October 2, 2019

Talk About HeySpace With Damian - The Product Owner!

Talk About HeySpace With Damian - The Product Owner!

Today we'd like to share with you a recent interview with the Product Owner of HeySpace - Damian. Read about the vision for HeySpace, its advantages and plans for the future! You can read the interview in Polish here and below you can find the English version. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions to Damian! "We spend most of our time at work doing tasks that we get from various sources. It might seem that the market offers many solutions that make it easier and are able to meet our individual requirements. Today we’d like to present HeySpace, a tool that wants to have a share in the market, too.

Today I’m talking to Damian Dziok, the product owner of HeySpace, about the idea for the app and the development process.

Where did the idea for HeySpace come from?

The tools that we had used to facilitate the product development process in our company were TimeCamp, Slack and Trello. At some point it became problematic for us to monitor the progress in two separate apps. So we came up with the idea of creating our own tool that would be tailored to our needs. And that’s how HeySpace came about. In June 2018, we found that the product really worked and decided to share it with the world. Since then, we’ve been working hard to make the product the best it can be and help make management more efficient for companies and individuals.


How would you describe HeySpace?

HeySpace is a free project and task management app with a communication feature. It combines the modules which are necessary for effective teamwork: a chat, Kanban boards and a calendar. It’s an extremely intuitive app with a user-friendly interface.

It seems that the market for project management apps is saturated, with Microsoft Teams, Asana, Trello and Slack, to mention just a few. Where do you see the place for HeySpace?

It’s true, but the demand for new and interesting products is still there. We’ve created intuitive and user-friendly software, which has many useful features needed to manage teamwork, and is still very easy to use. The main asset is the combination of the most important features of Trello (Kanban) and Slack (chat). We get very positive feedback and despite the presence of such large players on the market, we manage to convince people to use our product. What’s cumbersome about many tools is the implementation, whereas in HeySpace it’s quick and easy. I remember a message from a HeySpace user saying that his 10-year-old daughter is “planning” their holiday using HeySpace and she’s doing quite well. I’m sure that small and medium-size companies that don’t have much time for implementation and don’t want to jump between apps will definitely benefit. And our software has advantage over others in terms of price. The app as well as support are obviously also available in Polish.

How do you want to attract users?

What should convince users in the first place is that the app is easy to use and at the same time allows to manage work in a comprehensive way, using just one tool. It’s also favourable in terms of price. We’re constantly working on new integrations, which are important for our clients, and on the overall usability – stability and smooth functioning. We’re open to feedback and we inform users regularly of the progress of works using a public roadmap. That’s where we accept suggestions regarding new features, which we often quickly implement.

What new features can we expect until the end of the year?

We’re definitely focused on listening to our users. Any constructive feedback is extremely important to us. Hence the constant contact, e-mail communications and conferences as well as the public roadmap. We’re currently working on increasing the efficiency of our app and its mobile version (adding some features that are still missing). As for larger project planned for the current year, we’re going to work on message search, a global calendar for the whole workspace and a better overview of the entire organization, development of the permissions panel as well as notifications.

People use their favourite applications where they keep e-mails and notes. Do you offer any integrations HeySpace with other tools?

Yes, we offer a few integrations now and their number is still growing.

As for notes – we want to create a place for that directly in HeySpace. Generally, we strive to ensure that all management is transferred to HeySpace and that there is no need to jump between apps. We have a lot of ideas and we’re trying to plan everything well in time. We’re excited about what the future holds.

Can you share the information how many users you have and whether they are individuals or companies?

We have over 10,000 registered users. In most cases, these are company accounts and start-ups, people developing their products. Thanks to the advanced chat module and Kanban board, it’s very effective, so even individual accounts quickly turn into groups of friends discussing various topics, not necessarily work-related. We have student groups, forum groups, people planning travels or daily chores.

Thank you very much for the conversation and I wish you more successes in the development of your product.

Source: https://e-biznes.pl/hey-space-cos-wiecej-niz-praca-grupowa/


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