set up it accordingly:

You’re all set! Now just start using the extension and enjoy the quick and easy process of adding task cards to your boards. If you wish, you can access the source code here.

Let us know what other use cases of HeySpace API you’d like to see!

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