April 13, 2019

Is Slack a Project Management Tool?

Project Management
Is Slack a Project Management Tool?

Slack is a collaboration hub for work, widely used by companies to facilitate the flow of information in a company. Does it also serve the function of project management software? Well, it certainly does have some features that make it a project management tool as well. What are they?

Project management with Slack

It has the option to create teams and further divide them into channels, based on the topic, project, location, etc. They allow you to have discussions with other members of a channel, which helps reduce the number of emails you send and make the communication effective. You can also use it for one-on-one conversations if need be.

You can receive automated reminders about important deadlines and create to-do lists with the use of a To-Do bot, just as in task management software. However, it doesn’t have full task management functionality, so you can’t, for instance, structure the workflow on a Kanban board for greater clarity.

Slack also has a useful built-in note-taking option, namely posts. They allow to share and collaborate on items which are too elaborate to be sent as messages. Once you’ve created a post, you can share it with your team mates and continue the collaboration.

Therefore, Slack can, and certainly does, perform the function of project management software for some of its users. But does it really have everything you need?

Project management with HeySpace


Slack lacks some project management features, which simply can’t be replaced. You do have the possibility to integrate it with a task management tool, but it’s much more convenient to have everything in one place and avoid spending too much money when you can have one, efficient tool instead. That’s exactly what HeySpace allows for!

HeySpace combines the function of task management software with a chat, which gives you maximum comfort and helps cut down on unnecessary expenses. The task management function is based on the Kanban method. You can create boards which give you a clear overview of the workflow and allow to take note of any changes and updates. Also the task card itself has many useful functions - you can add tags, estimates, upload files and create checklists. Additionally, each card has a dedicated chat where assignees can discuss task-related matters and post updates.

What’s more, teams of up to 5 members can use it free of charge, while for midsize businesses we’ve prepared a more flexible premium plan for just $5 user / month. Make the most of your team’s collaboration capabilities with the two-in-one, efficient collaboration tool!

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