February 20, 2019

The Best Small Business Management Apps

Project Management
The Best Small Business Management Apps

Good project management and high productivity are vital for business management, be it a small or a big company. However, small business management may require a bit more flexibility, as it oftentimes happens that the person in charge has control over multiple aspects of the workflow. Management software can be extremely helpful in this regard. How to choose the best one to suit your needs among all the different products offered? Take a look at our review and see what will work best for you!

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1. HeySpace

2. ClickUp

3. Basecamp

4. Asana

5. Proofhub

6. nTask

7. droptask

8. Metatask

9. Trello

1. HeySpace


HeySpace combines the function of task management software with a communication feature. There is no need for multiple tools, which makes it a perfect tool for small businesses. In HeySpace, you have easy access to your list of workspaces, chat and list of cards with tasks, all at once. You can easily communicate in private or group conversations with all your team members. At the same time, you can keep track of your workflow. As a workspace owner, you can easily manage members within your Workspace and keep everything under control. Thanks to the useful feature of tagging and easy checklist management, you will never lose track of important tasks. HeySpace is also available for your mobile – thanks to the mobile app you can now access it from wherever you are. You can also integrate HeySpace with Timecamp – a time tracking tool and have everything in one place.

HeySpace offers an attractive basic plan available for free, and a more flexible premium plan - it's up to you to decide which plan better suits your needs.



Clickup is a productivity app that seems to have it all. A perfect choice for small businesses that don’t want to invest in a wide range of tools but need something efficient. Reminders, notes and calendars are all in the same platform. You can see others’ task progress in a box view, which gives a clear overview of the workflow. You also always know what to do next. What’s more, ClickUp is fully customizable, so you can easily adapt it to your team’s needs and get rid of anything that interferes with your individual way of managing workflow.


Basecamp provides one organized place for your projects, teams and company-wide communication, which seems to be an efficient solution for small businesses. The main view of every project is divided into a couple of sections. You get a message board, which is perfect for team communication and a to-do list, where you can assign tasks to team members. There is also a section called schedules, where you can keep track of important dates or deadlines, and a separate place for uploading documents and files. Last but not least, there is a campfire section, a simple chatroom used in case of any problems which you’re not sure who to address with. Basecamp promotes collaboration, which is extremely important for small businesses.


With its visually appealing interface, Asana seems to be one of the favourite types of management software on the market. Giving an impression of an advanced to-do list, it is a very effective tool for workflow management. Team members get a task-following option, which makes it easier for the whole team to keep track of the progress of tasks, even those not assigned to them. A minor, but very useful function of giving likes and commenting on tasks can make work even more productive. Apart from that, Asana also offers a chat, calendar view and a file-share option.


If you’re tired of task management, where nobody really knows what they are responsible for, lack of clear workflow progress and bad project planning, Proofhub seems to be a perfect tool for you. It might be particularly useful in a small business, as apart from the task management feature, it also has a chat and a time-tracking component. Proofhub can help you make sure that no projects or resources are getting out of hand It offers visually appealing graphs, which clearly display the current situation in the team’s workflow. But that’s not all! You also get a virtual notebook, where you can jot down anything you want. No need for numerous notebooks and post-it notes – with Proofhub you have it all in one place.


nTask’s mission is to eliminate the frustration that accompanies using overly complex tools, which are supposed to make your work easier, but really only make it more complicated. It has a straightforward format, designed to facilitate the workflow of teams with different needs. Small businesses usually don’t need very complex tools, but rather look for something simple, yet effective. And that’s what nTask is like. It still allows for effective task management and collaboration among team members, which is made easier thanks to the possibility to follow the progress of tasks. It surely has everything a small business needs.


Described as “the most unique twist on task management”, droptask is a very interesting tool indeed. That is because of its unusual interface in a form of a mind map, which makes it a perfect tool for visual thinkers. The unique views that you can create in the app make it extremely adaptable and therefore helpful in managing the workflow. Droptask is also very intuitive, and so does not require long hours spent on learning how to use it.


Metatask team highlights how important persistence is in workflow management, especially for small businesses. That is, holding on to whatever works best for you and your customers. And that’s where business processes can be helpful. Metatask is a type of software that allows you to set up such processes and facilitates their implementation. In a simple, web-based app, you can document your workflow in templates and then reuse them if need be. The app can ever recreate the task assignment, so it does a lot of work for you. If any changes to the process take place, you get instant notifications, which makes it easy to follow the workflow.


Trello has gained excellent reputation within the field of project management, also among professionals working for small businesses. The tool is user-friendly and has proven extremely efficient. Trello allows you to create interactive Kanban boards of tasks, which you can drag and drop easily to accurately reflect the workflow at any given moment. With Trello, you get an overview of the whole process in one place and if you need more detailed insight into any part of it, everything is easily accessible after clicking the respective tasks. The flexibility that Trello offers makes it perfect for small teams.

And what features do you consider the most important in small business management? Do not hesitate to share your favourite tools and software!


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