July 12, 2019

How To Increase Productivity With HeySpace

How To Increase Productivity With HeySpace

Your colleagues are surprisingly good at staying on top of their tasks while you’re still struggling to plan your schedule effectively? Increasing your productivity will help you get more done and not fall behind!

The fact is that some people are more productive than others. What makes them so? Maybe they’ve found their own habits that help them better organise their work or learned how to prioritise tasks so that they work effectively and manage to meet deadlines. Increasing productivity is a matter of finding techniques that work best for you, so if you still find it difficult, don’t get frustrated. Instead, try to learn from other people’s experience and look for methods that are suitable for you.

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1. What makes some people more productive than others?

   1.1. Plan your work based on top priorities and have in mind a definite objective

   1.2. Develop effective ways of managing overload of information and tasks

   1.3. Understand the needs of your colleagues (e.g. for responsive communication and clear directions)

What makes some people more productive than others?

The results of a survey conducted on nearly 20,000 respondents across six continents give us valuable insights into productivity habits of professionals across different fields. General patterns that have been observed showed that, most importantly, working longer hours is not the key to higher productivity. Instead, we should find ways to work smarter. Secondly, what also turned out to be an important factor for personal productivity are age and seniority – older and more experienced professionals scored higher than their younger and less experienced colleagues.

More detailed analysis of the survey’s results points to three essential habits for increasing productivity. Find out what they are and how HeySpace can help you develop them!

1. Plan your work based on top priorities and have in mind a definite objective

Advance planning is the key. Before you start working on a project, plan it wisely and set clear objectives to minimise the probability of unexpected issues. When it comes to your daily schedule – revise it the day before to define your top priorities and monitor the progress along the way. And as you plan meetings, prepare agenda and send it out to all participants in advance.

How can HeySpace help?
With HeySpace, you can create a Kanban board for each project, which gives you a clear overview of the workflow. At the same time, setting due dates will help you prioritise tasks and stay in control of your work time. You can also view all your tasks from different projects using a built-in calendar, which will certainly help planning ahead.
Planning your day in advance will be much easier with HeySpace’s
mobile app, thanks to which you can access your schedule wherever you are. And if you want to send your colleagues a meeting agenda? Share it via chat with the whole space or create a group conversation. You can also share it from Google Drive or Dropbox with just one click!


2. Develop effective ways of managing overload of information and tasks

An overload of information can be disruptive and so it’s important to develop habits that will help you keep them under control. What can you do? For instance, instead of having notifications on at all times, check your email, chat or task management tool once per hour. This will help you fully focus on what you are working on.

To be able to focus on your top priorities, try to delegate the less important tasks to others, if possible. Then, provide assistance, but let them take over.

How can HeySpace help?
HeySpace lets you manage notifications easily – you can decide whether you want email or push notifications and if you wish to enable sound notifications. If not, simply disable them and don’t get interrupted.
Once you check your email and see that some messages will need your action, convert them to task cards in HeySpace with a few clicks and set due dates thanks to the Gmail integration. As it’s so quick, you can then go back to what you really need to focus on at the moment.
Delegate your tasks by assigning them to other team members in HeySpace. You can then discuss them in dedicated chat windows and follow the progress.


3. Understand the needs of your colleagues (e.g. for responsive communication and clear directions)

Effective communication is definitely one of the crucial factors of productive collaboration. But you don’t want to waste your and your teammates’ time on unnecessary meetings. So before you plan one, consider sending a message instead. Make it as clear and to the point as possible and discuss possible questions online.
If you struggle with an overload of messages, read the ones that are the most important first, and leave the rest for later – prioritising in the context of communication is equally important as in any other context!

How can HeySpace help?
Apart from a task management tool, HeySpace is also a communication platform. Using a public chat, as well as group or one-on-one conversations you can easily share important info with other team members. And if you want to find out whether a message needs your immediate action – read it and once you decide it doesn’t, simply mark as unread and go back to it later on. Thanks to that, you will be sure it doesn’t slip your memory.


What habits do you find useful in working on increasing your productivity? Share them with us! And if you still haven't tried HeySpace, start for free!


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