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6. Why switch from to HeySpace?

7. What makes HeySpace a great alternative?

   7.1. A communication platform

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   8.1. ClickUp

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What is

Monday com is a project management tool that improves real-time online collaboration. It is one of the best software on the market with many advanced features, but it's also a quite expensive solution with no free version. Monday com allows you to manage multiple projects and tasks and get things done easier and faster.

Core features of Monday com include:

Thanks to Monday com you can save time and money by improving project management. Thanks to customizable task lists you can control your projects better and plan faster. But if you need many advanced features like charts, automations, ability to create multiple dashboards or formula columns you need to prepare for bigger expenses. Especially when you manage a large team, because charges per user.


The most important downsides

We need to admit, that many users of Monday com are happy with the software. But you are here to look for alternatives, right? So let's see what users say about Monday's drawbacks.

Limited time tracking options

The time tracking feature is only available for the Pro and Enterprise plans. It is a simple, manual start/stop timer, so you need to remember to switch the tracking on and off every time you switch tasks. To get more advanced soultions you have to use widgets or integrations.


Some users complain about the speed of UI, especially when they have many tasks on boards.


Free option for smaller teams would be great. Also, some users don't like paying for bundles. For example, if you have 6 team members, you have to pay for 10 seats. The price per seat is also quite high compared to other task management tools.

Too complicated

Some users point out that Monday com has a lot of features that take time to figure out. Sometimes the configuration is complicated and not very intuitive. It may be a problem in bigger teams and can significantly slow down the adoption of the tool.

No chat or video tool

Monday com is only a project management tool, without any decent communication feature. It is a place when teams can collaborate on tasks, but a big part of the collaboration process is missing. Users have to use other software to talk about tasks. It is one of the biggest issues and a reason to look for an alternative.

Meet your perfect alternative

HeySpace is a Monday com alternative that will improve the communication in your team and make task management easier than it has ever been!

HeySpace task management

Regardless of the size of your business, you are certainly aware of the benefits of efficient task management. It can not only boost the productivity of your team but also work wonders for their job satisfaction. The more well-organized they get, the less frustrated they are with missed deadlines and a growing backlog. Good and user friendly task management software can help them get control over their workload and make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Kanban boards, offered by both tools, are particularly useful for effective workflow management. They give you a clear overview of the whole team’s work, thereby helping to see the bigger picture of every project. But is that all you need for smooth collaboration? No, it’s not!

What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from to HeySpace?

Apart from the task management function based on Kanban, which you get in both apps, HeySpace offers an extremely intuitive communication platform. And that’s the element that makes the collaboration in your team far more effective. You no longer have to rely on external tools to complement your task management tool or go through endless email threads to communicate with your team. This feature will save your time and spare lots of frustrations!

The basic version of Monday com has also some limitations. For example, it stores activity logs only for one week.

HeySpace chat

What makes HeySpace a great alternative?

A communication platform

In HeySpace, each space has a separate chat, which helps to make sure that people who are involved in a given project can all contribute to discussions on important matters or just follow whatever needs their attention. Apart from that, team members can engage in private or group conversations as well. What’s particularly useful – messages can be converted to tasks with just one click. But that’s not over! Each task card also has a dedicated chat, where those involved can discuss related matters and share updates. Thanks to that, you can be sure nothing important gets lost in group conversations. The communication platform perfectly complements HeySpace’s task management function and allows users to talk about tasks in one place.

The price

First of all, HeySpace offers a free basic plan, which is perfectly suitable for small teams or projects. With the free plan, you can add up to 5 members and still benefit from unlimited spaces and chats. The full range of features offered by HeySpace is available in the premium plan which comes to as little as $5 user/month. You can also test our premium features on a 14-day free trial. It's activated automatically when you create a new account.

In the case of Monday, there is no free plan and the basic one, available for up to 5 users comes to $25 per month. You can also subscribe for a standard, pro and enterprise plans which differ in the available features, the number of users and, most significantly, the price.

Monday alternative

Other alternatives to

If you are looking for other Monday com alternatives, check out the following tools. They offer project management features like project planning, resource planning Gantt charts etc. It is also important for the project management solution to have a user-friendly interface and some communication features.


ClickUp is an easy to use but quite comprehensive project management software considered as one of the best Monday com alternatives. It a cloud-based collaboration tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you're struggling to keep track of your tasks, you should consider this software.

ClickUp project management

The core features of ClickUp include:

In ClickUp you can create multiple teams and spaces to organize your work and task management and collaboration easier. You can monitor multiple tasks and track time for them to stay productive and meet deadlines. However, it takes some time to get started, learn all features, and understand all possibilities. At first, you'll use only a part of all available features, but you can develop your online project management gradually while the team gets used to the tool. It's worth the effort because if you can track your projects in one place, everyone works faster and more efficiently. ClickUp gives you this possibility, it improves team collaboration. As you can see, it's one of the best Monday com alternatives.

ClickUp pricing starts at $5.00 per user/month. The more advanced Business Plan costs $9.00 per user/month.


Avaza is a cloud-based project management tool for teams and a good Monday com alternative. You can use it not only as collaboration software, but it's also good for resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, quoting, and invoicing. The tool has a clear and beautiful interface. With Avaza you can plan and manage projects and tasks in a way you like: on kanban boards, Gantt charts, or on a simple list view.

Avaza board

The key features of this project management tool include:

Wit Avaza you can not only manage every project and task but also track time and expenses and bill clients without switching apps. It is a good alternative for, especially for teams that collaborate with clients and want to manage complex projects in one tool.

Avaza offers a Free Plan with unlimited project collaborators. Paid plans start from $9.95 per user/month.


Basecamp is a popular web-based project management software with flat pricing - $99 per month. This pricing makes it perfect for big teams, but let's see what kind of features do you get with this Monday com alternative.

Basecamp project

In Basecamp, you can divide your work into projects. In every project, you can find team members, tasks, conversations, files, deadlines, to-do lists etc. - all in one place. This software has also some unique features like automatic check-in questions, that teams can use to stay up-to-date with every activity. One more great feature is Hill Chart. It is an alternative to Gantt charts and allows users to see the project from a bird's eye view. It distinguishes tasks between the conception and realization stage. Project managers can use this feature to check if the project is on track.



Smartsheet is one of the most advanced project management tools with many customization options. For example, it allows users to create portals for project overview and place there everything they need with an easy drag and drop UI.

Smartsheet Dashboard

Other Smartsheet's project management features include:

If you don't know how to start you can use some pre-built templates from The Smartsheet Solution Center. The tool offers also a wide range of add-ons and integrations and is available also on mobile devices. It is a great, complex alternative to Monday com.


Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is one of the most popular project management software. The tool is based on Gantt charts and you can use it to assign tasks to team members, plan projects, check the status, and get an overview in visual dashboards. MS Project offers also workflow automation to save time on repetitive tasks. It is one of the most common alternatives to Monday com. The tool has a clear and simple interface, very similar to other Microsoft apps, so users can adapt it quickly.


Free Plan not available.

Project Plan 1 - $10.00 user/month - basic features

Project Plan 3 - $30.00 user/month - with reporting and scheduling tools

Project Plan 5 - $55.00 user/month - with project portfolio optimalization

30-day free trial for the paid plans.


Jira projects

Jira is a project management solution designed for software development teams. But if you like it, you can use it also for any other project :) Jira can be a good Monday com alternative if you are looking for scrum boards and advanced customization. In Jira, you can use one of the out-of-the-box workflows or create your own. It is also very secure software, so you can use it event for very sensitive projects. Jira offers also some advanced estimation features so users can plan their projects and tasks better and faster. Jira can be also a self-managed software if you don't want a cloud-based solution.


It is an attractive and cheaper Monday alternative, especially for small teams.

Do you know any other good Monday com alternatives?


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