June 25, 2021

Simple Project Management Software for Teams

Project Management
Simple Project Management Software for Teams

Simple project management software is a great solution for small teams, freelancers, and people who want to manage projects quickly and easily.

According to statistics, 77% of high performing projects use project management software. That's because dedicated apps can make your work trouble-free and more effective.

Check our guide on the best simple project management software.

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1. Why Use Simple Project Management Software?

2. What to Look for in The Project Management Software?

   2.1. HeySpace

   2.2. Basecamp

   2.3. Taskade

   2.4. Redbooth

   2.5. Todoist

   2.6. Notion

   2.7. Trello

   2.8. OmniFocus

   2.9. Teamwork

   2.10. Quire

   2.11. Yodiz

   2.12. Zenkit

Why Use Simple Project Management Software?

Project management tools offer various tools and means for managing projects. But in some cases using simple project management software may be better than investing in more advanced solutions.

If you're wondering whether it's a good idea for your business to use the more lightweight app, take a look at the benefits:

Overall, simple project management tools are best for teams and individuals who need basic features to manage projects.

What to Look for in The Project Management Software?

If you opt for simple project management software, make sure you've got the right features.

Here's what you should look for:

If you're not sure what to look for, here's the list of the best project management software. We've gathered tools that are easy to use, keenly chosen by users, and have the highest reviews.

1. HeySpace

HeySpace is the best free project management software. It's a task management software with collaboration features. So instead of using several different apps, you get one project management tool with all necessary functionalities. You can easily share project progress and exchange information.

You can also integrate HeySpace with TimeCamp, a free time tracking software to better manage time.

Here are a few more features:

Pricing: HeySpace is a free project management tool for up to five users. Premium Plan with more advanced featured costs 5$ per user per month.

HeySpace project management

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management software. It's suitable for remote project management. If you're looking for a tool that will boost long-distance team productivity, Basecamp may be the right choice.

Basecamp project management app

It replaces long email threads by giving you one project tool for work management. Basecamp is a single place for your teams, projects, and company-wide communication. It's best for marketing teams.

Here are the main features:

However, one of the biggest Basecamp limitations is lack of support for time tracking. So if you need only a simple app to manage tasks, this project management tool will be the right choice.

Pricing: $99/month for your team with all features, unlimited, projects, and unlimited users. The free plan offers basic features for managing projects.

Taskade is a free project management software that works as a collaborative task list with unlimited hierarchy. It replaces Slack, Asana, and Google Docs to give you one place for real-time collaboration on projects and tasks, team chat, and resource management.

taskade app

Taskade lets you map out your workflow, ideas, and create custom workflows in an easy way. You can plan, organize work, and track project progress in four views: list, Kanban boards, action, and mindmap.

You can also see projects' progress in Gantt charts or a calendar. Additionally, Taskade has a wide choice of project templates to help in project planning.

It's a simple project management tool with an intuitive user interface.

Pricing: Taskade is free software with limited features best for small teams. All unlimited features are available in the paid plan at $9 per user per month.

Redbooth is a convenient simple project management app with lightweight task management features.

redbooth project management software

You get a quick view of the project dashboard and can easily delegate and assign tasks. There are also built-in files sharing and conversation to collaborate with team members.

You can easily track updates with the Gantt charts in a timeline view and access productivity reports with an overview of work summary across users and workspaces.

Pricing: Free version is limited to only several features. Paid plans start at $12 per user per month.

Todoist is a to-do list app and task manager. It lets you create task lists in a traditional bullet-point format.

Todoist simple project management

Here's what you can do with your to-dos:

For more features such as task customization, reminders, detailed templates, automatic backup of your data, labels, and progress monitoring you can get the Premium version at $4/month.

And if you want the tool for your entire team, you can choose the Business version at $6/month with even more features.

Notion is a fancy project manager that can help your team organize and share all types of contenttasks, files, ideas, lists, announcements. You can use it to create wikis about your business, make it a place to store different types of information, or simply make it a task management app.

Notion project tool

But it’s also a great collaboration and organization tool as it lets you freely cooperate and access all data about the company.

Notion can help your team get more done by visually navigating you through the content and letting you quickly find what you’re looking for, in one place.

It's a great free project management software for individuals, and a good project management app for smaller teams who want various task management options.

Pricing: free plan is available for individuals. You can subscribe to paid plans - Personal Pro for $4 per month, Team for $8 per member per month, or get custom pricing for bigger teams.

Trello is one of the best free project management apps for managing projects with Kanban boards. It's suitable for everyone - software development teams, a marketing team, freelancers, experienced project managers, and amateurs.

Trello board for tasks

Trello gives you full flexibility in managing projects the way you like. You get board, lists, and cards:

What's more, you can connect Trello with other tools, and use project templates. And you can use task automation with a smart assistant for quicker task creation.

Pricing: the free plan is available for unlimited users with up to 10 boards. You can subscribe for a paid plan - Business Class plan for $12.50 per user/month or Enterprise with custom pricing each with unlimited team boards and priority support.

Dedicated to Apple devices, OmniFocus is a project management tool with powerful to-do lists. You can use it solo or with other team members.

OmniFocus project management

It's a convenient project management software that lets you turn all your projects into detailed task lists. In OmniFocus you can have unlimited projects, quickly add new projects, tags and due dates, and add items from any app.

Forecast module shows all your planned projects so you can get a clear picture of your work. And you also have the view of weekly reviews of your work to stay focused and not forget anything. Notifications remind you about deadlines, and the app syncs across all your Apple devices.

Pricing: OmniFocus is available only in paid plans. Pricing starts at $9.99 per month.

Teamwork is work and project management software. It's suitable for project planning and can help team managers to administer workflow.

Teamwork PM tool

Here are the main features of Teamwork project management software:

Additionally, if you need more advanced project management app, Teamwork offers other features such as CRM, chat, or helpdesk software.

Pricing: free plan is available for individuals and smaller teams. Paid plans start at €12.5, billed monthly.


Quire is the best free project management tool with a light interface every team member will love. The tool has many smallish functionalities that allow you to personalize the product.

Quire app

Here are the main features:

Pricing: Quire is a free project management software for up to 35 organizations, 80 projects and 30 members per organization.


Yodiz is a great project management software for development teams. It's an agile project management software for agile development and issue tracking.

Yodiz project management

You can define the workflow with different ways to manage projects — project timelines, classical task lists with the drag-and-drop feature, Kanban boards, issue tracking view, or Gantt charts. There are unlimited projects, and unlimited boards.

Moreover, Yodiz provides reporting with graphs, project management statistics, and smart analytics. The software is available as free project management apps for mobile, browser extensions, and offers several integrations.

Pricing: the free version is available for up to three users. Paid plans start at $3 per user per month.

New design, New Features, and a Brand New Product (to Come) - Zenkit

Zenkit Projects supports both traditional & Agile project management methodologies. The software has been carefully designed to be intuitive & easy-to-use for people with varying experiences.

It includes some invaluable project management tools that make working remotely more sustainable. This includes a 360-degree dashboard, a global Kanban, improved resource management, & dedicated reporting to better manage project progress.

And the greatest benefit? Zenkit Projects is perfectly integrated with the rest of the Zenkit Suite, giving remote projects even more power.

Pricing: Personal - free forever. Plus - $9 per month per user. Business - $25 per month per user. Enterprise - contact Zenkit.

To Wrap It Up

Simple project management software can make complex projects more approachable. It's also a great alternative for expensive and advanced solutions

Free project management tools with lightweight functionalities can help you automate and optimize business processes.

Happy project planning!


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