April 19, 2022

Is Remote Work the New Normal: Stats and Explanations

Remote Work
Is Remote Work the New Normal: Stats and Explanations

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The beginning of the extremely rapid spread of the viral disease brought a lot of changes in the life of every person. The impact of the pandemic was unprecedented and many were not prepared for it. It had a greater impact on the organization of the workflow. Companies needed to introduce remote work opportunities to keep their employees safe and re-establish process efficiencies.

What does remote work mean? This is a way of organizing the work of employees when the employers are far from their employees and organize work processes using modern technologies.

Previously, no one could have thought that remote working would become a reality. Many companies were not ready for this, but thanks to advanced technology, it became possible and paid off.

Today we will talk about statistical indicators of the effectiveness of remote work, and also tell you what are the pros and cons.

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1. Statistical data

2. Pros of working from home

   2.1. Each employee can organize the timing of work

   2.2. Taking care of yourself

   2.3. Reducing costs

   2.4. Options

   2.5. Healthy family relationships

   2.6. Become a blogger

   2.7. Combine work and travel

3. Cons of working from home

   3.1. Self-organization

   3.2. Control

   3.3. Changes

   3.4. Lack of communication

   3.5. Lack of workspace and necessary equipment

4. Conclusion

Statistical data

No one can say how long it will take to work in such a mode, but even today labor statistics on efficiency can be cited. Owl labs conducted surveys among remote employees and made the following conclusions:

As you can see, the remote work trend is developing.

Pros of working from home

Each employee can organize the timing of work

timing of work

You are no longer confined to your workplace. It is possible to break your work into parts and set working intervals with breaks to avoid burnout. If you have a certain number of tasks per day, then you can split the time to complete them, or you can shift your work schedule and work in the evening when you feel most productive.

Taking care of yourself

You have more time for your hobbies, personal care, mental health, and proper nutrition. Girls have a great opportunity to make face masks while working. During breaks, you can do what pleases you: do yoga to stretch your muscles, play the guitar, cook a delicious dinner, and more. That is exactly work-life balance.

Reducing costs

Daily costs have been significantly reduced. You don't need to spend money on public transport or gasoline. Also, you no longer need to spend money on lunch in a cafe, when you can cook whatever you want right at home.


If your company encourages hybrid work, then this is a great opportunity for those who often feel sick or prefer to work in the office. For example, if you do not like to constantly work from home, then you can go to the office, and if you woke up one day and felt unwell, then for safety reasons you can stay at home and complete all the tasks for the day. You can also ask for part-time remote work for the duration of your illness, so that you can recover your strength, performing only important tasks. Flexible work is something that employees appreciate very much. The number of companies looking to hire remote app developers, analysts, marketing experts, and people in other departments are plenty.

Healthy family relationships

family relationships

You will see your family more often than in pre-pandemic times. This is especially true for those who have children. Coming home from work, you probably feel tired and do not devote enough time to your children, as well as to your spouse. You can spend more time with your child helping with homework or spending the evenings with your loved one.

Become a blogger

If you've always felt that you have something to share with the world, then working remotely is your chance. For example, if you are doing web design, then you can teach other people to improve their skills. The online screen recorder will help you with this, thanks to which you will record video guides and show by your example how to become a web designer and teach people the peculiarities of this profession.

Combine work and travel

The world of technology is amazing and many employers don't require full-time office presence and to be exactly at home. You can work from anywhere in the world. During winter, you can travel to warmer countries and not stop working.

work and travel

Cons of working from home

While for some people the opportunity to work from home is a path of freedom and increased productivity, for others it can be a disaster.


Some people find it difficult to concentrate on work processes when they are in a comfortable environment. When you have the opportunity to independently organize the work process and no one controls you, then you can get lost.



Employers cannot always trust their employees and therefore begin to monitor them. In recent years, it became known about several cases of spying, when employers used modern technologies not to improve work processes, but to establish control.


On the one hand, there are a lot of positive things that have appeared thanks to the pandemic, and on the other, a kind of religion of remote work has appeared, which involves very drastic changes in the lives of ordinary employees, for which many have become unprepared.

Lack of communication

lack of communication

Coming to work in the office, the only way of escaping was by communicating with their colleagues. Now, you are cooped up inside and you only have the opportunity to talk on the phone or make a video call. This is a particularly sad moment for those living alone.

Lack of workspace and necessary equipment

Not everyone can boast that their apartment has enough room for remote work. In such cases, you have to work in unequipped places such as a sofa or a kitchen chair, and this turns out to be very inconvenient. You need to create office space at home. On the other hand, not all companies can provide every employee with the necessary work equipment. 


Remote work is a convenient way to work, but only if one can self-contract and not be distracted by extraneous factors. For many, this kind of work is a disaster when they find themselves locked up without the opportunity to see their colleagues.


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