November 19, 2018

Task Management with HeySpace - Feedback from The Market

Task Management with HeySpace - Feedback from The Market

We created HeySpace for our personal needs at TimeCamp as a task management tool. But we soon found out that other people could also benefit from using our tool. When we launched our product, we didn't how people would react. Happily, users have positively acclaimed software. And we keep working to make it better.

HeySpace is a cloud-based software for teams. Our goal is to provide organizations with the transparency necessary in carrying out projects and processes. All that to make sure companies achieve more with less effort:

As we're still in the R&D phase, there's still a long path to the final stage and broad market expansion. But with our users' support and willingness to bring change to the market, we have high hopes and motivation to keep working.


On August 21, 2018, after appearing on ProductHunt, HeySpace received the #4 Product of the Day award.

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What is more, the application was granted ''Great User Experience 2018'' and ''Rising Star 2018'' awards by Finances Online. Besides, the tool has received many positive reviews around the world.

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Here's what some of the reviewers think about HeySpace:

If Slack and Trello had a baby, they would name it HeySpace - get to know new, free, and Polish tool for group collaboration, combining task management for teams with chat.

With HeySpace, you can send a message and see if people read it. This is a very a familiar, Facebook-esque functionality that you and your team can easily use and fully leverage to your benefit.

HeySpace does not forget the benefits of SnapChat, including mentions, attachments, message history, notifications from the app or via email, groups and individual conversations, etc.

HeySpace has something to worry big players in the sector.

This platform promises to be one of the tools used by the work teams soon, since HeySpace has managed to merge the services most demanded by companies for the good management of tasks and equipment

Task Management Globally

With over 1.5 thousand users, HeySpace is used as a task management tool worldwide in different countries by different types of companies. Freelancers, individuals, large and small teams use our software.

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And here's how Orgzit, task management and collaboration software provider summarizes HeySpace purpose, "HeySpace has an interface very similar to Slack, but while Slack focuses on messaging and communication, HeySpace turns towards team communication, task collaboration and basic project management. It is a great, simplistic UI that is easy to use, and provides a lot of features. As such, it is a perfect tool for startup companies."

We are happy that you have trusted us. We keep changing for you so make sure to follow us to stay updated with the latest news and features.

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