October 17, 2019

Simple Task Management Tool For Freelancers

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Simple Task Management Tool For Freelancers

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1. HeySpace for freelancers

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Working as a freelancer comes with many benefits. You are your own boss, you can manage your time and budget as you see fit and you don’t have to conform to rules which are not really to your liking. But although it may seem like a perfect solution at times, the reality is not all roses.Apart from all the freedom you get as a freelancer, you also have a lot on your plate and need to stay in control of many things you wouldn’t have to worry about otherwise. Making sure you have enough work to make a profit, advertising your services, staying in regular contact with customers, meeting deadlines and maintaining work-life balance, all at the same time, can be challenging. That’s why you need to get equipped with tools that will help you work efficiently and stay productive, without the need to waste time and energy.

HeySpace for freelancers

HeySpace is a task management and communication tool which is just what you’re looking for. What exactly does it offer to help you organize your workflow?

Kanban boards

You get an unlimited number of spaces, so you can create one space for each of your clients or each project you participate in, but you can also use just one space to arrange all your tasks - whatever suits you best.Each space has its own Kanban board which you can customize based on the work you do. For example a content marketing specialist’s board can consist of the following categories: to write – writing – done – published, whereas an interior designer can go for completely different categorisation and put projects which have already been discussed with the client in one column, then those with a completed visualisation, then projects which require consultation with a client and lastly those which are finished. Alternatively, you can use a more standard board and divide your tasks into: backlog – to-do – doing – done. Still much better than a basic to-do list!

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HeySpace is a two-in-one tool, so apart from helping you arrange your tasks, it can also facilitate the communication with clients. You can benefit from the chat in many different ways, but there are two features which are especially useful when communicating with clients. The Chat With Me feature allows you to get a chat link that you can share on social media, send to multiple contacts by mail or publish in any other way you find useful. By clicking the link, the recipients will be redirected to your workspace in HeySpace, but will not see any of your spaces. What they will get access to, though, is a chat window, where they will be able to chat with you. It’s an extremely easy way to communicate without the use of any external tools. Alternatively, you can invite your clients to HeySpace as guests so that they can have access to a particular space, track progress and chat with you. During a conversation, you can easily convert a message into a task card on the spot so that you don’t forget about anything.

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Integration with external tools

HeySpace gives you many possibilities on its own, but if you’re looking for yet more options to facilitate your work, it won’t disappoint you either. If you enable the integration with Gmail, you will be able to convert emails you get from your clients into task cards and add them to your boards. Integrating with TimeCamp will let you track the time you spend on each of your projects and therefore increase your productivity. And that’s not all! You can also synchronise HeySpace with your favourite calendar and all your tasks will be visible there, making it easy for you to keep track of the deadlines.

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A cost-effective solution

To further improve your comfort, apart from the web application, HeySpace also offers a desktop and a mobile one. Thanks to that, you can access it on your phone wherever you are and any time you want. Whether you want to add a task when talking to a client or update an existing one when something suddenly comes to your mind, you can do it all on the go, without the need to carry your laptop. And last but not least, HeySpace is very attractive when it comes to the price. You can benefit from the basic version for free or subscribe to the premium plan and use the tool for as little as $5 a month per user. Try it out yourself and see how much easier your work can be! What problems do you have to deal with as a freelancer? Do you have any tools that you particularly like? Let us know!


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