May 9, 2019

iOS Mobile App & Gmail Integration

iOS Mobile App & Gmail Integration

We are very happy to announce that we’ve released the HeySpace mobile app for the iOS system! Many of you have been waiting for the news and we’ve been doing our best to make it available for you to download. Don’t hesitate to try it out and share your feedback – we’ll be happy to hear it!

But that’s not all we’ve prepared for you! Now you can also benefit from a brand new add-on, which allows to integrate HeySpace with Gmail.

gmail addon

How does it work?

The Gmail integration allows you to create a task from any email in your Gmail inbox. The subject line of the email will also be the title of your task, and the content of the message will be placed in the task’s description. Thanks to that you will avoid copy-pasting or retyping the description.

Since emails are an important means of communication in most companies, integrating it with efficient task management and communication software will save your time and boost productivity. Your team's workflow will be smooth and you can be sure that nothing important slips your memory.

Try out the free version of HeySpace or subscribe for an attractive premium plan!


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