February 12, 2019

7 YouTube Channels That Review Software

7 YouTube Channels That Review Software

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1. Simpletivity

2. Tech Smart Boss

3. TechnologyAdvice

4. Keep Productive

5. Pearl Lemon Reviews

6. Bombchelle

7. Dottotech

Introducing new software into the market is not an easy task. A new product should be well-adapted to the dynamic market and so developers have to constantly find new ways of improving it. What is essential for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the product is constructive feedback. It allows to adopt the perspective of users and figure out how to make sure the software lives up to their expectations.

A great source of such feedback are YouTube channels that specialise in software reviews. Reviewers have good knowledge of the market and are able to give an insightful opinion about available products. But it’s not only feedback that they can provide. YouTube reviews also help software development companies connect with their potential audience and give them a chance to become noticed. In the meantime, you can check out the most subscribed YouTubers to collaborate for influencer marketing. Here are some of the channels that we consider worth your attention if you’re looking for someone to review your software:

Simpletivity is all about productivity. That’s where entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals look for productivity tips. They also give advice on what technology apps are worth checking out and how to make good use of their features. Simpletivity is always up to date with the most efficient software on the market and so their YouTube reviews are trusted by many.

David Ferguson, the person behind Tech Smart Boss is passionate about the world technology. As he admits himself, it is so dynamic that one can easily get overwhelmed. So his aim is to bring technology closer to users and help them be on top in the highly competitive market of today. To do it, he reviews software that he considers worthwhile. What David focuses on is technology that is user-friendly, even for those who do not have much knowledge about it, affordable and helpful in upgrading business.

This channel is presenting content about project management, task management and business tools, and one of them is HeySpace.

TechnologyAdvice is a perfect resource for buyers as well as sellers of business technology. They pride themselves in educating buyers on the best technology and thereby helping them improve their business. On the other hand, they give vendors a chance to connect with their potential audience and further develop their position on the market. The review channel features lots of very informative reviews as well as useful advice on resources, which can facilitate the technology buying process.

Keep Productive is another channel dedicated to productivity, either in a workplace or in your private life. The main focus is therefore on productivity apps and software, and the goal is to match you with the most suitable app or software for your needs. The author takes a closer look at some of the best software and apps on the market and shows that they can work wonders if used in a smart and skilful way. This review channel is definitely worth checking out both for users as well as software developers.

5. Pearl Lemon Reviews - insightful software review videos

Pearl Lemon Reviews is a group of people who review software on their YouTube channel, as well as their website. Their videos feature reviews of a wide range of tools, which differ in price and purpose. The team is experienced in the marketing field and so they have used a variety of different tools themselves. As they know what features are the most useful to enhance team work, their channel is definitely worth checking out.

The author of Bombchelle reviews describes herself as an app junkie, who decided to use the addiction in a good way and share advise on the best apps for businesses. She mostly comments on those that can be useful for productivity and project management, but not only. A freelancer herself, she knows what features good quality software should have and is therefore able to assess how useful it can be in improving the workflow.

Dottotech’s catchphrase is Tech Made Simple. And that’s what the author is trying to do – bring out the best of technology so that his viewers knew what and how to use to make the most of it, at the same time not getting lost in the tech world. A lot of the content focuses on productivity and that’s also an important factor which is taken into consideration when reviewing software. Dottotech's reviews are widely popular and so he makes sure to only recommend what is worth the audience's attention

To Sum Up

Reviewing the application is not an easy task, but without the knowledge and opinions provided by reviewers, future users would have an even greater problem with choosing the right tool. And what are your favourite channels with software reviews? Have you found them on the list? Don't hesitate to share!


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