June 24, 2019

Simple Task Management Tool With A Calendar

Simple Task Management Tool With A Calendar

Do you ever find yourself struggling to follow up on a project progress or plan ahead in a way that everyone is able to keep up and the workflow is smooth? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Managing a project requires constant planning and checking up on the progress to avoid unpleasant surprises. Are you wondering how to make this part of your job as easy and efficient as possible?

Built-in calendar

HeySpace’s brand-new internal calendar will certainly help you keep things on track and streamline the workflow of your team!

Now, apart from the task management feature with a chat platform, HeySpace offers a build-in calendar which will give you a clear overview of all tasks of a given team or project as well as your own ones. You can easily switch between a board view, a chat view and a calendar view with just one click!

Each task you add to a given space with a due date set is automatically added to the calendar and can be edited there. Alternatively, you can also add tasks directly to the calendar, which is extremely simple and really quick.

heyspace calendar

How to access the calendar view?

In order to access the calendar of a given project, simply go to the space you’d like to display tasks for or select a person whose tasks you’d like to see from the list of team members on the left and go to Calendar in the right upper corner. You will be able to see all tasks added to public spaces you have access to, but not the ones from private spaces. Your own tasks are available once you select your name from the list.

In the calendar, you can choose the most convenient view – a day, a week or a month. You can also display a list of task and use it as a to-do list, if you prefer.

list view in calendar

A premium feature

The built-in calendar is available for Premium users, together with other extremely useful features facilitating task management and communication. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new feature.

If you’re still looking for the perfect task management and communication software, sign up to HeySpace for free!


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