September 5, 2018

HeySpace - Week 36 and Positive Outcomes

HeySpace - Week 36 and Positive Outcomes

TimeCamp is a tool used by more than 120.000 users around the world to analyze time they spend on their projects. For several years now, we have been witnessing an even and steady increase in the demand for our services. Our biggest areas of expansion are the USA, Great Britain, and Australia, where more than half of all our users come from. Using timesheets and measuring work efficiency is a standard in these countries.

However, we have our own sales department only in Poland. Abroad, our leads come mainly from the website, our marketplaces (Internet Application Directories, Quora, Reddit), and, in fact, it is only Inbound. Our most significant investment is SEO activities, thanks to which we are in TOP3 Google's search results for the most visible applications used for recording and managing working time.

Problems With Trello And Slack - The Source Of Our Inspiration

We have achieved stable growth, trying to provide the most advanced application for measuring working time. Like every other self-respecting start-up, we wanted to make a big leap, which we did, investing in the development of projects. After many attempts to introduce a new solution to the market, inspired by the history of Freshdesk, which we heard at the SaaStr conference in San Francisco, we decided to try again, with the new product, HeySpace.

It was initially a product designed exclusively for the internal use due to problems with task management when we were using solutions currently available on the market. Over time, we have noticed the potential of our product, which we have decided to use.

Although one can find more technologically advanced applications for task management on the market, there are problems with the process of their use and implementation.

We Have Set Objectives And Plan The Way Of Their Implementation

From the very beginning, we had to consider what our promotion strategy would be like to gain the first users and quickly collect feedback. We wanted to get as many negative comments as possible, which, contrary to appearances, had the highest value for us. We decided to make 3 steps:

Limiting our advertising budget, we decided to adopt a strategy:

The product is free and it will stay free for all those who register during the time of tool's first development phase. Of course, we will introduce a price list, but we will definitely keep the Freemium option. For the time being, we are listening to our users.

Step 1

We started with a short history of how HeySpace was created, which we published, among others, on the popular portal Medium.


The readers of the portal warmly welcomed the article. We have also published it on the following portals: Growthhackers and Mamstartup.

Step 2

The second stage of our work was to collect feedback from users. Our application, almost in the MVP version, needed guidance on the direction of further development. We had to recognize the problems of other companies - our prospective customers. Although we have been managing projects for 9 years, it was a new market that we had to face. We made over 100 different mentions on Facebook groups, Russian VK, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn groups and the most popular ones on Slack.


We also dropped a small lure on the Indiegogo portal, offering users our product for free for an indefinite time.


Contrary to our assumptions, we received more positive comments than negative ones. The recipients of the application congratulated us on the idea. We are currently working on:

Our first customers caught a few bugs, which we removed immediately. Their comments were extremely valuable to us.

The result of our first activities was a daily number of registrations in the amount of about 30 people, which was satisfying enough. In the meantime, we managed to make a promotional spot showing HeySpace's service. The film was supposed to be short and concise, that's why it lasts just over 2 minutes:

Step 3

The next step was to establish our application on typical promotional portals. We created application business cards, among others, on portals where we managed to get our first reviews. The most important of these are:

We were a particularly warmly welcomed among ProductHunt's users where we even received the #4 Product of the Day badge.

product hunt

Publications on specific marketplaces were coordinated with our internal activities. We have invited several influencers to test our application, including a San Francisco marketer with more than 20 years of experience, Dennis Yu. Nor did we omit the former Real Madrid footballer as soon as his name appeared on the list of our testers. We asked our acquaintances, friendly companies. In short, our entire company was involved in the process of promoting HeySpace.

Others Started To Write About Us  

After publications on ProductHunt, we received the first independent, positive articles with HeySpace reviews. Our efforts resulted in over 1000 registrations within 3 days.

And we have been noticed by the Internet:


les outils

what is new

What is now a problem for us and at the same time the biggest challenge is how to boost the number of referrals concerning our product, intensify invitations and create new Space in the application. As the number of users increases, there are new critical remarks of relevant bugs, about which we did not know before, and which we are trying to eliminate on an ongoing basis.

Thank you all for feedback, and we encourage you to register by using the free Lifetime Account registration option.



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