August 23, 2018

HeySpace - Private Communication Tool

HeySpace - Private Communication Tool

Are you tired of e-mails? Do you have to divide your attention between your inbox, face-to-face conversations, and task management software?

We’ve got your back! HeySpace is a new, innovative private collaboration tool. It’s a highly functional management software with chat. All your conversations, tasks, and team members in one place!

Built for every team and any type of business, HeySpace can be easily transformed into SaaS (Software as a service) as it meets needs of almost every business application:

Collaborating and communicating has never been easier.

If Slack and Trello Had a Baby…


HeySpace is an innovative private collaboration tool thanks to its practical features. It is a combination of Slack and Trello but with more advanced components:

Your data is secured with us. In HeySpace, you keep all the information about work in one place. It is accessible only to you or your team. No one from outside of your organization has access to your data.

File sharing? No more uploading to public clouds! Thanks to our new private collaboration tool, you can share, upload, and download files or attachments without fear that someone might find and steal them.

Thanks to workspaces, you can share HeySpace with your clients and stakeholders. No matter what your business is, this innovative private collaboration tool easily turns into SaaS to improve your business relations.

Want to send a private message? No problem. Private collaboration happens only between you and other person in an individual conversation.

Add, remove, invite new members. Manage the workflow and processes happening in your organization. All that and more with HeySpace, private collaboration tool.

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