April 10, 2019

The Simplest Project Management Software

Project Management
The Simplest Project Management Software

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Project management challenges

Effective project management is not an easy task - it requires a wide range of skills and competencies that will ensure timely delivery of projects as well as their top quality. As a project manager, you need to know exactly what the project will involve, be able to coordinate the flow of information and work closely with individuals from different departments. Hence, the two crucial skills every project manager should have are: thoughtful planning and the ability to communicate with co-workers.\n\nAt the same time, the role of a project manager is to facilitate the collaboration between team members, as this will certainly improve the quality of work and, in consequence, positively influence its outcomes. In order to do it, it’s necessary to introduce tools which are at the same time powerful and simple.

How to make sure the project management software you choose is easy to use and efficient?

Simple project management software

First of all, it should have a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The projects you work on are certainly demanding and you don’t want your teammates to struggle with the software. In the end, it should facilitate their work, instead of making it unnecessarily complicated.

What's more, it should combine the features of task management software and a communication platform, as this will help you keep everything in one place for greater comfort and smooth collaboration.

Efficient task management

Tasks within a workspace should be organized on Kanban boards, in order for all members to be able to see the bigger picture of the project and be aware of the current situation.\n\nAssigning tasks shouldn’t take more than a few clicks. Ideally, the tool should have an option of converting a message to a task card, to make sure nothing important gets overlooked. Also, a task card should include the most important information for easy reference.\n\nOn top of that, the tool should have an efficient, yet easy way of searching for important information, preferably based on tags. Thanks to that, you will be able to categorize data and quickly find the information you need.

Last but not least, you should be able to use the app that is most convenient for you – whether it’s a web, desktop or mobile one.

HeySpace – the perfect tool

Luckily, you can find all the features you need in one, simple and powerful tool - HeySpace. It will certainly satisfy the needs of your team and help you avoid unnecessary frustrations. What is more, it’s available for free for teams of up to 5 members. For bigger teams and more complex projects, we recommend subscribing for an attractive premium plan for only $5 user / month.

Sign up to HeySpace to enhance the collaboration on projects!


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