February 5, 2019

Inspirational Kanban Boards That You Can Use as a Manager

Project Management
Inspirational Kanban Boards That You Can Use as a Manager

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Managing projects is a challenging task which requires smart and reasonable solutions. To make it as efficient as possible, it’s vital that everyone within the team is fully involved and committed to their tasks, but at the same time able to see the bigger picture of the whole process. A visual representation of the team’s work is extremely helpful and that’s exactly what Kanban can help you achieve.

Kanban framework makes it easier for everyone to understand complex processes and see the interrelations among its individuals parts. It also makes team work transparent and visible to everyone, which vastly improves clarity and communication. Should any questions arise, the Kanban board can be the first to look at in search for answers. At the same time, it gives project managers a chance to keep track of tasks in progress, thereby making their work highly effective.

So you know that Kanban can be extremely efficient, but do you know how to apply it to your projects? Take a look at some of our ideas and hopefully you’ll get inspired!


Kanban can be a very useful framework for managing marketing in your company. Be it a small or a large team, you can easily adapt the board to suit your needs. You can create categories of your day-to-day tasks and then assign them to members of the team. Each task can have a due date and once you click on them, you can see the whole description and a manageable checklist. Thanks to a chat window, you can also have discussions within a smaller group of team members working on a particular task. With such a board, every element should be clear to all team members and you can be sure no one misses out on anything. At the same time, you, as a manager, can easily control the whole process.


Product Launch Marketing Campaign

Kanban is not only useful as a framework for a general marketing process within the company. You can also apply it in the case of more specific marketing projects related to a particular event. Here, for instance, we've created a task board that could accompany a product launch. In the case of such an important project, it is particularly important that all the parts are buttoned up. A marketing campaign is one of the final steps in a long and demanding process. So the marketing team should make sure that a successful marketing campaign reflects all the other teams’ efforts. And that’s exactly what such a board can help you achieve.

Product Launch Marketing

Software Development

Kanban is also invaluable in managing a software development process. A clear board view gives full insight into individual parts of the process, but also an overview of the whole workflow. A manager, as well as all team members can see what is being done at the moment and what is already done. Every team member can move the tasks to any other category, thereby reflecting what is happening with it at the moment. If you create a separate category for tasks that are blocked by other ones, it also facilitates communication of team members and can help avoid misunderstandings.

software development

Production Workflow

Just like in the case of marketing, we can also create a Kanban board for a more specific project within software development. In this case, the board reflects the production workflow accompanying a mobile app release. Organizing the workflow in a clear and transparent way can vastly improve the quality of work. Team members can see what needs their attention urgently and what is currently in progress or ready for review. Then, you can further categorize the tasks according to weeks or any other phases into which a project is divided. This way, nothing will escape your notice!

Mobile app production

Sprint Review

We’ve also found a useful application of a Kanban board for Scrum enthusiasts. If you organize your work in sprints, we strongly recommend creating such a board to represent the periods visually. Here, we’ve divided it into Daily Scrum – accompanying your daily meetings, Sprint Planning – useful to keep track of whatever is planned for future sprints, Sprint Review – as a tool for your periodical meetings, and Sprint Assessment, which is to serve as a summary of a Sprint Review. We’ve also created space for discussions and any ideas or remarks your team might have throughout the process.

Sprint review

IT Support

And finally, a Kanban board can be of help to manage the workflow of an IT Support team. It’s an efficient way to simplify communication of other teams with an IT Support team and at the same time facilitating the workflow within such a team. Any requests can be created as tasks in the Incoming section, with a due date if needed and any necessary comments. Once a member of the IT Support team decides to take up the task, they can easily assign it to themselves (or have it assigned by someone else) and move it to any other section for everyone to be aware what the current situation is. Easy and effective!

IT support

What do you think of our ideas? How do you apply Kanban to your daily work? Don’t hesitate to share!

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