April 11, 2019

Ryver Alternative For Task Management

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Ryver Alternative For Task Management

Effective collaboration in a team requires two elements to work properly, and these are efficient task management and smooth communication. It’s vital that everyone knows how to prioritize tasks which is possible only if the workflow is properly structured and presented in a clear way. However, if in doubt, team members should always have the possibility to ask a question on the spot and talk a problem over with their colleagues, so as to quickly resolve any issues they have encountered. Efficient software can greatly facilitate both task management and communication, and better yet if the two are combined in one, user-friendly tool.

HeySpace is a Ryver alternative which will work wonders for the productivity of your team and let them focus on their work instead of worrying about missed deadlines and unresolved problems.


What’s the same:

✓ A task management function

✓ A communication feature

✓ Converting messages to tasks

✓ Google Drive integration

✓ Tags

What’s different:

✓ Calendar synchronisation

✓ The price


Why switch from Ryver to HeySpace?

HeySpace is the perfect solution to your collaboration problems. It combines the features of task management software and a communication platform, which eliminates the need to use multiple tools at the same time. The functionality of HeySpace is similar to that of Ryver, but for a lower price. You can use HeySpace free of charge if your team is small or go for a paid plan, which is still reasonably priced.

What makes HeySpace a great Ryver alternative?

Calendar synchronization

HeySpace gives you the possibility to synchronize the app with your preferred calendar. Thanks to that, you’ll get easy access to your tasks in the calendar you use on a daily basis. This feature will save more of your time and help you stay in control of everything, wherever you are. All you need is an iCal link, so the synchronization itself takes only a few minutes.

The price

Ryver offers flat rate pricing. You can choose from three options – starter plan for $49 per month, which is available for teams of up to 12 members, unlimited plan for $99 per month and the most expensive enterprise one.

HeySpace allows teams of up to 5 people to use it free of charge, which is a great money saver for small businesses. Bigger teams and more advanced projects require more flexibility and so HeySpace offers a premium plan for as little as $5 user / month. Thanks to the pricing system, you can be sure you only pay for what you really need and nothing more!

free vs premium
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