June 8, 2020

How To Start With HeySpace

How To Start With HeySpace

HeySpace is a flexible tool for task management and communication, which can be used by teams and individuals in a variety of ways to facilitate collaboration. If used by the entire company, it can become a single source of truth, helping everyone stay up to date and clear up any potential doubts. It’s also a perfect communication hub for different departments within one company and an intuitive collaboration platform for institutions such as schools or NGOs. However, if you’re looking for a tool which you and your friends can use to plan your next holiday – HeySpace will prove just as efficient :)

To fully benefit from HeySpace’s flexibility, first you need to get to know the basics. That’s why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide that will get you through the nitty-gritty and make the onboarding process quick and easy.

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1. How to start with HeySpace

   1.1. Step one – create a workspace

   1.2. Step two – invite teammates or friends

   1.3. Step three – organise your workspace

How to start with HeySpace

Step one – create a workspace

set up workspace name

The first thing you need to do is register, set up your workspace and name it. The name will be visible for your teammates and everyone who you invite to HeySpace. In most cases it will be your company name, but not necessarily. It can also be:

…or basically anything you wish – it’s up to you to decide, but remember that the name will appear in invitations, so make sure it’s easy to recognise for your teammates.

Step two – invite teammates or friends

invite teammates

This step is optional and you can, of course, come back to it later on, if you’d rather set up your workspace first and only then invite people. You can just as well use HeySpace on your own. However, if you want to discover its full potential, don’t hesitate to invite other people – it’s been designed to facilitate collaboration! It might be a good idea to send invites to a few collaborators first and introduce it to the whole team only once you’ve tried it out with your test group.

Step three – organise your workspace

Now you’ve created your first workspace – congrats! The next step is to set it up in a way that will suit your needs. Let’s go on with the onboarding then!

Create your first project

In HeySpace’s lingo, a project is called a space. However, you don’t necessarily have to divide your workspace into projects – you can just as well create a separate space for each department, communication channel or anything you want.

For now, let’s assume that you’ve created a space for your project of designing a new company website. Let’s name the space “New website”. To do it, click “+” next to “SPACES”:


name it and select a color, to make it stand out from your other spaces:

space name

If you want to have control over who can see the project, set the space privacy to private. Thanks to that, only those invited will be able to view it and contribute.

You’ve got your first space – what comes next?

Once you’ve created a space, next thing you need to do is arrange your board, so as to adapt it to your or your team’s way of managing tasks. To do it, go to your space’s board and create lists. Their names can reflect phases of your project. Let’s start with the most basic set of lists: To do, Doing and Done:

tasks lists

As the project goes on, you can move task cards from one list to another to reflect the progress. To create your first tasks, click “+add a card” in the “To do” list:


Make sure that tasks are clear for the assignees. Apart from the title, add a comprehensive description and, if necessary, specify subtasks with the use of checklists. Then, assign team members to make it clear who’s responsible for them. Set due dates and view the tasks in a calendar and on a timeline. Now you can easily keep track of the project to make sure everything goes as planned!

task card

You’re all set! You’ve created your first project – don’t forget to update the progress of tasks in HeySpace and keep an eye on the workflow. You can also easily communicate with your teammates via chat.

So, to sum up:

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Good luck with your projects! :)


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