September 11, 2019

Task Management Tool For Accountants

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Task Management Tool For Accountants

Do you work as an accountant? If so, you could probably say a lot about how important it is to plan your work carefully and have everything under control. Your clients entrust you to keep their financial records accurate and want to be sure you do it well and on time. At the same time, they usually have a lot of questions and requests, which is why it’s very important for them (and you) to stay in contact on a regular basis. And you certainly don’t want to be constantly stressed out worrying that you won’t remember all of what they tell you and what has to be done. In order to provide excellent service to your clients and stay calm and focused at the same time, you need a good tool that will help you structure your workflow.

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1. Why you need HeySpace

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HeySpace will give you everything you need to manage your tasks and easily communicate with your clients or team. Read on to find out why HeySpace is the perfect tool for you!


Why you need HeySpace

Whether you choose the free or the premium plan, you have the possibility to create as many spaces as you need. Then, you can plan your tasks in a clear way on a Kanban board, which will help you set priorities, estimate the workload and meet deadlines. All your tasks will be displayed in a built-in calendar or else you can also synchronise it with an external calendar in a few simple steps. What else can you expect from HeySpace?

Recurring tasks

The feature of recurring tasks is particularly useful for accountants. You certainly have a lot of tasks that have to be repeated periodically. To save your time and make sure none of them ever slips your memory, HeySpace allows you to set tasks as recurring and choose how often you want them to repeat – daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Once you do it, you don’t have to worry about it again – it will display in your calendar automatically with the selected due dates and other details.

recurring task


If you want to invite someone to your space, but don’t want the person to have the same set of permissions as you do, you can invite the person as a guest. Thanks to that, he or she will have access to a particular space, but won’t be able to see other spaces or manage settings. It’s convenient if you want to communicate with your clients quickly and effectively.

Communication - Chat With Me and Hangouts

That’s not the only way to ensure easy and regular communication with your clients. HeySpace offers two more solutions. The first one is to use the Chat With Me feature. It allows you to get a chat link that you can share on social media, send to multiple contacts by mail or publish in any other way. Once the recipient clicks the link, they will be redirected to your workspace in HeySpace, but will not see any of your spaces. What they will get access to, though, is a chat window, where they will be able to chat with you. Thanks to this solution, you don’t have to use any external tools to communicate with your clients.

For those who use Google Hangouts chat, we have the possibility to open an individual Hangouts room in every space chat and private conversation and, for instance, have a video conversation with all members of a given space or share the screen.

chat with me

Convert emails to task cards

Even if you use the communication features provided by HeySpace, you surely still get most of the information from your clients by mail. If you use a Gmail account, HeySpace will help you save even more of your time. How? It gives you the possibility to convert email messages to task cards in a few simple steps. So if you get an email and want to make sure you don’t forget to take action – move it to your calendar in HeySpace to create a task card immediately.

Google Drive and Dropbox integrations

Do you store files on Google Drive? Or maybe your clients share some documents with you by mail? With HeySpace, it can be even easier to make use of them! Thanks to the integrations, you can upload files to your task cardsor chat conversations directly from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Board exports

As an accountant, you certainly use Excel a lot. That’s why you’re probably willing to benefit from yet another feature offered by HeySpace, namely board exports. You can export each board to an Excel file, together with all the information about the tasks, such as the title, description, due date, progress and assignees. This feature can be particularly useful if you want to create backup files or simply send the board to someone, for example for the purpose of reporting.

csv export

As you can see, your work can be so much easier if you find a suitable tool to facilitate it. HeySpace will certainly improve your productivity and give you confidence that you have everything under control and your tasks are done on time! If you're interested, take a look at some inspirational boards created in HeySpace.

Try it out yourself and let us know about your impressions!


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