April 6, 2019

Jira Alternative For Task Management

Project Management
Jira Alternative For Task Management

Effective task management requires not only strategic planning skills but also efficient tools that will facilitate the process. Good task management software can significantly improve the productivity of your team, by helping team members plan their work ahead and providing everyone with a clear overview of the workflow. Thanks to that, they can always see the bigger picture of every project as well as their role in its implementation. It’s vital that the tool you choose for fulfils the needs of your team, so that they can benefit from it to the maximum.

HeySpace is a Jira alternative that provides a two-in-one solution for smooth team collaboration. It combines the functions of task management software and a communication platform, to give you a most efficient solution for your business.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Jira to HeySpace?

A big asset of HeySpace is that it’s extremely user-friendly. Once you decide to introduce it to your daily work, you won’t need to worry about any difficulties learning how to use it. Thanks to that, you save the precious time of your team who can focus on their work, instead of struggling to learn new technology. However, easy task assignment and management is not the only advantage of HeySpace, as it also allows to benefit from an intuitive chat. The combination of the two functions will work wonders for the collaboration in your company!


What makes HeySpace a great Jira alternative?

A communication feature

On top of the task management function, HeySpace offers a communication platform that will make the collaboration among your team members easier than ever. You no longer have to switch between multiple apps to keep track of your tasks and communicate with your colleagues. With HeySpace, you can benefit from a public chat available to all members of a space, as well as private and group conversations. Apart from that, each task card has its dedicated chat, which you can use to discuss task-related matters and update other assignees on the progress. Another very useful function is the possibility to convert any message to a task card with just one click – thanks to that, you can be sure nothing relevant will ever get forgotten!

The price

HeySpace offers a very attractive basic plan which you can use for teams of up to 5 members totally free of charge! Small teams will find it perfectly suitable and sufficient for their needs, while bigger businesses can switch to a paid, more flexible premium plan, for as little as $5 user / month. Jira, on the other hand, does not offer a free plan at all, and teams of up to 10 members can subscribe for a flat monthly fee of $10. For bigger teams, they offer per-user pricing, with the subscription fee depending on the number of team members.


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