April 21, 2019

New in HeySpace: User Roles

New in HeySpace: User Roles

We are constantly monitoring the needs of our users and working hard to implement their ideas. Today we're coming back with an update on a few extremely useful features we've recently added to HeySpace!

User roles

We have introduced a new structure of users, so now workspace members are divided into five different roles: a Workspace Owner, an Admin, a Space Admin, a User and a Guest. Each role has a defined set of permissions and restrictions. Thanks to that, management of your spaces will be much easier! You can read more about it in the Roles section here.



A quick and easy way to share important info. You can set a status to let your team know what you are working on or when they can get in touch with you. You can set the status for a particular period of time or change it yourself when you feel the need to.


Workspace management

You can now archive spaces or activate them again if need be. This will help you keep your workspace up to date and well-organized. At the same time, you don't have to worry about losing any important information by deleting a space.


New search box

A new Jump To search box will give you quick access to your recent conversations and tasks. Thanks to that, you no longer have to scroll through your board or chat to find what you need, as it's available in just one click. It's also a great time-saver, as it will help you start your work from where you left last time.

search box

New card design

We've refreshed the task card design to make it even more user-friendly and clear. We've also added a workspace panel on the left and enabled notifications visible on the panel. There are more due date filters and more options on a card view, such as quick archive.


Some of the new features are only available to our premium users. If you are still unsure whether to switch to our premium plan, take a look at our comparison of the available plans.


Let us know what you think about the new features! We hope that you will find them useful and helpful in improving the management of your workspaces. And if you haven't tried HeySpace yet, sign up to try it out!


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