March 25, 2019

Rocketchat Alternative For Task Management

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Rocketchat Alternative For Task Management

There’s no doubt smooth communication lays the foundation for successful teamwork. You can use the wide range of tools designed to facilitate this area of collaboration and you have certainly tried out some, if not most of them. If you’ve already established good communication practices in your team, you have probably noticed the need to go a step further in order to enhance the collaboration. And the next step to success is efficient task management.

HeySpace is a Rocketchat alternative which opens up new possibilities for effective collaboration – a two-in-one tool that will help you and your team unlock your full potential.


What’s the same:

What’s different:

Why switch from Rocketchat to HeySpace?

HeySpace is an extremely intuitive app which gives you two very important functions in one tool – a task management function and a communication feature. With HeySpace, you can not only talk to your collaborators in real time through a user-friendly chat platform for workspace-wide, group or one-to-one conversations, but also benefit from Kanban task boards. You will quickly notice how productive you can get by introducing an efficient task management system to your daily work.

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What makes HeySpace a great Rocketchat alternative?

A task management function

HeySpace allows you to take advantage of its task management function, which is based on the Kanban framework. You can create tasks cards, assign them to members of your workspace, set due dates, add attachments and create checklists. All your cards will then be displayed on a workspace board to help you get a clear overview of the workflow. What’s more, each card has a dedicated chat, which allows the team members involved in a given task discuss the related matters in one place and then come back to the conversation whenever they want, without the need to scroll through the workspace chat.

Google Drive integration

Each task card gives you the possibility to upload files which you need to share with your collaborators. The free plan offered by HeySpace allows you to upload files of up to 5MB, while the premium plan offers upload up to 100MB and, on top of that, enables you to share files from Google Drive. This feature will greatly enhance the collaboration on tasks, even in the case of bigger teams of projects.


Easy iCal synchronisation

Once you create your task cards in HeySpace and set their due dates, you can easily synchronise the app with the calendar you use on a daily basis and have quick access to all your tasks in one place. The synchronisation process is really easy and will help you save time and stay in control over everything you need to work on and deliver on time.

HeySpace offers an attractive free basic plan as well as a more flexible premium plan to better suit the needs of bigger teams and projects.

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