April 2, 2019

Hive Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
Hive Alternative For Task Management

One of the best and most effective ways to boost the productivity of your team is to introduce efficient management software to your daily work. Even though it might not seem necessary at first, once you give it a try, you’ll see it can work wonders. A powerful tool will help you make sure everyone stays on top of their work and nothing ever slips their mind or gets overlooked. At the same time, team members will get the comfort they need to really focus on their tasks. Since memory can be unreliable at times, why not use the help of tools designed for this purpose?

HeySpace is a Hive alternative that will help you structure the workflow of your team and make sure projects are always delivered on time, without unnecessary effort.


What's the same:

What's different:

Why switch from Hive to HeySpace?

HeySpace is a very flexible tool that will satisfy the needs of both small and bigger businesses. With HeySpace, you get the functions which are essential for smooth collaboration in a company – a task management component and a communication platform. Thanks to that, you no longer need to rely on multiple apps. And you can get all that at no expense at all!


What makes HeySpace a great Hive alternative?

Converting messages to task cards

Imagine that you’re brainstorming on a new project with your team, collecting feedback from other members on a new campaign you’ve recently introduced or a project you’ve implemented. You all have something meaningful to share and you certainly want to keep track of all relevant contributions, at the same time being able to engage in the conversation as well. HeySpace offers a feature that will prove extremely efficient in such situations. It allows to convert any message to a task card with just one click. Thanks to that, you can be sure nothing ever gets lost and you save your precious time.

The price

The basic plan offered by HeySpace is free and will be perfectly suitable for teams of up to 5 members. It gives you the possibility to manage tasks on a convenient Kanban board and communicate with other members of your space using a user-friendly chat. You can assign task cards to members of your team, set due dates, add attachments, create checklists and discuss related matters in a dedicated task card chat. All that at no expense at all!

The premium plan, which offers more features, such as tags, votes and estimates that you can add to task cards, bigger file upload and the ability to attach files from Google Drive, is available for as little as $5 user / month.\n\nHive, on the other hand does not offer a free plan. You can choose between a professional plan for $12 user / month or an enterprise one with more functions and a custom price.


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