December 6, 2018

HeySpace Mobile Application Is Finally Here!

HeySpace Mobile Application Is Finally Here!

Every day we work hard to make HeySpace better. For ourselves, the team at TimeCamp, and for you, our users. Often it's challenging but worth the final results. While we're still working on many small features and bugs but we also remember about the most important needs. And so, one of our latest achievement is the mobile application.

The mobile app is no different than the web app. It has the same design, interface, and most of the features. So if you've been using our web-based HeySpace, you won't have a problem onboarding. It's still in the stage of development and but you can already download it and use it on your phone.

HeySpace android app

Here are the features you can already find in HeySpace mobile app.

Keep in mind that HeySpace mobile app is not fully developed. Nevertheless, you can use it and experiment with the available features to always stay on top of your work and keep in contact with your team.


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