June 23, 2022

Top 17 Tools For a Marketing Agency

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Top 17 Tools For a Marketing Agency

Updated on 23.06.2022

The growing popularity of remote work in recent years has caused a small revolution in many different industries and is continuously reshaping the job market. A long commute is no longer something that holds people back from getting their dream job – in fact, even different time zones aren’t. Employers look for talents outside their local job market, as they know how much their businesses can gain by finding the right employees. They are willing to adapt their processes to remote workers and know that a remote employee doesn’t mean a less productive one. It’s actually oftentimes the reverse.

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1. Tools to boost your team’s productivity

   1.1. HeySpace

   1.2. Webflow

   1.3. Aritic Pinpoint

   1.4. StreamingVideoProvider

   1.5. EmailAnalytics

   1.6. MailChimp

   1.7. Jotform

   1.8. LeadQuizzes

   1.9. Calendly

   1.10. Pipedrive

   1.11. Smaply

   1.12. Hotjar

   1.13. SalesBlink

   1.14. Neil Patel

   1.15. Buffer

   1.16. Zapier

   1.17. Brand24


And who’s better prepared to embrace the new reality than marketing specialists, knowing the digital world inside out? A lot of processes that are part of their job can be done independently and that’s why marketing agencies hire a lot of remote employees. To let them be their most productive selves and make them feel part of the team just as much as anyone else, employers need to create an efficient digital workplace. Even though marketing specialists need some creative chaos to be good at what they do, they still like to have it under control. ;)

Let’s take a look at a suite of digital tools your marketing agency needs to boost the team’s productivity.

Tools to boost your team’s productivity

HeySpace - collaboration software

The very basis of every team’s work is a good collaboration tool. Before your team gets to work, you need to plan the workflow and facilitate their communication. That’s exactly what HeySpace will help you with.

In HeySpace, you can organise your work into spaces and then, within each space, further into stages on a kanban board. Thanks to that everyone has an overview of the whole project, at the same time having their own work arranged into tasks. Apart from the task management feature, HeySpace greatly improves communication in a team. Each space has a chat platform where all members can brainstorm and share important info or just exchange ideas – whatever sparks their creativity. Apart from that, they can talk in private and group conversations, as well as discuss task progress in a separate task card chat.


HeySpace will also facilitate your cooperation with customers, providing solutions such as a chat link or the possibility to add someone to a space as a guest. You can also easily integrate it with other tools, to save even more of your team’s time and efforts.

For building websites and landing pages – Webflow


An efficient and user-friendly tool to create websites and landing pages for marketing campaigns is an absolute must in a marketing agency. Webflow gives you the possibility to build custom websites visually, without the need to use HTML and CSS, not to mention JavaScript, with the use of pre-built components, which are responsive and fully customisable. In-progress work can be shared with customers for review, which saves your time in case they require some modifications. Once finished, you can then either publish the website or hand off clean code, downloading it into a ZIP file.

Webflow lets you manage your projects in a shared dashboard and communicate with your team to facilitate your collaboration on particular designs. You can also charge clients directly from the app.

For a Full Stack Marketing Automation - Aritic Pinpoint


Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams at small and medium businesses. It helps you to build relationships with leads, automate marketing campaigns and convert leads to paying customers easily.

It has features such as landing page builder, SEO tracking, keywords tracking, lead scoring, lead tracking, lead nurturing, email campaign management, email campaign automation, push notification campaigns, marketing campaign builder, a/b testing, website tracking features with marketing assets management.

Aritic PinPoint is perfect for a marketing team to get going from day one. It is user friendly and is easy to understand in seconds.

For video hosting and streaming - StreamingVideoProvider


Videos are a popular marketing tool — more and more marketers are using them to engage prospects and generate leads. So, a video hosting and streaming platform is an essential marketing tool these days.

StreamingVideoProvider is a versatile business video platform that offers hosting and streaming along with multiple tools to manage and promote your video content. You can upload videos to your website or blog, and they also have a feature to do multistreaming. This is a tool that allows you to stream a video to multiple sites at the same time. For example, you can go live on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram simultaneously.

The platform is easy to use and the appearance can be customized to represent your brand. They offer high-quality HD streaming and a global CDN that enables you to reach viewers anywhere in the world, including Mainland China.

You may also want to monetize your video content and that’s another feature offered by this platform. Your viewers can either subscribe to see your content or you can offer  pay-per-view tickets. If you are concerned with privacy or safety, StreamingVideoProvider offers strong security for your video content. And, if you ever need any help, they offer telephone and email support.

For team email tracking & productivity analytics - EmailAnalytics

email analytics

EmailAnalytics visualizes the email activity of your team. With a few clicks, you can sync EmailAnalytics with your email account and it'll automatically sort your data into easy charts, tables, and graphs. You'll see metrics like:

EmailAnalytics is popular with sales teams and customer service teams, because managers can track individual team member performance and KPIs like email response time. 

And managers get convenient daily email reports showing the activity of their team, making it easy to monitor team email activity right from your own inbox.

For email marketing – MailChimp


Every marketing specialist knows how important and effective email marketing is. To make the most of it, you need the right tool and that’s definitely MailChimp. With the use of its pre-built templates, and ready-made segments, you’ll get your email campaign up and running without any problems, making sure emails are attractive and prepared with attention to detail.

We all get loads of emails every day, so you do need to make sure the ones you send stand out and grab the attention of recipients. With MailChimp, you can not only create eye-catching emails, but also verify what’s working and what’s not with real-time performance reports for your campaigns. It will help you constantly improve and create top-quality marketing campaigns that will translate into revenue.

Best for Collecting Feedback - Jotform


Collecting feedback is essential for any business to succeed. Jotform Survey Maker makes it easy to create feedback surveys and share them with your users. Use their drag-and-drop interface and custom widgets to make your surveys unique to your brand and share them with just a generated dynamic QR code or embed them into your website.

Select a template from their huge library and get a head start. Form creating and collecting can be time-consuming. Luckily, it is made easy with Jotform’s form analytics tool. See your submissions on a beautiful spreadsheet and interact with each of them to gain detailed insights into your users.

Make it easier to determine your audience and analyze what your users are looking for in your agency. Every step you take towards receiving feedback is another step towards ensuring your business reaches new heights.

For lead generation - LeadQuizzes


A really amazing resource for generating leads. This online quiz maker tool helps marketers easily create interactive content and collect useful data. Even Neil Patel used it for his website and he increased website lead capture by 500%.

LeadQuizzes can be embedded on a website or be shown as a popup, shared via email, social media, or can also be run as a targeted paid ad.

Marketers can then use the collected data to learn more about their respondents and make smarter marketing decisions with actionable insights, deep-dive response analysis, and easy data export.

For scheduling meetings – Calendly


Does making arrangements for meetings take more of your time than you’d like to? Do you feel like it holds you back from doing more important stuff and decreases your productivity? Calendly offers a helping hand, giving you the means to go about arranging meetings in a more efficient way.

Calendly can connect with your calendars (up to 6) to automatically check your availability and let you share it with others or schedule meetings automatically, depending on which options you choose. You can embed your Calendly link on your website or in an email to show others when you are able to schedule a meeting. The app is extremely efficient for teams, since you can choose several people, check their availability and schedule a meeting when it’s convenient for all of them. It saves a lot of time and eliminates all the back and forth emails which you normally exchange trying to find the right time for all of you. And, on top of that, all participants get a reminder beforehand, so you’ll certainly never lose track of your schedule.

For sales – Pipedrive


Getting leads and deals is certainly a big part of any marketing agency’s efforts – Pipedrive will help you manage them. Using it, you can organise them into pipelines, add deals, their value, win probability and expected close date. Once you do that, it’s extremely easy to track them through respective pipeline stages. The stages can be customised to suit your sales cycle and you can add custom fields that will make the process adjusted to your team or process.

With Pipedrive, you can also create user-friendly and fully customisable web forms thanks to which leads will get delivered straight into your pipeline, where you can easily manage them. The tool also provides you with some automatization solutions, such as a chatbot that can help qualify leads and automate booking meetings with sales reps.

For customer journey maps & personas – Smaply


Customer satisfaction is undoubtedly your top priority. To take good care of it, you need tools that will let you put customers at the centre of everything you do and adapt to their needs. Smaply is a cloud-based journey mapping software that will make the process of creating journey maps easier than ever. Use steps to describe your customers’ experience and add different kinds of details to each step, in order to have a more comprehensive overview of the experience. You can add images, text, emotional values, files and so on – anything that will help you illustrate their journey.

To understand your customers’ needs even better, you can also create personas. Smaply provides you with persona templates which can be customised using a drag and drop editor. You can then export the personas you’ve created and present them to your team in a Power Point presentation or a PDF file, alongside with the customer journey.

For online tracking and analytics – Hotjar


Another step on your way to provide great customer experience is analysing users’ behavior on websites. With Hotjar, you can visualise their actions – clicks, taps and scrolling – to understand their needs, motivations, and expectations. You can also record visitors’ behavior on a website and identify potential usability issues and any problems users encounter. If you’re not sure why visitors drop off, Hotjar will let you identify on which page and at which step they leave a site.

The app will also help you analyse forms, to see which fields take long to complete, which are left blank and why visitors abandon a form. This will help you improve forms on your clients’ websites and help them increase conversion rates.

Hotjar is also a great way to get valuable feedback from website users. You can use feedback forms and ask them questions, gather instant visual feedback or prepare more elaborate surveys for detailed information.

Best for cold emails – SalesBlink


SalesBlink is an all-in-one full-stack automated sales outreach tool to engage leads. It is designed to find targeted prospects and launch custom outreach campaigns so that you get connected to promising leads.

At the prospecting stage, it helps find the contact details of professionals thanks to its vast business database.

For the outreach stage, it helps launch personalized, multi-touch sales sequences at scale. The outreach channels involve not just email but also phone and LinkedIn. You can use save email templates and personalize them to get traction. SalesBlink enables image personalization. You can personalize images at scale for your outreach emails. Also, it is possible to automate follow-ups and track opens, clicks, and replies.

There is a CRM system for the closing stage to manage clients and keep track of the complete conversation history. So you get all that you need for sales automation in one place, which helps save time considerably.

For SEO/SEM and keyword research – Neil Patel

neil patel

A marketing agency can’t do without an efficient tool for SEO, SEM and keyword research. If you want to perform a SEO analysis, with all SEO errors pointed out and a list of errors that prevent a website from achieving top spot on Google, Neil Patel’s solution is a good choice for you. Apart from a SEO analysis, it will help you analyse your site’s speed and backlinks, as well as provide you with the right solutions to fix your SEO errors.

You can just as well use the tool to perform A/B tests and do keyword research – both being a must if you want to improve your website marketing results and get more traffic. Discover which of your competitor’s pages are ranking for popular organic keyword phrases and prepare a keyword list for a website yourself, to be able to create valuable content and attract the attention of visitors. Neil Patel offers all that, and lots more!

For social media – Buffer


Since social media marketing is thriving nowadays, one more absolute must for a marketing agency is a tool that will let you manage your social media activity and prepare perfect posts for each social media site, all in one place. Buffer will let you plan social media content and collaborate on it with your team, to prepare top-quality marketing campaigns.

You can create a publishing schedule for all your social accounts, tailor your posts for each of them and have an overview of all you’ve published in a calendar. On top of that, Buffer allows you to measure your social media performance and analyse everything from one analytics board. Thanks to that, you can get a better understanding of your performance across different channels and adjust your campaigns accordingly based on clear reports.

To connect everything – Zapier


It’s been nine tools so far and by now you may have started to wonder how to use all of it effectively. The answer to this question is Zapier. It provides easy automation solutions and enables you to save a lot of time and focus on your most important tasks.

First, you need to link the apps you use, so they can share data, then create an automated workflow between them and you’re ready to start! Create triggers and assign actions so that you’re only left with more time in your hands, as Zapier does the rest for you. Now grab a coffee and get to the more exciting parts of your job!

For internet and social media monitoring - Brand24


The last tool, which is the best for a marketing agency is Brand24. This is an application aimed at personal and large brands, allowing you to monitor the Internet and social media. The platform captures mentions on the Internet and up to date informs you about the frequency of interactions. Brand24 provides brand statistics, conducts an analysis of the emotional impact of statements, and helps identify and solve Internet users’ problems in real-time.

Brand24 is the perfect tool to get to know your customers, build an engaged community, find influencers, as well as monitor competition, protect the brand image, and by analyzing the effects of marketing campaigns to increase sales.


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