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HeySpace – Slack alternative

We all know how important communication is for effective collaboration. Taking care of good communication practices in your company can save a lot of time and greatly facilitate everyone’s work. An efficient tool may be of great help in that matter. But is a communication platform all you need to improve the productivity of your team? Most definitely not! What can bring the best results is the combination of task management software with a communication feature. And that’s exactly what you get with HeySpace!

HeySpace is a Slack alternative that will not only enhance the communication in your team, but also help team members organize their work and have easy access to the workflow structure at any time.




What’s the same:

✓ A communication feature

✓ Google Drive attachments

✓ Apps availability


What’s different:

✓ A task management function

✓ Channels vs. spaces

✓ File storage

✓ The price


Why switch from Slack to HeySpace?

To achieve maximum productivity in collaborating on projects, it is vital that team members stayed in control of what they are working on, at the same time being able to see the bigger picture. Such transparency of your team’s workflow can prevent misunderstandings and resolve many issues that might potentially arise from the fact that team members are not aware of what their colleagues are working on at a given moment or what the next step of the process is. You can easily eliminate these problems with the help of HeySpace. It gives you the communication feature that you get with Slack, and, on top of that, offers an efficient task management solution that will help your team stay organized and clearly see the workflow structure.


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What makes HeySpace a great Slack alternative?


Channels vs. workspaces

Teamwork in Slack happens in channels – that’s where team members contribute to conversations or upload files. In HeySpace, you create workspaces which offer more functions than Slack’s channels. Apart from a place for communication, workspaces are also platforms for task management, where tasks are organized in boards.


The task management feature

HeySpace allows you to organize tasks in a Kanban board, which gives you a clear overview of your team’s work. You can assign the tasks to particular members of your workspace, set due dates, monitor progress, add checklists, tags and estimates, as well as attachments – either from your computer or from Google Drive. Each task card has its own chat, where you can discuss related matters, ask questions or inform of any important updates. Additionally useful might be the function of creating tasks from messages in private or group chats with just one click. Task management has never been easier!


File storage

Slack’s free plan offers 5 GB of file storage in total, while the premium plan – 10 GB per member. It seems a lot, but what if we told you that you can get unlimited file storage? Because you actually do! HeySpace offers unlimited file storage in both plans, so you no longer need to worry about losing important data.


The price

Last but not least – the price. Slack offers a free basic plan which can meet the requirements of a small team, and so does HeySpace. The difference is in the price of the premium plans, as you can benefit from HeySpace premium features for just $5 user / month, while Slack comes to $8 user / month if billed monthly. To put it simply, you get more for less!



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  1. MyChat enterprise messenger has task management too. There is also an instant messaging system that allows staying connected during the project process.

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