Why We Need Tagging in Task Management System

HeySpace has been positively acclaimed by users, even though it’s a new app on the market. It has been praised for its functional features. But it’s still in the intense process of development and there are many changes yet to come. One of them is the feature of tags, which we’ve just released. Find out how it works!

What’s with The Tags?

We are very open to feedback because our users’ opinion matters to us. And many of them pointed out that the tool lacks tags. For many people, tagging in task management software is crucial and the lack of this feature makes it more difficult to work productively. And so we decided to implement it.

It is extremely easy but tremendously enhances work and provides transparency. See how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. To access Tags” section you need to click the arrow in the shape of “V” letter next to your avatar (an upper left corner of the screen).


2. Then, simply click “Tags” with a little symbol of a tag next to it.



2. Now, when you’re in the section, you can see various tags. They are put in alphabetical order. Here, you can do whatever you like with them – add or remove them, change colors and names. 


As simple as that! Now you can use tags to make work fast and transparent. And if you don’t know why and how to use them, keep reading this short guide on how and why use tags.

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Tagging in Task Management System

You may wonder what’s the big deal with tags and why would you need them at all. This feature is available in many apps yet people still don’t know why and how to use them. We’re going to introduce you to the world of tags and their importance.

Why Use Tags?

Tagging is extremely important for clarity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a project manager, CEO or a team member. There are only benefits coming from tagging in task management system:

  • It helps to categorize data
  • Team can clearly see the goals and objectives
  • There is no chaos in tasks and in the feed
  • It is easy to find information – tags work like filters, they help you sort out unnecessary information

As you might have already noticed, tagging in a task management system makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. They don’t have to check all dashboards, projects, tasks or lists in search of their projects but can find what they need in just a couple seconds.

Also, tagging in task management system helps to keep transparency, order in team’s work and by that it boosts productivity. Additionally, if your organization uses tools such as HeySpace, task management app with chat features, it’s easier to collaborate and communicate. And if you keep such information as clients’ data, invoices or files in such a tool, you can quickly access it without the need of going through the entire software.


How to Use Tagging?

Using tags is a piece of cake and, in fact, it doesn’t need any special or magical knowledge. It’s so simple even kids can do it!

In the beginning, all you have to do is think about how would you name tags that you will use in your organization, channel, or project, whatever it might be. Then create a tag with it. It will enable people to easily find important information and organize their work.

In almost every task management tool you can choose colors of tags and freely use the tag feature. In that way, you can determine the different colors for every project/channel/task/etc.

Whenever you want to find a specific thing, you simply type the tag’s name and voila! you get what you were looking for with a snap. It couldn’t be easier!

To Sum Up

Tagging in the task management system is really easy. Even if you don’t need it nor like it, let your team use tags. It will help them in their work. They will save time by simply typing the word or phrase in the tag’s search window. And what follows is a huge productivity boost!

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